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Best Quake Denizens
another random quake discussion;

your favourite three quake monsters, including all expansions and custom made creatures (you�re not allowed to say your own).

for me -

fiend (the classic, vicious, determined, can gib the player)

qouth gug (a multipurpose miniboss; pure aggression on six limbs, always provides excitement)

spawn (unpredictable, possibly the most dangerous base quake enemy, depending)

personally i like creatures that are lethal but can be learned - ones without hitscan or undodgable attacks.
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I Like 
Toothpaste, as it helps keep my teeth clean.

I like pretty much all the Quake monsters, aside from fish and dogs because they are so shit.

Particular favourites are:

Shambler - when you hear that roar, but don't spot where it is, it can be quite a heartstopping moment.

Ogre - When perched up high, their grenades can seriously force you to dance about.

Vore - come on, how are voreballs not one of the most fun things in Quake.

Just about all the enemies are fun though :) Quoth too. 
1) Fiends, because they are pure leaping violent awesome.

2) Shamblers, map reviews by day, lightning tossing monsters by night.

3) Zombies, because I like annoying people, and theres nothing more annoying than lots of Zombies when you have no explosive weapons to gib them with. 
BTW this is a pretty narrow-minded thread. How about best "Classic FPS monsters"?? 
zomgg i love Vores :) is balls are real fun to kill other enemys :) bunnyjump and run with balls :), i like also shamblers becouse i like to kill then face to face with double shotgun!

but of course all monsters are cool

after id i like Quoth and some of nehahra( Baron) one of best ever! 
I think you like Fiends too? 
Ogres (love to kill them with the GL)
Fiends (lot's of fun when you have the SSG and some space)
Vores (best served hot after 4 grenade hits) 
All monsters suck and have to be killed... I hate all of them :P 
1) Ogre. You can't beat the GL/Chainsaw combo they have going. They can be great in almost any situation and any map style.

2) Fiend. This is really the last of the original lineup that can still make my heart skip [not because I fancy them or anything].

3) Quake 2 Berserker. He can throw you ffs! And he makes some really ambient idle noises.

Now I feel bad for all the monsters that didn't make it in to my top three. :( 
Another Great Topic: 
Hey whats your fave quake ammo pickup?
Discuss or smth...

Atleast Im original!
And not spawning a new thread too. Yes, Im that cool 
All Are Nice 
except death knights, they have far too many hitpoints. And vores are most often annoying too, placed in an unfun way by mappers.
The fiend is quite a creative piece of work, remember that enemies before that had been sprites. 
I Am 
a fan of ogres. They are the most universal monsters in quake. The fit good any theme, place, plus I love their sight sound. They can be used well above, below and in front of the player.

fiends are the next ones. Bloody jumping demons with claws. Ahhh

and of course shamblers. I love these white hairy teddy bears.

Apart from quake monsters I like quake2 gladiators and berserkers. And doom pinky demons (no comments). 
Oooooo! Me! Me! 
barons of hell
flyers are cool. anything that makes a racket and/or anything that can fly ;-)

i don't like capital letters today. 
Ogres don't fit in base. 
I think you like Fiends too?

<poker face>

AS long as they don't have eyes.

</poker face>

P.S. Ogres fit into base foo, they have tech.

P.P.S. Quake 4 Gladiators - teh pwn. 
Best Q2 Enemy 
gladiators or the medic (especially when enhanced by lazarus). gunners are good as well, similiar to ogres i spose.

anyone ever the notice that the big tankboss has what looks like grenade launchers on top of the tracks thataren't used . . . bah. 
Moam Is A Fun Fight! 
yes, he is. -_- 
Ogres don't fit in base.

They fit base very good. The chainsaw and grenade launcher is very technogenish stuff, while they fit medieval maps with the same success 
In Reverse Order... 
3rd best == Vore, you can't confuse them by staying in their change point...they just keep pumping out the purple hate.

2nd best == Night Gaunt, Quake needed more flying enemy and Kellcros produced a beaut.

The best == The Ogre Cook from Nehahra. I laughed soooooooooo hard. 
How About 
what q1sp monster would you most like to see a sequel to?

what q1sp monster would you most like to see a sequel to?

Megaogre: the ogre that jumps like fiend throw lightnings like shambler and flies like scrags.
And has >500 health.
oh and has the damage of grenade like player's grenade have. 
everything chapters.
spikemine! most underrated monster ever.
err, and the bouncing exploding zombie from quoth. ;) 
Night Gaunt 
Was the source ever released for this?? 
Oh Yeah... 
spikemine was good.

And, serious sam had some really good monsters. Like the suicide bomber guys. And the buffalo/bull thing that charges you.

Q2's bezerker were cool and cool looking. The small flying things were good too. Most of the other q2 monsters were not much fun to fight. 
What Q1sp Monster Would You Most Like To See A Sequel To? 
Definitely the fiend.

That was the type of enemy I was hoping we would see in D3. I want some lion like behaviour, slinking around slowly until it decides to come in for the kill, then going full out. Some sort of pack behaviour would be good, you disturb a couple of fiends and they start slowly circling you, waiting to see what you are going to do. 
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