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Quake 4 Custom Map Round-up.
Following jshchk's advice I have been checking out a few more custom Quake 4 maps, specifically those located here:;3869

There is a fine blend of cranky-steve-worthy newbie bollox, several unimpressive beta versions, ultra-boring floaters (the space maps, not the unsinkable turds, although the latter description is almost as applicable), and extra-lame "in-game maps with the items slightly tweaked" (in particular, the author, and reviewer of the Serrated Edge map deserve to be euthanased for not having the requisite intelligence to function as human beings).

However there are a few promising gems that might be worth a look (as well as DA_PrisonAbuse of course, although Shadowfall is catching up ;)...;50730
ShadowFall (currently beta) - this is definitely the pick of the crop. Good scale, good amount of variety, impressive designs, good 3D aspects. The textures and lighting make it a bit bright and harsh looking, but otherwise clearly a quality map.;49396
DM_Phrantic - a very small rocket-heavy duel map with quite a traditional Q2 style, a bit bland but nice angles and lighting. Think Q2DM7 with red lights and you're not far off. Has h4x0red slime effects.;50696
Roladm (currently beta) - a small-ish map, not dissimilar to Q4DM1_1v1. Some good designs and a good layout, although currently suffers from bland lighting and busy textures. Definite potential though.

There might be others I skimmed over - feel free to link them and I might add them to this news item.
StormShadow's port of Cajun Hell from Q3 to Q4 is a delight to play. Vertical combat and ambushes from above are the focus of the gameplay. With so much up-and-down-action, avoiding cratering is important to keep in mind. Washed out lighting and bland textures are the low points of this otherwise excellent map.;50093 
ultra-boring floaters (the space maps, not the unsinkable turds, although the latter description is almost as applicable)

Thank you. That made me laugh. A lot. I even had to explain the context/term to my non-FPS wife and bore her with it when she wondered why I nearly blew snot on myself.

(Thanks for the reviews too.) 
Thx For The Fish Shambler 
i no longer have the patience to wade through little billy's half-assed first mapping attempts in order to find a worth while map. The ratio of garbage vs treasure is simply to onesided these days. You have my sincerest thanks.

ps. i just finished q4 last night. i enjoyed it much more than doom3. 
Two More Worth Trying 
Looks great, plays fast. Jump pads need tweaking.

Rusty Dawn 1v1;50810
Nice Q2 theme. Wide open RL duel map recreates Rocket Arena style gameplay. 
1v1 2v2 3v3 4v4 Pvp Psp Pcp Php 
Rusty Dawn looks cool. It also looks like the shot was taken with fov 60. I want to play Quake 4 and make maps like Q2. 
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