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SM129: Traps
Three hazardous environments by efdat, neg!ke and Omus.


Efdat: Reminded me quite a bit of Zerstorer! Hooray. Some neat tricks too. I didn't know moving water brushes could work in regular quake. The nade room was infuriating, but it kept me on my toes which is nice. In my confusion I took the long way round and hit the door button before turning the nades off. :)

Neg!ke: Didn't like spawning right infront of the Enforcers and the falling ceiling tile irritated me, but otherwise good fun. I liked timing my panicked dashes with the nail shooters.

Omus: I still love this, but I still wish there was something else to do once you go downstairs. I'd like to see an extended version in which you have to get back to the top of the pyramid to exit. The lift could continue to go up and down, and an extra puzzle could be finding your way on to the top of the maze so you can jump on top of the lift. Dunno if that makes much sense. Anybody manage to kill the Shambler? 
i can't help it: i love firstruns ;)
Text_Fish: there are no moving waterbrushes in the map... :) 
The actual map moves then? That makes sense. :D 
Now I Played 
neg!ke: nice looks. quite hard. could have used more ammo. i liked the box ride!
omus: nice puzzle, but the shambler doesn't really fit in. you should get some kind of reward, not such a punishment, for getting out. you're a mean mapper! mean! mean! mean! :) 
The shambler was nothing but my lame attempt to scare the player at the end of that long tunnel. You are meant to run away and reach the teleporter by another route. Skilled players might try their luck with the axe and shotgun. I should have stripped those out and made an obscure (ie secret) way to kill it with the environment, somehow.

As for extending it, I started to work on a full sized map with elements from this one. Don't finish many large projects though. 
Played The Others 
Shut Your Own Trap:
Solid construction, looks nice. Will punish the careless.

Tribute to Manzer:
This one's something special. Recaptures the Zerstorer atmosphere perfectly and would make a strong release even with most full sized maps. It's also full of well placed entity hacks, though unusually Darkplaces seems to disagree with one or two of them. 
Text_fish, Omus 
I killed the shambler with all 25 shells iirc. Every single one of my shots fired were straight into the dark towards it. At the very last shot I heard him drop. I assumed it was intentional that he would take every shell, so as to punish players who wasted their ammo in the maze.

Yet to play the others, if Im awake enough when I get off work tonight then I will do that. 
roulf i like then all Omus map must took a long time to make all those func_train :\ more then a week for sure, is more a turtle map :p

efdat very quality map!! took long time to find secret uf uf uf very fun with some nice traps :\ first run was die, die, die...

neg|ke evil map :\ died few times untill i got the map!

nice work guys! 
omus: looked reasonably well for its purpose. unfortunately, i'm not a fan of mazes (even more so if they are that lethal), so i gave up after a few tries - had the exit corridor been lit properly, i would have even managed to beat it by regular means. the map somehow reminded me of a another game with a similar stage - was it zelda? i don't know...

efdat: very nice. if you had added a third sm, the map could have almost been a proper release.
nicely done zer1m1/2 theme texture-wise and cool harzards. the grenade shooters were particularly great, albeit very dangerous because of their damage (would ogre grenades be possible as well?). i still don't get the eclipse gum reference...
shame on you for the four rogue brush models though!! 
I Played The Pack... 
.. and I liked it. Globally nothing to say more but what have been already said. I think such SM pack could have been turned into a bigger pack (i.e like base pack as example). In anyway: good work everybody :) 
i couldn't use ogre grenades because they cannot be aimed correctly. but i placed a little 'sorry-the-next-trap-is-hard-item'...
eclipse gum was taken from the market some time ago and was my favorite... shame on me for the item_health falling from the map, too... :) 
Nice Ones!!! 
Omus's map was nice, making me dash from safe spot to safe spot. The ending was a little bit of a let down, though, after all that running :| Anyway, it reminded me more of Pac-Man than Zelda ;)

Neg!ke's was solid as always, except for the second or third health that was just a little too close to the lasers :| I especially liked having to time the spike shooters and jumping from box to box :)

Efdat's was more like a regular map than a speedmap. Excellent job! If I had to nitpick, you could get stuck behind some of the boxes ;) 
H4h4h4ha qU4k3 SUx0rz UNr34l 1z 73h 63s7!!!!111one!!! 
Are You Mentally Subnormal? 
What the fuck is "63s7". Anyone? 
Snail, balls, snake, arrow!

I did not manage to finish any of the maps. Heh! :D 
managed to finish efdat's... others seemed too instadeathy.

Nice builds though, efdat's especially! 
That is all. 
short is beautiful - but what's that supposed to mean? 
It Means 
your map is the only one worthwhile.
but still < unr34l... 
omus' map was my favorite, not that the others weren't quality maps too

i panicked when i was descended into the maze :D
it took me less than 15 tries to finish it and the intermission view at the end was incredible. it screamed: deadly! deadly! deadly! 
Nice Theme 
for some good creative gameplay (opposite to the usual horde bullshit)
too bad I missed it 
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