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Q1 Tools Update January 2007
at . All engines are updated with many features/fixes, e.g. GL-engines have support for external model/sprite textures in three engine styles, major improvement of shadow rendering (now in NehQuake too) and transparent entity support in GLQuake.

GL-engines now also offer better model interpolation when playing back demos and improved sprite rendering. NehQuake has improved handling of transparent entities and better support for running non-Nehahra mods.

There's also a lot more support for troubleshooting QC issues, e.g. tracking where edicts are spawned/removed or controlling edict re-usage. Server speed has been optimized when running physics intensive paks.

TxQBSP now has func_group support and TreeQBSP has an important clipnode fix. Please see readmes for details (for engines now also with more easily readable sections) and there's also a new ToolTips version.

Any comments are welcome.
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Great job aguiRe. Your work always leaves my jaw dropping. I especially like the fixed shadows and the smooth interpolation. Keep up the awesome work! 
Are you sure it doesn't run in a window that actually covers the whole screen without title and borders? It is supposed to look like fullscreen when you use the same res as the desktop (it's a feature ;).

Another idea is if you're actually running WinQ, in that case you need the -startwindowed option instead.

Otherwise I don't know ... 
Spirit / AguirRe 
It sounds Spirit is facing the same issue I faced last week... I guess it comes from the video card, cause at home I don't have any issue... 
I was mislead by the screen going black. Works fine, sorry about the false alarm. :) 
that it works now. 
Great Work 
use the nehahra engine -id1 and -game features, especially for the shadowing and HL1 watertype movement. 
Thanks For The 
support guys!

If you want to check out the new shadows more closely, I can recommend e.g. czg07c in the big area near the SK door. Get all the critters out in the open, slow down gameplay with host_framerate 0.015 and watch how the shadows follow the monsters.

For the new monster interpolation (cl_altlerp 2), check out e.g. the qd100qlite2 from SDA in slow motion, it's a beauty to follow the nice movements and tricks. 
I Like The - Id & - Game Options, 
they help to insure compatabilaty with my projects ;)

A big thanks too for all the work you have put into your engines and tools. I'll give you feedback on the compile tools pretty soonish. 
Updated Versions Are Always Appreciated 
good work! 
Thanks Again...except 
very nice =) Except i'm getting an error whenever i try to host a local runequake Plus server. I get the following: PR_ExecuteProgram6: invalid edict -563, max = 9

apart from this i'm another happy user :o) Keep it up!

I forgot to mention i get the above with both glquake & winquake.

ty & goodbye! 
This is because the progs that later runequake versions are using unfortunately isn't compatible with standard QC.

Any engine that validates the interface between QC and engine will detect invalid parameters and fail the mod. And engines that don't validate will either misbehave or just crash.

The mod is tailor-made around older versions of quake engines, e.g. ProQuake, which I believe also is the recommended engine for this mod.

I've tried the older runequake version 0.6 and it seems to at least load properly in my engines. 
Oh.. i see =) I haven't even thought of it since i'm no coder whatsoever.. dont know much, except playing :p

thanks for your fast response!

cu around,

with existing Q1 material is otherwise one of my major concerns, I routinely go through loads of bsps and mods to see that they still work.

But this mod and a few others based off the same QC compiler I don't know how to deal with, since they just expect an engine that hasn't been modified since GL/ProQuake.

If you try DP, it also fails on this mod for the same reason. It's too bad, since the mod is otherwise popular and played a lot today. Maybe someday someone can convert it to standard QC. 
Alpha - \o/ - Hooray! 
@aguirRe: great work! i played around with alpha and it's exactly what i was looking for! windows and semi-transparent monsters in q1. excellent!

@metlslime: couldn't you have this in fitz as well? aguirRe has show us that it's possible (and looks great). it would be a dream come true for me =) 
Oh And... 
@enginecoders: before i start implementing func_glass for my mod: how can i detect if the engine supports .alpha via qc? func_glass shouldn't spawn on engines without the approriate support, of course. [.alpha is ignored by (eg) fitz080, so there's no problem with monster/item models... i tested that] 
Well, IF aguirRe's glquake supports it (which it in my opinion should). 
There Is No 
support for the checkextension extension as of now. Alpha and fullbright flags are supported like in NehQuake, i.e. automatically. I'd suggest not using that for alpha, since the only drawback for an engine that doesn't support it, is that the surface becomes opaque.

This is very different from other extensions like FRIKFILE, where the engine will abort immediately if one of the unsupported builtins is called. 
Opaque Windows 
don't look that nice, so i'd like to remove them from world/not spawn them on engines where they would appear opaque. if you have a workaround... 
I notice a weird "dead monster dropping/jittering when entering a room with dead monsters . It's hard to describe.
Grab this savegame:
When I load it I see the dead fiends drop to / moving on the floor infront of me. 
I Haven't Seen 
the savegame yet, but it sounds like the familiar interpolation issue when things have happened "behind your back" (i.e. out of view), e.g. monsters dying and falling down. I haven't fixed this yet.

AFAIK, this issue seems to be in all engines with interpolation based on phoenix's code. There should probably be an interpolation state reset at some crucial point, but I don't know where. 
I've checked it now, it's not so obvious here, but it's the same issue. Slow down with host_framerate 0.001 and then load the savegame and you'll see the fiend and enforcers slowly drop to the ground.

A similar issue is in JoeQuake, where after playing for a while and then loading a savegame, some objects like corpses can slowly morph from a very large strange shape into the final correct shape. 
Bloated Corpses 
feature, not bug? 
Interpolation & Zerst´┐Żrer 
@aguirRe: i found a stange side effect of your interpolation feature: take a look at the zer chainsaw with interpolation turned on... funny =) 
I don't see anything strange, do you mean the chainsaw when running zer?

However, in many other weapons, interpolation causes weird effects, probably due to the animation is very short. You have e.g. the alternating NG muzzle flash and many weapons in ATF or other mods.

You can turn off interpolation for the weapon separately with cvar r_interpolate_model_weapon 0. This is recommended and it's what I use. 
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