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Console Gaming Thread!
You know the score.

Thread for all your console gaming needs, discussions, game recommendations, questions, feedback, reviews, etc etc.

Post and enjoy!

P.S. Including old consoles too, although it's the newer ones people seem most excited about.
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I play max payne for the story and atmosphere. That's where the game shines. 
Yeah, But 
the gameplay was so awfully boring and repetetive that i stopped playing after chapter 1. 
Watching Someone 
Play Heavy Rain is completely counter-intuitive to someone who designs games.

It's just a continual QTE. What's wrong with YouTube? That way you don't have to piss about with the controller in order to see the story.

The best game ever in terms of story was Silent Hill 2.

It's nice to have a good story (I can't envision a game without thinking of it in terms of story) but it can't be your gameplay. 
I think the best game story was maybe Grim Fandango? Biased. 
I play max payne for the story and atmosphere. That's where the game shines.

I'll get me coat :E 
Oh Noes, Different People Like Different Games 
I don't know what that expression means. Maybe it is an acquired taste? ;-) 
L.a. Noire 
Anyone else played this yet? I'm buying it tomorrow, it's supposed to be the bee's knees. 
Saw it at work. Based off what I saw at work and the fact that I'm in a torrid love affair with film noir at the moment, I am aching to get a copy of my own. The animation is gorgeous and the gameplay and world both look spot on, and there's a black/white mode if you want to play that way, which I plan to (unless it's unlockable.) 
You can change between black and white and colour anytime. I'm so giddy for this game ^.^ 
seen any more noirs lately? 
Heroes Of Ruin, 3DS 
Diablo style dungeon crawler on 3DS looks like it has surprisingly high production values and dare I say it: 'fun' 
i like the damage feedback. i find that kind of thing is missing sometimes and it makes a huge difference. 
Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet 
Yo, So.... 
T'burd is after some more XBox360 games. She likes gaylord girly RPG-esque things, in her own words "Character customisation, that's all I want from games, I want to make me look pretty" :P, and is quite happy with older and therefore cheaper games. Things I know she's liked: Mass Effect series, Assassin's Creed, Witcher 2, Okami (weirdo Japanese thing anyway), Portal 2, Final Fantasy (up to 10), Tomb Raider, etc etc.

Any suggestions homiez?? 
Witcher 1? 
and yeah second Fable. 
She's already done Fable on the PS2....and I think Witcher1 is PC only? If not then yeah she'd get that... 
Fable 2 Obviously 
But not Fable 3 - that one's a bit of a turd. 
Dragon Age 
the first one has an ultimate edition with all teh dlc in it. never played the second one. i did play the shit otu of the fisrt one though. its funky shieeeet. 
She likes Dragon Age. Anything similar but not that?? Oh she's playing Reckoning or somehting now....herp derp. 
how about divinity 2? have no idea how it might be on xbox, but there might be a demo on the xbox. divinity 2 looks nothing like the original divine divinity so i never played it.

there are two versions, the standard and the complete with all dlc one. so check before buying i say.

there's also war of the north that i bought a few days ago [online] and looks neat. has splitscreen co-op too [thats either a good thing or a bad one]. not into lord of the rings, but it shouldn't matter though.

dungeon siege 3 seems to be a very simple rpg, but seems to have solid writting, but again simple and nothing that would make someone go "wow"... from what i read anyway.

hunted: demons forge looks more of a shooter in a fatansy setting, but looks fun?

i believe two worlds 2 [and the first one] have a xbox versions.

then there is risen but that one i believe is just a crappy port. i played it on pc and i found it a bit boring. but i liked the combat and the world itself. it felt dull, but i dont know, a lot of people swear its good, but no gothic 2.

risen 2 came out a few days ago i believe, but being a new game = expensive right now.

speaking of gothic 2, there is gothic 4. made by dudes that didnt work on the previous games and seems to be an ok rpg, maybe boring. i dont know.

and the last one is sacred 2. more of a diablo type of game, no idea how it might perform on consoles, but looks fun for mindless rpg madness. i believe it has local coop.

those are all the rpgs that should be cheap that come to mind. i say xbox should be the way to go, since most of these are probably xbox only.

not sure about performance, but check for demos if there are any. sorry if i never played any of these, and to be honest i don't know how i remember them :D

like i said above, i bought war of the north to play with my nephew on ps3, hopefully it arrives by next week, then i'll write something about if its not too late.

hope this gibberish somehow helps. 
And This Too 
man, i should really read before posting. i blame sleep. i always seem to write before here before going to bed :D

two games just came to mind.

dark messiah is more of a hack & slash [think heretic or hexen] and it a first person rpg-ish sort of game, but its fun as hell.

no idea how the xbox verison of dark messiah might be, but if its just a straight port form the pc game and its not buggy, then it shouldn't be bad. i love the game though.

arx fatalis came out on the xbox1, i think the 360 has issues with some older games? maybe check if its backwards compatible. arx is just like ultima underworld.

and finally, the first templar. i know nothing about it, but screenshots made it look interesting.

and now i'll dive in the depths of sleep. 
Useful list will pass on. 
New Xbox Announcement Highlights 
Pretty embarrassing stuff, and with no backwards compatibility either. No sale.

(I'll probably wait 2-3 years after launch to allow it to accumulate some half-decent games). 
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