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Speedmapping Pack #111
6 unthemed maps by Drew, Hrimfaxi, Neg!ke, Spirit and Trinca.

Drew invites you to a very vertical "canyon tower". Hrimfaxi shows off his layout styles in 3 levels on a "don't fall into the lava" map. Neg!ke tries to beat the world record of crates in a map, great variety of crate textures here. I tried to max out the amount of holes in a single map (and how to break the floor with lava). Trinca likes the horde combat and evil "search the wall for microscopic brushes" secrets.

Screenshots are availabe here:

The is here:,com_docman/task,doc_details/gid,893/Itemid,52/


<Spirit|argh> Vondur or Shambler: could you add something like "you need to play drew's map in quoth" to my sm newspost please?
hrim faxi himself! 
You should maybe point out on the webpage/readme that Drew's map is Quothic.
Otherwise, good to see this released. 
Now that's why the door to the elevator didn't work. I'm sure Drew told me about it but I forgot... That makes the map even better, I love it!

Shall I re-release the with an updated .txt file? 
... and also include generic's maps ? Please do.. ;) 
Yeah, update the txt file and page, but then just overwrite the current 
Neg!ke and Hrim OWNED my sorry Quoth mapping ass. Spirits was actually a nice little piece of map. I liked the style.
Trinca dude,
Some times less is more.
Mine was made in under an hour - the first sm of mine not to go *over* an hour actually. I made it for my girlfriend originally. A level she could beat. Then I added like 20 monsters.
Neg!ke, that must have been a bitch finding all those crate tex's! 
Updated .zip Is Out 
I totally love Drew's map. It looks so finished and perfect. It also has some "Zelda" style somehow, at least I felt like a dwarf :D
Hrimfaxi's reminded me to Vondur's Adamantine Cruelty, I liked the progression and moving-up feeling on it.
Neg!ke... Well, sure your mind is ok? Heh, nice crate repository ;)
I really like the maps by Trinca. They look like typical newbie maps but show a good feeling for gameplay and player motivation. Also I liked the "lavajumping room" on sm110_trinca.
My map was rather a test. First I just wanted to try to release anything. And 2. I wanted to test QuArK's Terrain Generator. I wanted to build all the walls with it, but soon realized that it isn't good for Quake1... Heh! The rock is build with it though. I used "brush subtraction" for the lava which caused the level fall apart in holes. Anyways it was fun and I will try to participate again :)

(Are the 's correct or are they "the bad ones"?) 
(Are the 's correct or are they "the bad ones"?)

If you're refering to your use of apostrophe + s: yes, that is the correct way to denote ownership. 
trinca: as i already said sm111 is quite an improvement compared to your first map. the beginning was pretty tough (did you move the boxes further apart? i couldn't make the ssg jump this time). lighting is a better, too. keep it up!

spirit: um, nice idea, but very sloppy. there was more substracted than just brushes, i think. ;) i hope, you'll do some more speedmaps in the future, though.

hrimfaxi: great map. really liked the style and the lighting. gameplay was good. dodging the shamblers made me fall into the lava quite often.

drew: nice piece again. looked and played well. i ran it in vanilla quake at first, even though i had read the quoth info before downloading the pack (duh!). the blue edges with the metaltex on the arches and the bridge looked cool, too.

neg!ke: this is what happens if there is no fixed theme i can follow... so i had to take something from #tf. we must decide on one for the next session!
sorry, no doom crates. :/ gameplay and lighting suck, too, i know. shoot some rockets at the giant crate and explain to me why they bounce off instead of exploding.
btw. drew: finding the textures wasn't a problem, i just browsed through all the wads i have - and as we all know every *good* texture wad includes crates ;) 
Well Yeah. 
The only maps I could be bothered to finish without cheating this time were Trinca's. Guess that says something about how inspiring the gameplay is in speedmapping.

Drew's looked nice tho. 
O.k Let�s Talk!!! 
neg!ke was real a record for sure...just was a litle pissed of becouse i didn�t find the last guy to get to the key...but i found him after a lot of time... but didn�t cheat!

spirit was a very good map for first one didn�t cheat and finish in first atempt

hrim is a speed map? this guy make very good map very well textured also finish in second atempt died in shamblers first time :(...

drew map was realy very good, like the theme and the monster�s but had to cheat in the end...

about my maps... i know they are crap but give me time to improve... i realy love this game and i want to keep mapping have pacience! 
Hmm Again 
Drew makes the best map. He is a master of small speedmaps! I don't care if you get bored when mapping (we all do) you just have to make a big (very big) map some day.
Spirit's map was nice for a first map.
Trinca is getting better.
neg!ke's was a neg!ke map, original. 
My First Speedmap Reviews 
Spirit: Short, and not really sweet. Not bad for a first attempt though.

neg!ke: Nice idea, good hiding of monsters. That ambush is really tough, and the ending is worse.

Trinca (110): That's an evil place to hide a button for a door.

Trinca (111) The double shotgun secret make this map much easier...

Hrim: Probably the best of this pack so far (as I'm writing this, I'm yet to play Drew's map)

Drew: No, I was right, Hrim's map is better. Yours is just too tough... 
I liked spirit's map. Non-box geometry and different combat (I died in the beginning too, but played better next times).

Hrimfaxi's map was awesome as they often are. You have that some kind of special touch. Please place less hellknights though, they take ages to kill with the ssg and it's boring.
I only killed the shamblers when i telefragged one. (it's hard because you run out of ammo and have to run to the other side to get the boxes and the shambler gets a shot at you)

Drew's thing was nice for a speedmap. Inspiring architechture at places and some quick sketches at others. Quoth worked. The night gaunt was a bit hard to avoid. :/

Trinca I think concentrates on the gameplay and his way of making maps is thus different to others. A bit too hard for me. Maybe with qw physics... There was a clear objective though and I tried many times until I got the ssg. I finally dashed for the exit, which was open so I left some of the enemies alive.

Neg!ke is the man with original ideas. The map became boring to play though for some reason, I don't exactly know why. Maybe too few enemies and unclear instructions what to do. :) 
bamb u newbie :) next map will be much easyer... 
Hrim And Drew 
are certainly the stars of this sm session, and the only maps I didn't resort to cheating my way through. I died after taking out two of the shamblers at what I pressume was the end of Hrim, and the final battle in Drew took me down to 8 health. Both maps had some very interesting combat setups. :) Kudos.

I think the other maps were more in keeping with the 'inventive' nature of Speed Mapping and were enjoyable for a while, but ultimately the 'stop-start' gameplay got the better of me, so I God moded and NoClipped on a couple of occasions.

Overall, a very nice pack as usual. :) 
Yep, That Is The End Of Hrim's Map 
And I nearly telefragged the 3rd shambler which would've ended it a bit quicker. 
I finally got around to playing this pack.

Trinca: Not too bad. It's nice to see your skills progress with each event. If you learn how to make a proper button, you will soon be better than me :)

Hrimfaxi: Tried and true gameplay in a traditional setting. Good brushwork and with a few minor texture tweaks ( or not :) ) it would easily surpass id-quality.

Neg!ke: Solid stuff as always. Fairly good gameplay and I loved all the different kinds of crates, but I didn't get the end message :(

Spirit: A good start. It played a little rough, FPS-wise, and was a little too tight around the Vores, but it had lots of heart :)

Drew: Awesome! 
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