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Future PC Games / State Of Gaming HYPE Thread.
The game list might have moved on a long way from the original one, and as with any such list, not all of it worked out, but the principle remains: This is a thread purely for hype and positivity about PC Gaming and forthcoming games that get you particularly excited. If you're playing it already or it's just a general comment, post it in the Other PC Games Thread. If it's big enough for the func_audience (usually Quake / Doom / Unreal / HL series etc), start a specific thread for it.

New list for 2018 onwards:

Updated for reasonz:

Still hype maybe:

Cyberpunk 2077 - blatantly Deus Witcher, but top of the hype list?

Iron Harvest - it's crowdfunded, let's hope it succeeds

Metro Exodus - equal top of the hype list maybe

Doom 5 - also equal top. Thank fuck there's some vaguely entertaining FPS in the works

Tentative hype:

Phoenix Point - still waiting

Witchfire - verrrrrrrrry tentative

Mechwarrior 5 - the world always needs more Mechs!


Mutant Year Zero - the new XCom clone hype, more so than PP.

Battletech - it came out, it was great, nuff said.

Call OF Cthulu - FP interactive movie puzzle / talking sim


Anthem - bollox Ass Effect meets Dickstiny meets who gives a fuck.

The next From Software game - turned out to me boring Japan history meh Nioh clone.

Will try to find the video clip links for some of these, seeing a lot of clips recently inspired me to post this...


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Nearly A Year On And Where's My Hype At Homies? 
Call Of Cthulhu - the atmospheres, mannnn. - still in the works.

Cyberpunk 2077 - a long way off but a fresh take from a dev with impeccable pedigree. - still in the works.

Dawn Of War 3 - shoddy gameplay trailer, but looks more of the same with added Knights, which is good enough. - it's out! Some reports are too MOBA-y but from what I've seen it looks good.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - HR made up for IW, series is back on track, looks slick. - great, sure it's small-scaled and cliched, but a really fun explorathon.

Dishonoured 2 - looks like the perfect sequel to a cool fun game. - still not played this but by all reports it's great.

Dreadnought - neat looking spaceship combat game....but only if it gets the promised SP campaign. - no chance of SP so can fuck off.

Elex - RPG from them Gothic lot. A mish-mash of every theme in existence, interesting how it will turn out. - still a long way away.

Hellraid - another cool-looking fantasy FPS thing. Will this one disappear up it's own arse too? Hope not. - almost certainly vapourware.

Phoenix Point - grittier looking XCom-style game from original devs who liked the reboots. SOLD. - it's funded!

Prey - not much known but trailer looks intriguing, from Dishonoured devs. - 2 days. BioSystem Shock but hey it still looks good. Great-looking monsters.

SpaceHulk: Deathwing - Trailer looks perfect as an adaptation of this game. Left 4 Tyranid? Count me in. - short, unambitious, best in SP only, but good and stylish stealer mashing.

Styx: Shards Of Darkness - if you liked the first nifty goblin-themed stealth-em-up, this looks spot on. - meant to be more of the same but a bit better.

Titanfall2 - it's got a proper single player campaign and robosuits. Worth a try. - well worth a try and indeed top 5 last year. Great fun and amazing graphics. Where is the SP DLC tho??

Battletech - turn-based mech combat, alpha gameplay looks spot on. - where is my fucking backer-funded beta?? Pffft. Anyway, game due sometime later this year.

So there we go, you win some you lose some. Albeit most of the losses are abandoning SP / abandoning the game. 

very ueful vid. confident in my backing of this. 
This Goes Straight Into The HYPE Thread:


1. Metro

2. Fuck me it looks nice. 
Oooh, A New Metro? 
Goody! I thought the Metro saga was supposed to be over...? The trailer looks extra yummy, thanks for sharing. Isn't the music taken from The Fountain OST by Clint Mansell? It's the same melody.

Anybody hyped for this?
Trailer is bonkers! Don't miss the final seconds when a character drops acid. Also, ArrrCee reviewed it on his GGRC channel, for those interested. 
Yeah that looks awesome. I thought it was supposed to be over too. Guess they changed their mind.

Although, it all seemed like a scripted sequence which I bet doesn't play out like that in the final game. You wouldn't make that spectacular outdoor area only to be over in 30 seconds.

Nah not the Fountain score, it's much more modern, a lot of trailers have used that theme lately (or variations of that theme, as here it's more techy). Not sure where it comes from, clearly inspired by some Hans Zimmer scores. I wouldn't mind knowing where it came from and if it does have a full score, sounds good. 
it all seemed like a scripted sequence which I bet doesn't play out like that in the final game.
That's what I was wondering, especially in the sequence with the cliff and zipline. That said, it's supposed to be a gameplay trailer, so ideally it should play out like that.

I too would like to know where the music comes from. Anyone? Maybe a remix of Mansell's work? 
Isn't The Music Taken From The Fountain OST By Clint Mansell? It's Th 
I believe it's called 'Don abandons Alice' or something like that from "28 weeks later" 
Thanks Spy 
I Would Guess... 
...that the trailer is a highly condensed scripted sequence of gameplay that will take place in that area. Seems entirely natural to have a 5-10 minute segment going through that properly.

Wolf looks cool too although they are milking it a bit now!! This is what, Wolf 5?? Wolf, RTCW, Wofl reboot, Wofl TNO, (Wolf TOB mission pack), this. I know it works well and is fun but.... 
More Like Wolf 11... 
Some Prettiness....

Judgement reserved so hard it hurts on the gameplay / SP functionality, tho. 
Holy Fuck, That's Purrty! 
And those facial expressions! 
That Looks Sick 
Looking forward to it 
Yep, looks very pretty
I Like Good Graffix 
Games are looking nicer and I rejoice in that.

It's bad when games that have promising gameplay lack too much in the graffix department like being badly optimised with bad performance or they just look bad as in having amateurish textures/meshes/animations and so forth. 
LOL True Dat. 
TBH Anthem looks so good that a Ubi-style downgrade would still be very appealing. Plus lush world, sci-fi, monsters, etc. It's the gameplay and single player aspect that concerns me a lot more. 
Is There Actual SP In There? 
All I saw was coop in the vid. 
Its purdy but still entirely too plastic/fake, the glitzy gfx just make the effect worse or at least non the better than it has always been :
When a 400 Kilo armor suit crashed down at terminal velocity it leaves marks on concrete ->
It feels like a light piece of armor made of plastic that generates "wooomp" sound effect and shoots sparks out of its butthole to impress your 8 year old friends. A toy. 
Just Read The Comments 
on that YT vid and apparently this is a scripted sequence overdubbed by actors, not actual coop gameplay. Which awakens the ghost of deceptions past as KP & Shambler pointed out. I should have known better. Still hyped though. 
Not really much interest in games but you made me look at the video!

Looks pretty but oh my acting, dialogue, music so meh! 
Yeah of course the actual set-up is fake as anything. The "dialogue" is pathetic but that's ignorable anywaty. 
The Most Exciting Thing About Anthem Is... 
...cybear posting on func about it. Hi bear! 
Hi Bal! 
Hi Lunaran! 
Go Play My Map! 
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