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Speedmapping Pack #113
Neg!ke was on a rescue mission... rescueing this weekend's speedmapping session from non-existence. Theme was "rescue mission", what a coincidence. Well, since neg!ke was the only one who mapped there is only one map in the pack this week. A wonderful map though. Even if neg!ke calls it "silly" I think it is very innovative and nicely made. Thanks neg!ke for our weekly potion of Quake :)

Screenshot is available here:!ke.jpg

Download here:,com_docman/task,doc_details/gid,897/Itemid,52/
!You might encounter problems when playing with the Darkplaces engine so better use Fitzquake!


I found having to noclip onto the second ledge because there's no marked way to reach it, particularly wonderful. 
:I i did same thing as Shambler :( just found 1 st thing to do then... brrrr look, look and more look then quit!!! and fly mode :) to the other part! and rest was easy what a imaginacion... u rockzzz neg|ke ;) great small map! 
I Found It :-) 
Nicely hidden.

I Admit 
it's pretty hard to find them on some monitors, because of the darkness.
hints: 1. loose structure on the ceiling 2. crack in the floor 
i play at work in small windows...that�s why i didn�t find it... but will try again wend i got jome... :) 
done w/o cheating
was tough tho :> 
Not That Bad With All The Hints 
But very odd. I think it would take a while to kill that grunt :) 
Oh Oh Oh !! 
Interesting... The concept is not bad at all... I was just expecting more monsters to have more fun...
OTOH, concerning architecture layout, it is quite good. I also like the torch position on the top of arches... Very good idea to make torch burn like this ;)
Good small map, but as I said.. where are the monsters ? 
The first thing I did, after a couple of minutes of boredom looking for the hidden way, was to turn fullbright on. And lo, the crack which is "hidden" normally is almost entirely invisible with fullbright on. 
That's Right. 
without fullbright however, some light is visible from the room beneath. still, one has to look carefully enough.
but never mind - noclipping to the other ledge is fine, as you already found the way up the first one. 
o.k get home and found easaly... :) is full screen gl is easy... ;) 
Neg!ke = Genius! 
You should build a mod full of this kind of gameplay and call it Quirk :p 
make some more stuff like sm109, short and violent that�s how I like speedmaps :)

And thanks to Spirit for his efforts, you rock ! 
eheh sm109 was my first map... no light�s many holes... and textures all fucked up... :) but yes was a violent map!!! 
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