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Future PC Games / State Of Gaming HYPE Thread.
The game list might have moved on a long way from the original one, and as with any such list, not all of it worked out, but the principle remains: This is a thread purely for hype and positivity about PC Gaming and forthcoming games that get you particularly excited. If you're playing it already or it's just a general comment, post it in the Other PC Games Thread. If it's big enough for the func_audience (usually Quake / Doom / Unreal / HL series etc), start a specific thread for it.

New list for 2018 onwards:

Updated for reasonz:

Still hype maybe:

Cyberpunk 2077 - blatantly Deus Witcher, but top of the hype list?

Iron Harvest - it's crowdfunded, let's hope it succeeds

Metro Exodus - equal top of the hype list maybe

Doom 5 - also equal top. Thank fuck there's some vaguely entertaining FPS in the works

Tentative hype:

Phoenix Point - still waiting

Witchfire - verrrrrrrrry tentative

Mechwarrior 5 - the world always needs more Mechs!


Mutant Year Zero - the new XCom clone hype, more so than PP.

Battletech - it came out, it was great, nuff said.

Call OF Cthulu - FP interactive movie puzzle / talking sim


Anthem - bollox Ass Effect meets Dickstiny meets who gives a fuck.

The next From Software game - turned out to me boring Japan history meh Nioh clone.

Will try to find the video clip links for some of these, seeing a lot of clips recently inspired me to post this...


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Alan Wake - could be interesting, I need a break from run and gun.

Bioshock - it looks too bizarre.

Crysis - video looked damn fun with the little details they've added, but I'm not much into sci-fi/alien shooters and I hate jungles.

ET:QW - I don't play online.

Hellgate London - didn't look interesting but their website design is nice.

HL2:EP2 - not interested.

Huxley - what?

Jericho - graphically it looks good, but silly some monster designs.

Project Offset - not interested.

Savage 2 - who?

Stalker - hurry up!

Supreme Commander - what?

You Are Empty - eh? 
Top 3 Most Anticipated Games 

...wait, didn't they already release one of those? 
Left for Dead has intrigued me. I want to fight from one end of the city to the other with Von by my side as we tear apart hundreds of zombies with chainguns and rocket launchers. 
forgot about that. Definitely add left 4 Dead to that list, because it sounds awesome. We can play Terrafusion coop.

You or other players can control the zombies too, so you could spend you time tearing apart humans instead of zombies :)

Though I'd rather play against the AI than humans I think. Humans are too annoying. 
Those Interested In Supreme Commander 
there's a open-source engine that runs mods made out of TA content, ... Some of the mods are very TA-like.

You _don't_ need TA to run this. But you should own a copy of TA in a legal sense, some textures, models, sounds and scripts I think are taken from TA. It's trying to move to GPL completely.

And the UI is somewhat improved from TA and shows even supcom-like features.
It's very much alive and updated, the next version will have a new map format making it much easier to make new maps (no more huge 16000x16000 textures). 
Zombies ! The second most popular Cannonfodder Enemy right after Nazi Soldiers - or so it seems ;).

The Concept for Left 4 Dead sounds a lot like the Zombie Survival Mini-Mod for Garry's Mod 9 ( HL2 ). People start out in a small map with loads of NPC Zombies closing in, and if someone on the Human Team dies, he then becomes a Zombie himself. The Humans can get better Weaponry depending on the Amount of NPC Kills, and the Zombies get Access to different Types of Creatures ( Normal Zombie, Fast Zombie, Headcrab etc ) that they can "be" over time.

Wouldn't be surprised of the "CS Guys" got some Inspiration from that. 
Not Saying It's An Original Idea Or Anything But... 
with Valve behind it, it is very likely to turn out to be a highly polished and fun game. 
Threadcromancy LOL 
From the original topic:

Alan Wake - Action/horror thriller? Not really sure what this is about gameplay-wise, but it sure looks nice. BORING.

Bioshock - Very pretty looking underwater steampunk Deus Ex / SS2 FPRPG. What more does one want? WAS GREAT AS WERE SEQUELS.

Crysis - More Far Cry! More graphics! More dirty sneaky tricky gameplay! I'm psyched. WAS GREAT, SEQUELS TAILED OFF.

ET:QW - Might only be an MMOFPS, but the idea and GFX look p1mp. IRRELEVANT MP TOSS.

Hellgate London - Interesting FPRPG set in demon infested London. Could work. SANK WITHOUT TRACE.

HL2:EP2 - Obvious. RIP HALF-LIFE.

Huxley - MMOFPS that looks very much like a UT2kX game with some HL2 settings. Who knows. IRRELEVANT MP TOSS.

Jericho - Clive Barker action/horror game. After Undying, this could be very promising. A long way off but early shots look intriguing. SANK EVEN FURTHER.

Project Offset - early stages for a superb looking proper fantasy FPS... ToTheGame shows this moving to 360, grrr, anyone know any more?? CANCELLED.

Savage 2 - Online medieval FPS/3PS RTS! Looks good and apparently the first one was pretty neat. WHAT??

Stalker - Just for you Daz. If it actually happens, I'm sure it will be cool. SUCCESSFUL, DAZ LOVED IT.

Supreme Commander - Vast scale RTS. People seem to like the idea. CAN'T EVEN REMEMBER NOR CARE.

