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Fresh New Q4 DM Map For Your Fragging Pleasure.
"Hi, I'm Zombie, you might remember me from such Doom3 map releases as that cool temple thing that dared to break away from the boring base tradition. But I'm here today to tell you about..."

Anyway, despite the hefty pressure of releasing an early map so soon after the game's release, and "helpful" comments from the community ( ), Zombie has cranked out a spiffy-looking and stroggtastically themed Q4 DM map, "DA-Prison Abuse", and got on a few servers already ( ).

To join in the fun, check out the download (and obligatory screenshots) here:
Thanks Zombie 
Q4 engine. Q3 speed and gameplay. Q2 theme. Q1 community offering criticism. This map has it all. Good fun as a duel or 4 player FFA. 
Mercifully it doesn't have Q3A gameplay, it has good gameplay instead. Despite the stupid items and stuff.

Anyway, just tried a bit of this, plays pretty well, got a good flow to it and a good theme - some nice imposing designs, that keep well out of the way of the gameplay. It did get a bit rocket-whorey, not sure why, maybe the larger scale. Other than that it seems pretty balanced. A bit big for 1on1 we found though. 
As I said in irc, looks-wise it pisses all over the ingame maps, because it's got proper designs too it. Also, proper strogg feel too which is good. 
Nice map, just played it a bit with shamb and it was fun. Haven't played the other dm maps so much yet, so I can't really compare, but anyways it looks good, except the lighting is a bit bland, but I guess that's necessary if you want the map to be playable at all... =\

A good start for Q4 custom maps anyways. =) 
Works well in 3 FFA, could handle a few more, up to 6 would work nicely I reckon. 
Great Map 
Its the consistency and strong style that make this map stand out and arguably look better than q4 stock maps
and indeed it has more q2/strogg feel to it than the ingame levels 
If one wanted to tweak the items, the most obvious changes I'd suggest would be to swap the RA and YA (RA area is already well used as it has RL beneath and health nearby, YA area is underused); and to lose one RL ammo pack and put in a bit more ammo for other weapons.

Just a thought. I generally like the way the items work otherwise. 
Come On People. 
FFS. New Q4 DM map. Almost certainly the first good one. Game's only been out two weeks.
It's on some servers. I know more people have played it.

Let's have some comments, feedback, and general appreciation. 
Wrong Texture On The Inside Edge Of The Walkway With Nails (I Think) 
Some observations after several games on DA-Prison Abuse.

The LG/teleporter area also seems underused, another entrance to the room may help. The lighting is quite flat, but given the engine and the fact that DM players crave visibility, I think this is understandable. There is one step texture on the curving staircase by the RL that looks out of place. The name of the map is misleading, I don't see a prison theme here, and the abuse part depends who I'm playing with. Rocket-whorey or rocket-jump friendly? I tend to think the latter.

Minor nitpicks aside, this map features a blazing fast flow and is the best option so far for players seeking a balanced and competitive deathmatch. 
Very Quake2ish, is the first thing that smacks you in the face, very brown. Good flow/layout, much fraggin fun to be had here.

Lookin' for a few maps for the weekend lan bash, this is certainly going to be one of them. Got a couple of other ok'ish maps and a couple of not so ok'ish, but at this early stage there's not much around. 
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