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New "PRO" Q4 1v1 Map
Balanced and very fast and of course boxy
It's been accepted at some tournaments already.

d/l and pics:

Edit: This map has been around for several weeks now.
Those Screenshots Reassure Me That 
i never want to become a 'pro'... 
Most good QW maps have more sexy visuals :D 
Oh Yeah That One. 
Tried that at the same time I was playing Zombie's infinitely superior map.

Build quality is okay. Balance might be fine, but it's like it was made by someone who plays with their monitor off for extra FPS. 
good one shambler. 
the more complex the engines become, the simpler the maps are... that looks like something that could have been made in duke3d. i'd have said doom, but it has sloping floors. :P

i see a total of, what, 5... 6 textures? 
Mmm, So Bland. 
I understand the need for a relative lack of detail, but a little texture variation could only HELP the players navigate! 
5 atleast
no need for any textures 
Fair enough.
But why not just use flat-color textures then? Overstretched by x8 as well?
In fact, why not just stick with CPMA, since the gameplay is almost identical but Q3 will render many times better than Q4 and the 'bump and shine' isn't even neccessarry?


and accurate

this map looks like shit 
Kell, everybody should have sticked with qw.

But it's a "sad fact" that people will always have to move on to the latest "greatest" thing.

If they didn't, hardware wouldn't sell and people like fat wouldn't win in sponsored big tournaments and it wouldn't be "cool" to play this and that.

Gameplay, framerate, smoothness - those are the things that should be improved. :/ 
Ditto Shambler 
See Prison Abuse and Shadow Fall for examples of good Q4DM maps. The Q4 version of Cajun Hell is also worth checking out. 
Hmmm Really Okay 
Will have a look... 
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