You Are Empty - Painkiller set in alternate-history Russia! Gameplay looks bland, but Hail Vondur anyway. WHAT?? 
This Decade's List: 
Call Of Cthulhu - the atmospheres, mannnn.

Cyberpunk 2077 - a long way off but a fresh take from a dev with impeccable pedigree.

Dawn Of War 3 - shoddy gameplay trailer, but looks more of the same with added Knights, which is good enough.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - HR made up for IW, series is back on track, looks slick.

Dishonoured 2 - looks like the perfect sequel to a cool fun game.

Dreadnought - neat looking spaceship combat game....but only if it gets the promised SP campaign.

Elex - RPG from them Gothic lot. A mish-mash of every theme in existence, interesting how it will turn out.

Hellraid - another cool-looking fantasy FPS thing. Will this one disappear up it's own arse too? Hope not.

Phoenix Point - grittier looking XCom-style game from original devs who liked the reboots. SOLD.

Prey - not much known but trailer looks intriguing, from Dishonoured devs.

SpaceHulk: Deathwing - Trailer looks perfect as an adaptation of this game. Left 4 Tyranid? Count me in.

Styx: Shards Of Darkness - if you liked the first nifty goblin-themed stealth-em-up, this looks spot on.

Titanfall2 - it's got a proper single player campaign and robosuits. Worth a try.

Plus Elder Scrolls 6, whatever is next from From FROM Software, etc etc.

That's enough for now... 
Alan Wake: overrated crap

Bioshock: great

Crysis: great

ETWQ: zero interest in mp dm

Hellgate London: didn't play because it wouldn't work, sadly

Huxley: never heard of it

Jericho: had some good ideas to it, but pretty average

Savage 2: no interest in that sort of game

Stalker: franchise has it's moments and memories, but still very unpolished after 3 games

Supreme Commander: huh?

You Are Empty: laughable, one of the worst games of the decade? 
Call Of Cthulhu - Will keep an eye out

Cyberpunk 2077 - Looking forward to a worthy steampunk adventure from these devs!

Dawn Of War 3 - Don't know, don't care.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - Loved HR to death so hopefully they don't botch the thing.

Dishonoured 2 - First one was great so would like to expect this one is even greater.

Dreadnought - Don't care.

Elex - Gothic RPGs were pretty fun stuff so eye kept out!

Hellraid - Always have been interested in this but seems like it keeps being teased and that's it.

Phoenix Point - Don't know

Prey - Prey Doom3 Engine (Tommy) was a pretty fun ride so let's see if this one lives up to the prey name.

SpaceHulk: Deathwing - Don't know, don't care.

Styx: Shards Of Darkness - Loved the first one and have been excited since this announcement. The fact that hanging off ledges is a feature shows the devs know what to improve on.

Titanfall2 - Don't give a fluck

Plus Elder Scrolls 6, whatever is next from From FROM Software, etc etc: Will wait with bated breath. Admittedly I would buy TES6 in a heartbeat. 
Of course, none of these games can hold a candle to the best gane ever created:

Which is totally not a clone of the old Minesweeper games from early Windows versions.

Wonder who's the great genius behind it ;) . 
I'm still thinking PC gaming is in great health at the moment.

Dishonoured 2 is meant to be great, got it stacked up to play. Titanfall 2 SP turned out to be a blast. Deus Ex Mankind Divided still looks good and is also stacked up. OTOH Space Hulk beta was in some need of refining, hopefully it will be patched into polish.

And then we have:

Prey Gameplay trailer aka Dishonoured Space Ex whatever, looks like they are throwing all the gameplay options in, who knows it might work as well as Dishonoured. Monsters look cool too:

And Mass Effect 4 looks pretty nice in a very ME sort of way, could even tempt me to put up with the endless dialogue trees: 
Got Mech??

Hopefully they'll update it to this decade's graphics, but a new Mechwarrior game has got to be a good thing.


Same universe, different genre. Despite similarly early status, the functionality of this looks great. 
I'm Excited For Cyberpunk 2077 
It will probably be a massive disappointment, because I'm looking forward to it so much. 
Nah Man 
Healthy sceptism is good, but so is a sensible appreciation of a game's chances. And surely the chances with that one are good :). 
/me Skates His Cyberdeck Off Shamblernauts Face Onto A Hype Train 
I mean, it's CDProjeckt so I think they've earned a good amount of good will :) 
Someone Find Me An RTS To Get HYPE About. 
Other genres well covered in the future. Apart from DOW3 what else is exciting in the RTS genre? 
Not RT but definitely S, Battletech looks cool. 
Didn't see post #39. Not much into RTS anyway, the last I extensively played was Total Annihilation... 
Warhammer 40k Dawn Of War 3 
It's lit 
I recommend Verdun - very nice WW1 FPS. Gritty and realistic, squad-based combat. Really feels like WW1 where a single man is nothing, but a squad can influence a battle a liiiitle bit.

Pretty much the only game I play these days 
Yet More Games Workshop Potential:

I'm just about to start Mordheim, I've heard it's tough and RNG-plagued but otherwise good.

I'm getting the impression that the state of Games Workshop PC gaming is not amazing....but definitely GOOD, and widespread. 
Call Of Cthulhu 
Pop Zing Zoop 
So is it a TellTale style game or 1st/3rd person something something? 
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