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2005 -- Year Of The Bleh (Rumors, Disgrace, And Loathing Within)
Well, 2005 is nearing a close and it's been a pretty crappy year for me personally. I've been trying to get a job in the industry since June, and have only had a handful of substantial interviews. Of course, I know it doesn't come easy and I plan on keeping up the fight for as long as I possibly can.

While it hasn't been good for me, a number of other people (Zombie, Lunaran, scampie, pjw, czg) from this talented community have found jobs at respected companies, so kudos to them.

Game-wise, I can't really comment as I haven't had the money to throw at games this year. Half-Life 2 and Doom 3 are still keeping me entertained from 2004, but F.E.A.R, Quake 4, A.O.E. 3, and Call of Duty 2 all certainly look superb.

2006 looks like it will have some good titles (Alan Wake, ET:QW, and possibly STALKER) and possibly some surprises that we don't even know about*

*I know that when I did my interview for Timegate, they told me they were hiring for a franchise FPS of a recently released well known game that would be using a "World-craft" style editor, in addition to the original IP they have for the Unreal 3 engine.

Even more interesting is that former Timegate publisher Strategy First signed a distribution deal with Valve & Steam, so maybe Timegate is doing some Source engine game.

My hope is that instead of having a glut of good, but not great FPSs, we'll see some innovative stuff, with a relatively small number of great FPSs. (most likely ET:QW will be it) Also, I hope we get more than one "out of left field" game like Darwinia.

So here's to 2006 -- hopefully we'll see some great and surprising PC games, and hopefully I'll have a job to buy them.
I'm kind of surprised, I half-expected a Shambler thread.

The year wasn't that great, it had highs and lows, but it probably wasn't as bad as yours. I admit, it started off with a bang with those two months of constant quality Quake releases. Or was that 2004? Plus, we got Quoth.

HL2 and Doom3 no longer interest me, but WoW and MtG:Online keep my interest well enough. AoE 3 looks good, don't care about the rest.

Meh. New Year's resolution: Quit school and masturbate 2/5ths of the day, every day, for the entire year. 
I also didn't know CZG and Zombie were in the evile industry.

Yes Zwiffle, I did forget to mention this was actually quite a good year for Quake SP! One of the high points of my year was playing Marcher Fortress. Heh.

- Monkey Rage

- Concentric Devastation

- Marcher Fortress

- Masque of the Red Death

- Quoth Expansion

- JPL's map

...and some more I can't think of right away. A very fine year for Quake overall though. 
Oh... O_O ...... It's an honor for me to be mentioned there... thanks a lot Blitz :) 
;) u deserv JPL your map is very good ;) what can i saw about me... o.k i�m not looking for any job at mapping "eheh i dont even have a chance...suck to much ;)" just try to learn becouse i love Quake that much... i got a good job, and work in this company for 14 years... so i got many goo stuff in here... like time to map!!! :)

about this year for me was good, finaly learn to make something like mapping... only start one month ago but i will not quit now! 
What Was Good In Quake About 2005 

Nexuiz (Even though most of you here hate it)

Lost Chapters


Marcher Fortress

Masque of the Red Death

Castle Of The Dark Ages (JPL's Map)

Concentric Devastation (Even though the ending sucked)



Project: Monsterfree

FitzQuake 0.80 (Add model interpolation ffs!)

Quake Done Chopped was finally finished

Terra map mack

Wow... It's been a pretty fucking good year for a game that is supposed to be dead...

Long live Quake in 2006 !!! 
God dammit metlslime, I make a four post marathon of nonsense in General and nothing happens, and the first time I try to make a sensibly composed post about the fiscal state of the games industry RECURSIVE ERROR: There was a SQL error. 
Maybe that's why Func is so full of drivelsome shite; most of the time anyone tries to post articulately and intelligently, the board is coded to reject their post.

It's all becoming clearer o_o 
I'm Glad It Is 
because right now it's pretty fucking blurry. 
I should mention, PJW has been in the industry longer than 2005. 
was rather cool for me job-wise :} 
Nehahra cometh again :D

<insert maniacal laugh> 
Attn: Kinn 
I hear we can get married now so have you decided a date yet? I'm thinking perhaps sometime in January?
if it's a big church wedding. I want no expense spared.

(PS: Do I get to wear the dress?) 
Good Topic 
Was going to post something similar myself.


General gaming:


Q4 - good fun, stylish FPS action, and decent job of being Q2.2.
D3 ROE - good follow-up to D3.
Playing Far Cry at last, top quality game.
Becoming a faggy MMORPG whore and getting addicted to Guild Wars. Goodbye life! Now in cold turkey.


Total drought of action games at the end of the year.
Boss combats and vehicles in Q4.
More trends towards console bollox.

Community gaming:


Some flaming hot Q1 SP releases: Masque in particular, Marcher if that's 2005 as well, totally excellent Quake experiences. JPL's map, and all the rest.
Anything with Kell involved.
Zombie's Q4 DM map, rockage so soon after the game was released.
Playing Bal and czg on that map.
Any speedmaps by neg!ke, generic, and Drew.
The various people who have recently got on irc and chat entertaining shit - Dog, Zombie, Bambuz, Negke, Trinca, Rebb, etc.


neg!ke, generic, and Drew NOT yet making proper length maps like they should.
All the idling wankers who don't fucking realise that IRC stands for internet relay CHAT. Either chat or piss off.
scampie ;).
General dryness of news and discussion in recent months.



Loads of phat CDs released this year, so much good DnB, hip-hop and dark amb it's not even funny. My ears have been blessed.
Painting figures, fun to get back into this.
Batman Begins.


Errrr dunno really. Various shit.
Most noticably, either people are getting more stupid and annoying or I'm getting less tolerant, dunno which.

I Just Want To Say 
I love you guys! You are all awesome and it's thanks to you that I can still play fresh new Quake maps on a regular basis and not have to keep up with the ludicrous hardware requirements of more recent games*.

Can't believe that masque slipped past my radar! I am going to play it today ;)

Don't know much about the new games released this year, since I haven't bothered with any, but there are a few (er, well, Quake 4 and Vietcong 2) that I want to try at some point.

*actually, my pc is new, but since it "only" has 512mb of ram (thanks for charging �400 for another 512mb, Dell UK - fuck off and die) it runs some stuff a bit slowly. I tried the new CS; Source map yesterday, and the added memory requirements for the HDR (on by default and didn't look at all special) made the game take approximately 10 minutes to shut down (before I forced it shut that is). FUCK YOU TOO, VALVE! I guess having to get more memory for my pc will be a low point of 2006. 
I love you even if you don't make maps. Big hugs to Spirit and Underworld fan in particular, and also to everyone else that hangs out here and makes it feel like Quake will never die :) 
Year? Uh-uh 
winter was dull
sprig was.. dull? (totally unremarkable time)
summer was decent. love and parties, semi-great vacation.
Autumn was even more of that. And I got my first game released (well, not 'my game' really I just worked on it). What a fucking exciting moment... NOT.
Now, lets hope a game I could really call my own and and be proud of will see the release in `06. Work-work! :)


Best Shooter`05: RoE (Doom3 addon) and Quake4
Best Other Game`05: Fable and NFS:MW
Let downs`05: F.E.A.R. S.T.A.L.K.E.R(f.o.r.e.v.e.r.)

MAP `05 (not that I played that many maps):
Doom3 'Once upon a time by Qfraggel
Quake 'Antediluvian' By Metlslime (that windtunnels one)

Lifetime Achievment Best TF person award goes t o Vondur ofcourse. 
quake will never die. soon, there will be recincarnation, as well.

good stuff everyone! love you all 
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