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Speedmapping Pack #115
3 Ziggurat buildings by Bambuz, Generic and Neg!ke. All three maps are located in different times and regions/dimensions if one can say so.

Screenshots are available here:

Download here:,com_docman/task,doc_download/gid,921/Itemid,60/
o.k nice pack!!!

sm115_bamb nice level but... to hard!!! try 3 times and died in all of then...had to cheat (god) to finish...

sm115_generic fit�s real nice with theme and textures set is very good

sm115_neg!ke as allways a great map... but died at first atempt! ^:)but in second part run miles in fiend place ;) but kill then all :p

nice pack thks guys! 
Yes Well. 
Bamb was a bit blargh.

Generics was kinda fun, not bad vibe.

Neg!ke's was cool apart from the end where i fell off the platform and ended up fused with Chthon and unable to move. The design and stuff was good though, man you so need to do more full maps. I liked all the fiends, they got me well nervous running around with 20 of them behind me, nice touch. 
Really Cool Stuff 
by neg!ke and generic.
Mine was really shit compared to those.

The huge map had two slight problems though: the fps was a bit bad (well, what can one expect...), and at the end I ran out of ammo so hitting the buttons was impossible.
But the whole thing felt like a real map. The combat was tough and you could go through the map in a nonlinear fashion, getting different weapons at different times, which was cool.

The normal-sized blue map was cool combat-wise too, I could get the enemies to infight a lot. Getting powerups and just blasting through was also nice. :) 
bambuz: shape looked ok, but it was too small and looked very ugly with the lighting. there was enough ammo, but i somehow managed to spawn all shamblers at once and had to pop the last once with the few grenades and very low health i had left, for i couldn't reach the shells at the top...

generic: nice! good looks and lighting. gameplay was too easy, though - pent and quad should have been left out.

neg!ke: bad fps because it's only fastvis'd (fullvis would have likely taken a day). chthon-fusing sucks - i fucked up the trigger. 
I Liked It 
good challenge, all three maps.

neg!ke�s: my favorite this week, "oh well a few fiends and enough room to move ", seconds later I was bunnyhopping for my life, very nice wtf moments, but I cannot figure out how to kill chthon.

bambuz�: tight ammo, good gameplay, the secret was kinda blergh.

generic�s: the best looking ziggurat of the three, could have been longer or maybe bigger scaled, but also very enjoyable gameplay.

s: buttons. push some, shoot some.

b: just replayed your map. isn't actually as small as i thought to remember... no clue about the secret here, either. 
Yeah the secret is just to piss you off... :P
It's reachable though. 
Was the best bit of bambs. 
your map was awesome until the bit with cthon. Seriously, I just fell through the hole into the lava. Then I noclipped to his room on restart and shot and pressed the buttons to no avail. What was going on there, eh?

Very prime otherwise, and I really liked the rockwork and mayan feel. Texturing was great too. What editor are you using? GTK? 
the buttons have to be shot a couple of times, health=300.
i'm using quest. 
oh, I see. I did shoot them a bit, but didn't realise they had so much health.

I also agree with Shambler, some of you speedmappers should make a proper map! 
Oh Oh Oh 
I took time to play the pack, and i really like it... Good work guys ! 
fun stuff all 
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