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Q3 Large FFA - Citadel Fantasia
Bit of an old-skool map this one. It's a sequel to a map from a couple of years ago "Citadel Insatiable".

It's a large FFA/TDM map, hopefully the FPS aren't too dreadful.

Screenshots available here:

Download here:

Thank you please :)
Looks PWN. If I had Q3A I'd be downloading this so fast my connection would start steaming. 
Screenshot looks very good.. I like a alot the castle architecture... It's a shame I don't have Q3A installed on my PC... 
o.k downloaded and install, what a biggg map is real great!!! huge and detailed map love the roof part... and didn�t like red armor stair... but the map is very good but it will be need many players to play on this one...eheh play with 4 bots and was hard to find then :=)

good work! 
the architecture looks good, indeed. i don't like the lighting so much, some areas are extremely bright.
however, dm maps of such scale just don't work for me - they are unplayable when there are not A LOT of players, but also, even if there are enough players gameplay will nevertheless likely consist of machinegun fights most of the time, because the weapons are scattered that far apart. so, well... 
This Map Looks Cool 
and it played well with about 10 bots. thanks ^_^ 
Thanks For Playing 
I can't believe anyone on this forum wouldn't have Q3 installed! lol

Yes you do need a lot of bots to get some serious action going... I think Team Death Match with 5 or 6 per team works best.. esp when you learn the info locations.

neg!ke: I appreciate this isn't a great playing map, like you say maps this size never wasn't really the main purpose of the map. Although I was surpised to hear that you were struggling to find weapons. Did you actually play it, or just look round? In my experiences even the bots rarely use the machine gun (unless you've got an absolute LOAD of bots in!) 
neg|ke the are a lot of guns :)

Myth i just got quake2 and quake3 install to see the maps that came out :) i just play Quake since 1997 
stie doesnt let me in 
no, haven't played it with bots. maybe you're right - and i haven't thought about taking the weapons of the killed, either.
nevertheless it's mostly running and running and running... :P 
Just Played 
This is a very cool map!! I think the fantasy castle theme was pulled off [i]perfectly.[/i] It has a very "King-Arthur" feel to it and the architecture was very nicely done.

The map is frigging huge!! I wandered around for a half hour and kept finding new spots which is always cool. It's a damn shame that Q3:A probably doesn't have enough active players left in the world to fill this monster, because I would love to play this online.

Bot play is ok, the battles were pretty random really, so I'm not sure if that's the bigness of the map or the fact that the bots just run around randomly mostly.

But overall I was very impressed, and I think Myth did an excellent job with this. 
A Comment At Last... 
... I have to disagree with Blitz about the King Arthur feel, not enough grit and decay. However, I do agree that myth captured the fantasy castle aspect. A lot of the build had that meta-real quality championed by Disney; the lighting helped create this effect. Of course pumping a truckload of bots into the grounds turns it from cartoon to anime very quickly.

Bumping into bots in far flung hallways then chasing 'em down was fun, and if I ever got pumped up enough for some wholesale slaughter I generally found lots of bots squabbling over the RA.

This is the kind of level to be brought out at some Quake 3 conference down the track...a place where one could get hordes lining up to jump in.

Thanks Myth, I hope it gets filled one day :) 
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