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Console Gaming Thread!
You know the score.

Thread for all your console gaming needs, discussions, game recommendations, questions, feedback, reviews, etc etc.

Post and enjoy!

P.S. Including old consoles too, although it's the newer ones people seem most excited about.
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Brilliant. From listening to the poor fools in #tf who were actually watching the damn thing live (instead of SC2 / kitten videos / goat p0rn), that is uncannily accurate - I bet it didn't take much editing down. 
awesome video.

Definitely seems like they've de-prioritised core gamers to try and grab the TV market (that really is up for the taking, admittedly). It'll be interesting to see what happens at E3. They've got a lot of apologising to do, and hopefully they have some games to show.

HOW SHIT DOES THAT NEW COD GAME LOOK THOUGH?!!! It actually looks worse than the first Call of Duty. Not a lot of next-gen graphics in the building. Also LOL at the scene where the sun is on the right of the sky, and the sun rays are shining through some branches from the left
I Like The Dog! 
I Thought There Already Was An Xbox 1 
The Name Is A Big WTF 
Then again, if you're going to deliver a stillborn anachronism I suppose it doesn't really matter. Why bother putting any effort into it? 
What's In A Name? 
Well, they didn't out-tard Nintendo with 'wii' but they came close.

The whole announcement was a warm cloud of methane with a bad smell which by the time the console is launched will have no meaning at all. Same as the ps4 one.

I want a steam box. 
And Here's The Ps4 Version! 
Are you kidding, "wii" was a genius move 
Meanwhile, In XBone Land... 
This reads like an Onion article. In fact, I would have dismissed it as satire, but apparently....

A patent filed by Microsoft for Kinect describes a camera system that monitors the number of viewers in a room. Content providers will be able to set a threshold which if exceeded would trigger a prompt for the device owner to purchase a license for more viewers. 
Also, On XBone... 
Oh and apparently indie developers will no longer be able to self-publish their games on the XBox online marketplace. That's right - all developers will now have to strike a publishing deal with a third-party. 
Super Mario Maker 
Really? Looks very last-gen to me. 
Cool. Someone made a samurai mod for the Dark Souls 1 engine, and managed to put Geralt's head on the model. Woot woot. 
I know right? Can't wait to play it. 
If anyone has been following new Tekken games, I would recommend stay far away from Tekken 7 and stay with 6 and Tag Tournament 2. So they will learn not start mixing Street Fighter 2 characters with Tekken storyline. 
Tekken 7 Looks Great! 
I've just picked up an XBONE - mainly because my 360 has carked it, and I want the backwards compatibility. The option to play XBONE games is a nice bonus too I guess. Which leads me to a question:

Any idea why the prices of the downloadable versions of the games are so ludicrous? You can either spunk �50 on the new Doom in their online marketplace, and then spend the next week trying to download 80 gigs or whatever, or you can literally go to any street retailer, or Amazon, and get a brand new disc version for �14. This pricing pattern seems to be common across all/most of the games I've looked up.

In what universe does this make sense as a business model? 
Download Prices 
on the PS4 store are not much different. �59.99 for a brand new game is the recommended retail price but the stores have a more fluid and volatile market. It's mostly competition that keeps the prices down.

Oddly though the Steam store has a much better business model and I think it's because the games are competing with each other for real estate on the front page. Perhaps this is what happens when you have a free market. 
Right Ok 
Well that's a bugger because I was hoping to go all-digital. Was getting fed up with accumulating endless physical media. Seems like a backwards step, but if it's the only way of getting half-sensible prices then shelves full of plastic discs it is I guess... 
Any idea why the prices of the downloadable versions of the games are so ludicrous?
Because consoles. They typically make little to no benefits on the hardware, so they feed off overpriced games. 
Baba Is You 
Not sure why i haven't mentioned this yet, but i've been playing Baba is You on the switch, it's a pretty clever puzzle game where you push objects around, but also push words around to rewrite the rules of the game.

ALSO if the game looks familiar, there was a demo version a few years ago in flash: 
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