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Stroggs Lead Smelting
here3dm4 was completly remained

shots and download:

[I hope 'remained' doesn't mean 'beta' - Ed.]
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those shots look nice Here, I'll check it out when I get home. 
Ah, I suspect an Alien³ influence... 
Aye, fek yer tags ya wee nyaff :( 
It's overly symmetric, there are too many kill triggers, and I think it wasn't vised because I was only getting 20fps.

I liked the brackets on the pipes though. 
I downloaded here3dm7 a while back but only recently got around to check it out. My impression of that and from these screenshots is that you need more thought on layout. Mapping wise, you seem to have a pretty good grasp of aesthetics both in texturing and architecture. But the gameplay is below average IMHO.

From these screenies, and also in here3dm7, your scale is way too big. The maps appear to be 50% larger and more open spaced than they should be. The emptiness doesnt help the average layouts and also detracts from the look too. Maybe a try a more tighter feeling map next time. 
Yes ... 
it's a quake 3 influence . For the trigger how did you walk across rotating object ?

the problem of the map is compiling
I compiling in a fastvis ,cause in a fullvis about long time i have no enough random access memory (512 Mo sdram)

Nitin - what is IMHO ?

Has you can see i m a young mapper . think i m shure when I see the other maps of this site im not a good mapper ... II thanky ou , I just take advices ;) 
IMHO means 'in my humble opinion'.

And that was meant to be constructive criticsm, you are only going to get better. I was just pointing out where you could improve. 
pushplay :
q3dm1 , q3dm15 , q3dm17 wasn't symmetric ???

so what is the diff�rence fullvis/fastvis ??? 
Nitin thanks , I must make progress !!!

Kell i don't understand your 2nd post ... 
the map is simple and yet, its pornographic as hell!! why pornographic? i dont know. ask jesus. 
While the maps you listed are symmetric, I wouldn't say q3dm1 and q3dm17 are overly symmetric. The small maps don't give a choice on where you go, you just go forward. I'd say a map is overly symmetric when there are identical rooms. It makes the idea of going to one side or the other an empty choice. Q3dm15 and q3tourney1 both suffer from this. Of course, q3dm15 has other problems that still make it a terrible map. 
Q3dm1, Dm15 And Dm17 
arent good maps IMHO, mailny because of the symmetry. dm1 was supposed to be an introduction for beginners anyhow. dm15 is just plain terrible and dm17 is ok, but most space maps tend to be symmetrical. Only a few of those are any good, like nunuk's stuff. 
Released !!! 
I 've just released the map with a full vis
She is better now !

Pushplay I understand what you say ! and I turn off two trigger hurt (now trigger teleport)

nakasuhito : I ask him but he never answer ;) 
Wait an half hour after the post ! 
Kell i don't understand your 2nd post

That's ok, I was just moaning that the board didn't accept the HTML tag for the '3' in 'Alien3'.
I have a tendency to lapse into broad scots when I'm pissed off. 
You have the good eyes !!! You know alien3 very good , You have see the place where they put the lead on the alien (piston room) 
Yeah, and that corridor with the circular apertures looks like the location where the candles get blown out and Boggs and Raine get offed by the alien.
I did actually make my own Q1DM map based on teh alien3, so I spent a lot of time looking at the architecture in the movie :)

/cl_fanboi 0 
yes I think the 3rd Alien is the best !!!
I saw the film with a good attention before the map making ! but the architecture is great and it's very beautifull .
You can see the gap on the roof wich a chain , you can see this gap when Riplay want to see the alien when she say "I m in the family now" (sorry i have a french version) we see the roof and this gap ;) . I try to make the corridor where the three man light the candle but the camera^plans aren't precise ... 
You mean this � as in Alien�??

Nice to hear of other people liking the film too... 
I Liked It Too... 
but i think the first and second films are the best in the series. 
thats for shure the first and the second are the best for the story !!! But i think the best in action and ambience is the third. 
Yes, that one :/ 
I want your alien 3 maps when you finish it don't forget me ! 
The Link For The Map Have Change
(q3map section here3dm4)

A new release is on the newmap page u can see the release but it's for my friend and it's not a good map I return to work on it ;) 
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