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SM130: Revisiting Familiar Places
Obviously, this theme wasn't very good, at least measured by the interest. So I'll just release the pack to have it out of the way.
Two crappy maps by neg!ke (E3M4) and Spirit (E2M4). Both released under GPL license.

Couldn't be arsed to take some - everybody knows how the maps look anyway.

You are a genius and you probably have too much time. 
Neg!ke's is definitely badass. At first I thought it was just gonna be insanely difficult to beat, until nothing attacked me. Neato.

Spirit's was a cool twist, but I couldn't figure out what to do at the end. (Elevator wouldn't let me go back to where I started.) 
neg|ke map is nuts,nuts,nuts,nuts,nuts,nuts,nuts,nuts,nuts,nuts,nuts,nuts,nuts,nuts,nuts,nuts,nuts,nuts,nuts,nuts,nuts,nuts,nuts,nuts you should find a psychiatrist you need help!!!

;) crazy bitch!

Spirit map was nice also had some fun but i already new what to see next and gameplay was predictable... nice Quake crash when i did the rocketjump :)

good work i might make next sm... i hope... my fucking bitch boss controls me all that is past days.... errr to much work. 
Neg!ke, that was freakin' AWESOME!!! Thanks. 
First Speedmap Pack I Have Downloaded In A While 
No regrets. Great job, neg!ke.

Spirit, was a nice foray. It wasn't especially difficult, but when I did the "jumpjumpjump" Quake crashed as Trinca mentioned. 
Oh Lol 
neg!ke, awesome! i'll go to this club every friday now :)

spirit, nice idea as well :) 
Both maps were nice and very unexpected. The QC abort in Spirit's map could be fixed by just putting in some shub requisities inside a wall.

Take a look at my fixup for the SDA old end map from QExpo, I had the same problem with shub there. 
Hehe, Thx 
just needed some practice for next weekend. ;)
i dedicate it to DaZ, so he'll hopefully get somewhat inspired again.

Spirit: shub needs to have a misc_teleporttrain as tp destination (it doesn't even have to move). 
neg!ke told me that weeks ago but since I never encountered that bug even with 5-6 different engines I thought it did work somehow. Well, seems like I have something weird in my Quake folder. With a clean folder it did crash indeed.
(Shub also did some weird "Ommelommel" sound all the time... :o )
QC abort is a great term for something like that because "Abort" is an old-fashioned German word for toilet.

Zwiffle: The elevator should work! I spent most of the time in the stupid elevator! Gah! 
I Want To See What The Army And The Shalrath Do When They Leave... 
spirit: nice idea! but the map crashed at the end on my computer too.

neg!ke: i guess this is the funniest map i ever played! i couldn't stop dancing! excellent work! you could have included a separ´┐Ż for the army and his vore though ;) happy birthday! 
^ So Does The Zombie 
Spirit: actually, aguirRe is right. misc_teleporttrain does not necessarily have to be the teledest, but it has to be somewhere present in the map (and you must assign it to at least one path_corner to avoid it from being inhibited). 
Awesome Mix :) 
The idea of having a rave/club map is not that new, but neg!kes was pulled off particularly well. And the music - didn't actually sound half bad :) .

Spirit - your description of the creepy shub noise seems like it could be boss2/idle.wav . This is odd because although the sound is precached I didn't think it was actually called anywhere in the qc code (neither is the shub sight sound). Maybe you have a different or old version of the standard progs.dat, that might also explain your own lack of crashing. 
wow for both.. :D

can someone explain me how did neg!ke include that sample beat in the map? 
Wow For Both.. :D 
can someone explain me how did neg!ke include that sample beat in the map? 
counting the comment at besmella which I replied to. :P 
Neg!ke you are a fucking genius, that was hilarious (and you know me, a real cynic about gimmick bollox). I spent far too long in that map ;). Love the way the music works! 
sorry for double posting, i received an error each time and i thought it didn't work :( 
Well Done 
neg!ke, that map rocks so hard! Thanks for reminding me why I love Quake. I'd like a club like that, you should consider opening one! Love the speakers and turntable!!!

Would have imagined some kind of darkroom though, where they would actually kill each other :-) perhaps a secret door.

It would rock even more if you would turn that one into a full map or a turtlemap. (or someone else does, after all its open source.)

spirit, good map but when I rocketjumped where it says "jumpjump" I got server error "no teleporttrain". otherwise good fun.

(resident linux freak on)

Nice clean GPL distribution, though there would have been no need for the source zips, including the .maps and the gnu.txt is enough. Since those are all text files, they should compress very well so one zip pass would be enough. I think.

(resident linux freak off) 
Played It... 
.. and I liked it; neg!ke is so far the best concept ever. I open the map sources just for fun, and it is incredible what you are able to do without .qc.. You area genius !
Spirit map is also quite cool as well, while I din't found the fucking teleporter to kill the Shub.... I have to replay it in order to find the stuff...
Good work guys, it was a really cool and funny pack ! 
Party On, Garth! 
thanks again. i didn't expect so many positive responses as the map was a pretty quick affair. already had the idea in mind for some time though.

Aquashark: yeah, as Spirit said. trigger_multiple sound hack and lots of trigger_relays. the only tricky thing was timing the first row of the bassline properly, the rest was just adding up delay values.

golden_boy: a large club with multiple floors and different styles of music? could be done (with the right distances/blocking) but then again i doubt quake's sound palette allows for very much variety.

Shambler: so your drum'n'bass senses are still active? good. and if you wouldn't be such a cock concerning irc, you could have gotten some more hot mixes already. ;)

JPL: thanks to Preach and the others who discovered all the crazy hacks. 
Well, I thought more about a club run by Shub-Niggurath with some dark rooms where unspeakable horrors lurk, toilets for monsters and humanoids, a gambling den, lonely back alleys, and a cellar where unsuspecting victims are thrown to the shambler just for the amusement of well-paying customers (or sacrificed to Shub-Niggurath.) The dance floor would just be a front end.

:-) the soundtrack is super cool.

It just crossed my mind that open source is, in a way, a real possibility for collective mapping - just as Firefox or Linux evolve from small contributions by a lot of people.

Unlike chainmaps (where stuff has to be finished by several people, on time, and one guy has to put everything together), there is no pressure. One guy does some basic mapping and releases. Another guy would do some changes, then release a new version. A third guy builds additional rooms... a fourth guy runs out of inspiration and just releases what he has... a fifth picks it up and changes it...

a sixth decides that everything sucks, and that it should really be done differently, so he does a fork and a new project is born...

then a subversion repository is made for that map, and the mappers get accounts... and it goes on Sourceforge... and is bought by Novell... and there are periodic checkouts... "oh, the new Necropolis 6.07 "Healthy Hedgehog" is out...!"

the whole catastrophe :-) 
For That To Work 
we need a base map.

i will call it, idbase API. 
I don't play much sp, but after all the rave over neg!ke's map, I had to try it.

L O L ! I am so glad I did, great job neg!ke. going to post this on some qw boards =) 
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