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Q1SP: Trincasp1 - Escape
Trinca has released his first 'real' Quake singleplayer map. Escape Trinca's castle or die, it's your choice!


Download (474kb):,com_docman/task,doc_download/gid,925/

Quaddicted Link:,com_docman/task,doc_details/gid,925/

Sielwolf says: Small and quick map with some challenging horde combat and nice secrets. Looks a bit bland in places, but the gameplay makes up for it. For fans of non-stop action.

than says: It was fun until the end when I ran out of ammo trying to kill the two shamblers.

Spirit says: I really like this map, played it about 5 times already. Even though it is rather small and 'plain' the overall feeling and consistency makes it a map that I just like :)
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How about waiting 20 seconds and try again? Such things can happen, yeah. 
now it works but yeah, I DID wait for 5 minutes or more and nothing happened so I thought it was fucked. 
Spirit / Trinca 
Well I finally play the final release. It is very close to the intermediate versions I saw.

Globally, for a first map, it is not so bad. It is clear that Trinca polished the first part of the map, but the outside is less good.. Well, just be patient, and take your time.. It is a long way to perform good things in all part of a map.

Concerning the gameplay, I must agree it was really fun: hordes of knights, shambler to kill with DBS... or run... Also the outside part with 20 dogs was fun...
I just have to complain about 2 things: first concerns the secret area: you should not put weapons in secret areas. I understand secret areas as bonus areas, so it would have been great to see for example the SNG onto the "normal" progression of the player. Second is the lack of grenades in the cave: maybe a rocket pack would have been helpfull there..

Well globally I can only encourage you to go forward to improve your mapping stuff..

Keep it up ! 
you should not put weapons in secret areas

Haven't played it yet, but I think it's okay to put weapons in secrets, at least sometimes. Two good ways to do it -- 1. give them the weapon in a secret early on, but then give them the same weapon on the main route a little later, so that it's only a temporary advantage. 2. Give them a weapon with limited ammo, with no extra ammo in the main route, so that when it runs out, they are back to the same weapons that players who skipped the secret have.

I think the only things you really need to consider is that 1. player can finish the level without secrets, and 2. getting the secret should not make the level too easy, and not getting the secret should not make the level too hard. 
Sorry Guys :) 
o.k everything JPL said was right! i release it to soon... but as i said in the first it was supose to be a big map but things didn�t run as good as i espected, and it get a litle short... then i release as a learning map :) i realy learn many stuff in this one :), i just release it, for u guys have some fun as i did making it, in hard drive will stay forever and no one will had 10 minuts of horde combats... next will be better i hope :)

hope to see some feedback bad or good at least for me to learn

thks guys for waste a few minuts in a noob map! 
Two Attempts. 
Within 10 seconds and 30 seconds respectively, the gameplay annoyed me enough that I had no desire to play it and just Impulse9ed through to see what the map was like. 
You're right, but in this map, SNG is located in a secret area... and it is the only SNG of the map... so... 
About Weapons 
If I am not wrong, there is a Normal NailGun in this map, what makes the SNG a bonnus weapon and I finished the map without find it, so... it's no problem to hide this weapon in a secret area :/ 
I didn't say I was unable to finsih the map without SNG ;) .. 
the biggest error i did was in hard skill is few amo :( 
Review With Spoilers And General Thoughts 
logical progression, i didn't get lost once. quite simple. not very detailed or extraordinary.
ok combat. the dogs generated packet overflow at end. I got quad there so it was easy to just gren them from below. found 2 secrets which were ok nice. One secret gives sng, if you don't get that, you have to play with ng, which I think is approximately sufficient at normal skill.

Points for putting bubbles in the water so one knows where to go next.

Trinca has just started mapping and has released all his works? It's fun to watch someone learn. I don't know what attitude one should take for these releases. This is not a great map, but it doesn't even pretend to be, it says right that in the news post. Most mappers don't release this level stuff but keep it on the hard disk and only come out when they have something better.

p.s. I think there is some room for medium sized maps with not too gimmicky gameplay. 
My Thoughts - Some Spoilers 
Played on hard and died very often, but most combats were ok. Beginning was really hard. Maybe I have missed an armor there, but it was good fighting. There was some learning value betwen the deaths :). I liked the combat in the middle area, between taking the gold key and the trigger to the outdoor area. After passing the bars blocking your way to the final outdoor area everithing went worse. No ammo, packet overflows, chaotic fights. I got out from the water after visiting the zombie area with 2 health and 0 ammo and was killed by a shambler I didn't even see. Didn't find any secrets but wasn't watching for them. 
hmm yeah, combatting the shamblers from water is not nice - once you pop your head above the surface, they see you and charge their lightnings, and if you dive again, they still track you underwater. Illogical. I think the sng helped me there, shot a lot blind from the water. 
I had fun with it. Like people say, it's nothing really special, but it is a fun little map, and shows promise for a first attempt.

Put it this way, it's no worse than czg00. Looking forward to Trinca07 ;) 
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