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DM3RMX: The Occupied Base Released
I was going to release my new map tomorrow to celebrate the 10th birthday of Quake, but since I will be away this weekend I decided to release it a day early instead.

You can find more information, screenshots and a download link over at my QExpo booth. You'll need an updated engine such as FitzQuake or aguirRe's enhanced GLQuake to run it, because it is about 50 edicts over the limit :( (DAY FIVE)

The source .MAP and .RMF are both included in the zip, so if anyone wants to modify it for better DM play or whatever, then go ahead.
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Planetquake Lotw 
Note how I pretty much copy/pasted the LotW review from my QExpo review. :) 
I know how people run out of ammo. they probably play run+gun like i do, and i was out of shells and nails by the first sham 
This Map Is... 
Found All Secrets 
Found 4 while progressing to the end and found the other two after clearing the map. This is a good secret hunter's map - especially to get the Nightmare rated secret.

I really liked this map. Excellent build quality and detail and lighting. The crampy areas felt like they should be crampy and the normal areas were fine for combat. The 3D layout is tight and neat - bypasses open up nicely as you progress. Supplies and enemies were fine on Hard. The layout did get me lost but I never really minded. I just kept exploring until I disturbed some new found enemies. The arrows did help some. I liked hanging out in this base - even when it was quiet.

The ending is very cool with that touch of detail on the fall to the exit. Such nice touches show that Q1 can still compete on immersion if level details and lighting are well crafted.

Also - this may have the best readme and backstory of any SPQ1 map ever. Hilarious - I was lucky that the floppy fell off the wild horse penis while I was chasing it to get a new map to play.

Props to Than - would love to see more remixes of iD originals from any mapper who can make comparable work as this or the E1M1 remix that's also out there. 
. . . 
I'm working on a remake of ep3 in Quoth2, but there's a long way to go before it can even hold a candle to Than's dm3rmx (which I'm about to play again), or the e1m1 remake. 
Replayed This Due To The Threadcromancy 
And remembered that this is an immensely good map! Dripping in detail and complex architecture, like all the 3d computer / electric stuff, and the uber-connected layout. Great gameplay too, lots of base stuff and great smabler surprises. Definitely one of the best pure base maps around, if not the best.

Sigh, would have been great to have a full DMrmx series of this quality, I'm sure all the others would convert well with a little common sense... 
Replayed As Well 
and its still a fantastic map. 
best map ever by best mapper ever 
this is true!!!

than is a Quake mapper god!

he was born to map for this game, fuck real life :\ he is mapping for others games :) 
Guys, Calm Down 
I Concur 
this was a sweet map. but I dunno if the other dm maps would be suited for remakes. He picked the best one for it imho. 
Thanks for reading, scragbait. Even if one person reads my shite stories about Dave and his chums, I feel like they were worth writing.

The original plan was to remake all the DM maps, but I'm not sure I'll ever get the time. I have to spend December getting my basepak map done and once the basepak is out I will finish off my Quoth map and then probably quit mapping due to lack of free time.

Anyway, like Tronyn said, dm3 was the most suitable for a remake, but I definitely think that ALL of the other could be made into good SP maps if enough is done to the layout to make them good. DM4 would be a bitch though :/ More cramped than a "room" in a capsule hotel. The best remaining maps are probably DM2 and DM7, with DM1 probably being easy to turn into a nice little short map and the others probably only interesting with heavy modification. DM6 might make a decent boss map I guess, but that's a boring idea :/ 
...yes, the best remaining one to tackle would be DM2 ? 
could be magical indeed... 
OK, Inertia... 
...since I've done a bit of work on remixing it already, how do you feel about collaborating on this one? 
email plz ;) 
I demand to be beta tester...

...because it will be an awesome makeover. 
Dm2 part of travail. 
...that's the bit of remixing I was talking about, but the Travail homage is in the wrong skin for a start. Hopefully I will persuade someone to knock up some high res versions of the dm2 textures (plus a few extra metal bits), as I think part of the beauty of dm3rmx is being able to play it with starbuck's nut crunching remakes. Also, any real extension (or architectural finessing) of dm2 in Travail was heavily limited by the fact that it was part of a larger level. Qte2m2 didn't smack up against the limits like some of the Travail levels...but it got pretty close.

Scraggy: interested noted, but first I need you to look at this d3 skinned quoth driven number I'm working on :) 
Replayed AGAIN. 
Still rocks. For the reasons above. 
When I clicked on the thread link I was expecting a spammer trying to flog us all handbags.

DM7RMX should be released in a couple of days after I get final tester feedback. Hopefully you will enjoy that too.

Then I need to finish off DM1RMX, but I've gotten excited about making DM5RMX and started that yesterday. Argh! Even after nearly 16 years my desire to map Quake levels is not satiated. Luckily I'm not the only one :) 
Forgot About This Gem! 
5/6 secrets including the hairy secret! /flex
Video should be up soonish.
This was great to play through again, such mind boggling detail in all the areas, fantastic lighting too. 
come back than 
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