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Which Q1SP Would You Most Want To See A Sequel To?
Not that any of this is going to happen, just discussion, but what map would you most want to see a sequel to? Don't pick packs or episodes (ie, Scourge of Armagon), but rather a single map (ie, Hip1m3: The Lost Mine).

I'll have to think for a while before I come up with my own. Ziggurat Vertigo is definately one though.
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My Vote 
Coriolis Force.

Or Byzantine.

Wait, those were never released in the first place, were they? 
than, nobody can easily write a plugin for maya. my only hope was to haxinate the q1 model tool source to accept some kind of format that maya could spit out easily (or even parse something ascii that I could export via MEL script), but I never got that far.

If I could find a good reliable way to get .mdl's out of Maya...

If you could, OMG that would be awesome. I've been using qme again the last few nights, and yikes it's slow compared to a real package like maya. Quake is sow low-res and simplistic that making good, polished work for it in Maya would be quite fast.

Of course, my warez0red copy got lost in a hard drive crash, so I can't really do anything with it regardless.

Back to the topic:

- apsp1
- the middle evil
- hell in a can
- prodigy SE
- shadow over innsmouth (itself a sequel)
- rubicon (lol) 
Mexx 10 
gets a vote here too.

Others :

At The gates of Midian
Kinn's last map Marcher
Shadow Over Inssmouth 
MDL With Maya 
I can see a reasonably quick pipeline to MDL format with Maya(although I can't test the maya half as I don't have a copy myself)

Go to
and download the correct version of the plugin there. It allows for export to MD3 format. Then you use the qexpo tutorial I posted for converting MD3s to MDLs with quark. It's quite possible that quark will refuse to open the MD3 this plugin creates. Read the last day of the tutorials for what to do to minimize the chances of this happening(TGA skins with indexed palette for instance).

If it still won't load them, post the MD3 here and I'll take a look. If you can import it into gmax but not quark, try importing it into gmax and then exporting it again to MD3. This seemly pointless maneuver has been know to fix the problem of quark loading a file. I think the plugin also offers MD2 export, so try that as an alternative. 
My Picks 

arcane (it was so id1-ish)
gmsp3 (I could imagine a whole episode placed in such castles...)
m_palace (such a nice theme) 
I think milkshape can convert from maya format to q1\q2 mdl
or maybe deep exploration
prolly both will shit on anims and skin mapping 
gmsp3 is way to hot!!! :)

glassman go map! 
nuff said 
On Glassman
i really hope this gets finished some time 
Masque Of The Red Death 
and/or Marcher.

/correct thread 
.. at text_fish ;) 
Short Wishlist ;) 
[Twice] Upon Atrocity
[Beyond] Zerst´┐Żrer
Castle of [Darker] Ages
Coagula III
I second this request...
Maybe with the next revamp/suite of Nehahra? 
OMG, JohnXmas

my world just got rocked! 
Apsp1 Has A Sequel 
it's dm3rmx :) 
There's 3 coagulas also, johnxmas. 
Back Off Topic... 
just a quick note: i just checked and qme3 accepts dxf, 3ds, lwo, hrc and cad files.

i've been using dxf to get files from 3dsmax into quake and it works absolutely fine. sure maya, as a comparable software would support at least one of those formats to export in? 
I Thought There Was A Glassman-waking-up Project Already 
and it didn't work :( 
I Think 
that Glassman just didn't reply any mail. :( 
Glassman's Last Login 
on this board: 2004-12-23 16:38:52
Maybe he's dead or something... :( 
no i talk with him 6 month ago... by email! he is reserved guy :\ 
Maya Won't Export As A Damn Thing 
two proprietary maya alias formats and .obj, but only with a plugin.

one of them (.ma) is an ascii export that any dos app could ordinarily parse, but it describes the maya scene as a command history and not just geometric data, so you'd need maya to read it back in to know wtf scene it turned into anyway. 
Unlikey But We Can Hope: 
glassman's nehahra episode.

Insomnia 2. 
Castle of [Darker] Ages ! OK, I note it... Why not... 
Oh... I Missed To Say... 
I'd like to see a sequel episode of

Beyond Belief
Marcher Fortress
Bastion of the Underworld
Contract Revoqued
The Rest Is Silence

.. and some others I don't remember the name...

And also the sequel of the beta levels of Quake Travail I tested some months ago... actually the final release ;P 
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