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DM3RMX: The Occupied Base Released
I was going to release my new map tomorrow to celebrate the 10th birthday of Quake, but since I will be away this weekend I decided to release it a day early instead.

You can find more information, screenshots and a download link over at my QExpo booth. You'll need an updated engine such as FitzQuake or aguirRe's enhanced GLQuake to run it, because it is about 50 edicts over the limit :( (DAY FIVE)

The source .MAP and .RMF are both included in the zip, so if anyone wants to modify it for better DM play or whatever, then go ahead.
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By The Way 
it supports SP, COOP and DM play. Skill settings are also supported (85,125,155 from memory). 
HOT (slight Spoiler) 
Got through most of the map, found a (the?) nightmare secret (with the backwards message, nice, btw) and died on the elevator ride back up (instagib??) No, I didn't save. Crud. Other than a really confusing layout and progression, this map is really really nice. I like it a lot better than the Travail demo so far. 
Than Fanboy Here 
awesome map!
i can safely state this is one of the best base maps ever! it looks so great with all the details and bits, plus the interconnectivity (and proper? deathmatch settings). trims, tech, lights - all fit perfectly. cool end bit (regarding the mapcycle).
besides, this map shows how texture alignment has to be! ;)
gameplay was nice, too (cool wtf shambler moments). 3/6 secrets btw. - must go look for the nightmare secret.
i didn't find the layout overly confusing, but rather refreshing that sometimes there were multiple ways to proceed. on two or three occasions i took a different route and still ended up on the proper path again. nice additions to the original layout (in sp).
i saw one walkmonster and one item fall out, though (skill 2).

guru meditation made me laugh (no wonder the base was abandoned). :) 
Excellent Design 
The mix of sprawling layout, tasks like a lazy Saturday todo list, and classic looks reminded me of SOA to the point of weepage. It is as if Mustaine and Levelord died in some violent crash and there souls were fused together and they merged into you. Wonderful interpertation of DM3. 
Walkmonster And Ammo Fell Out? 
ah, shit... neither fitz or aguirRe's engine show these warnings by default, and I don't know how to turn them on. I kinda fancy doing a minor edit to fix it, but I guess it doesn't matter that much.

What engine did you use, neg!ke? I think that the walkmonster error is caused by an enforcer that appears on a lift later in the level, but he does actually appear in the map, and it is possible to get 100% kills.

Bit weird that you died on the lift, zwiffle. It does do a lot of damage I think, but there shouldn't be any bits to get caught on. The door that obscures it originally would DEFINITELY skill the player if the triggering messed up though, as it should be killed when the secret is opened up after it slides out the way.

I'd be interested to hear what engines you were using if you experience problems.

The DM mode is more or less the same as DM3, with a few changes that don't seem to big to me, but I'm sure would make a huge difference to those who have played the map for 10 years in DM :) There is information about the alterations in the readme. 
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