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Q1SP: Forgotten Tomb By Trinca
Trinca has done it again - here is his second map and it clearly shows improvement over the first one.

It's basically a medium sized tomb-like level with a graveyard, some watery bits, knave/apocrypha textures and hardcore combat with almost 200 monsters on hard.
So give it a try!

Ok Map 
It looks decent, some areas are really nice (last room), but it plays like a rusty banjo.
I hope you figure out how to make doors that don't close after 4 seconds next time, Trinca. 
I Concur 
CZG is right about it being a good map. It's not as detailed/polished as I would normally like, but the gameplay is hectic with lots of ambushes and lots and lots (and lots) of monsters to shoot, but not very tough. Some good secrets help out (like the Quad around the Gold Key) to make it easier.

Also kinda short.

But, it's a very good 2nd map and does show a lot of improvement. It's a good 10 minutes of entertainment.

I rate it 3 Cans of Creamed Corn and a half-filled bag of stolen kittens. Congrats! 
Come On 
CZG, you're such a critic.
I'd like to see you do better! 
So Basically. 
make something? please? 
CZG...So Basically make something? please?

yes, yes, please do...

and while the request line is open, Bal, bal4dm1 would be nice :) 
Fun Map 
Fun map. At least on easy skill with relaxing gameplay. Good monster placement on easy skill and I liked the quads. I played also on hard and it was frustrating from the middle. I somehow survived the spawn room but had no chance against the ogres in windows in the outdoor area. Had also lack of ammo there. I played with god mode to the end and I'm sure I wouldn't survive there.

Architecture was not bad in many places. Some nice secrets also.

There are some monsters standing in corners and facing the wall. I almost stepped on a fied's tail :)

Sure it is an good improvement over your first map. 
Enjoyed It On Normal 
I really liked some of the combats - the ogres in particular - and the infighting that usually ensued.

One of the spawns managed to explode in my face, and I was eviscerated by a fiend once, but other than that it wasn't a big problem to finish.

The end room looked nice, but was quite easy on normal.

I also just figured out the way to guarantee gibbing knights without the quad (3 sng nails then ssg close range seems to do the trick, though I guess 6 regular nails would also work). Very satisfying.

The secrets were quite nice. The quad secret I just wandered into when I was about to die, and managed to survive because of it (though I nearly drowned throwing nades at the shamblers from underwater :), and the hegahealth was easy enough to figure out, and helped me after the aforementioned encounter (I went back to get it).

The first area with zombies annoyed me a bit, because the zombies piled up outside the door after I retreated down the stairs from the fiends, and I couldn't get past them because of the way they don't die without explosives. Argh, it was annoying.

Anyway, nice work. Looking forward to your third!

p.s. the first switch puzzle was funny. The message said "shoot the right switch" so I did. It was the right/correct switch :) I didn't bother working out if there were any other clues for the other switches in the level. 
p.s. the first switch puzzle was funny. The message said "shoot the right switch" so I did. It was the right/correct switch :) I didn't bother working out if there were any other clues for the other switches in the level.

Holy crap.
Trinca outsmarted me! 
Nice medium size map ! I think with a little bi more time to polish it; it would have been very good. Architecture is interesting, texture use is quite good, liked lightning effects BTW. Gameplay is also very good, while sometimes I run out of ammo, and I had to use godmode to save my ass (in hard skill)...
Well, the only lack I can found are the details in the map: It's quite "flat"...
Nevertheless, this map is a real improvement compared to all you produced before ! i have to admit you really progressed... Keep it up ! You are on the right way !
And thanks for the fun you gave me ;P 
Thks Guys Next I Promiss Will Not Made This Crap :| 
thks guys!!! i forget to test map in nightmare... fuck is impossible :\ and had a trigger teleport error in easy so 2 monster�s will miss always!!!

fixed version

with a lot less monster�s in hard :) but is playble now

please some admin change URL to map since neg|ke can�t change in Quaddicted... 
quote Trinca:" i forget to test map in nightmare"

AFAIK I tested two versions of your map on skill 3, even sent you two demos and one lengthy mail with suggestions could at least say what you expect from me or say SOMETHING for that matter.

Mind you, you were the one asking for testing.. 
Sielwolf sorry u took to long to respond and i was sick of that map :) got a great producion in work!!! and this one will be a nice one...

nightmare run :) 
oh wel if .dz dont work try this one!!! 
Nice map Trinca - sort of oldskool with the symmetry and linearity, but with modern textures. Each release from you seems exponentially better from my point of view.

I liked the theme in general - sort of a more desolate "Nameless City."

But all those damned monsters!! I was going to say this map was unbeatable (on Normal where I play), and especially on nightmare, but then I watched your demo. You are an accomplished Quake player for sure (and I suck!).

I can't wait to play your next map. 
And Oh Yeah 
I found the quick doors annoying too - I like to look around a lot when I clear out an area.

And I found a bug of sorts. In the last room, if you are on the pedestal that lowers when it goes back up, you get stuck and can't get out (without a noclip). 
Insane Demo 
Nice map Trinca...hard to belive it's just your second. Nice (tough) gameplay...and that nightmare are quite the player..I would have died innumerable times. 
It's Quite Nice 
the architechture has pretty interesting ideas, although it in general might be a bit vague and plain - and it was pretty clear where to go when etc., so it was a sensible map.

The four pedestal button room was the hardest place for me, not much room to avoid the monsters. I liked the ogres shooting from the facade place, was a bit untypical.
Yeah, make the doors stay open.. :)
Maybe that's all for now. A decent map, was ok to play. 
When I Try To Download Any Of These... 
I get a 404 in Portugues 
Fern becouse i moved webpage :)

;) there is a warning at main page 
Quick Comment: 
Good fun gameplay!! Design quite basic although textures nice. Gameplay hectic but fair in terms of supplies and fun in it's brutality. Enjoyable. 
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