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"Brushwork" Project
Pope's new coffee table book project:

fire your questions/admiration/vows/etc to - its a work in progress, and I'm very open to hearing what you have to say on the subject.

[reposted from the GA thread by metlslime]
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What is the main focus of the book: Q1SP, any Q1 maps, QxSP/DM or custom levels for any FPS?

What is the country where you want to release your book? Will it be possible to offer it online to be delivered to (for example) Russia? 
since gameplay isn't an issue it doesn't matter if its SP, DM, RA, Tech demo, whatever...

choosing to use which as far as I know has successfully shipped across the entire globe just fine. 
I've been away from the Inter-tron for a while so this is the first I've heard of this project :o

This sounds really interesting and I'd love to be involved in this if possible. 
my nick is inertia not Inertia :x 
Did you get my email? 
and you are a pseudo-mapper haha 
So Pope, Maybe A Stupid Question... 
... what would be a typical "delivery" for a mapper that would be a part of your project (e.g, screenshots, .bsp file, etc..) ? Maybe it sounds obvious but I like when things are clear.. ;) 
kinn: yes please, fire an email to please so I can get you on the list.

inertia: yah my bad, i know that...

sleepwalkr: I'm checkin' now :D

JPL: well for a lot of the maps I'll be able to acquire them myself or already have them so delivery won't be necessary. As for people sending me screenshots, there is a BIG issue surrounding the size of images regarding print. a 1600x1200 72dpi picture is only something in the area of 2 inches big. (I'll calculate that later) I can cheat and force images to 300dpi and get 5x4.3 inch pictures. This doesn't really answer your question properly, I'm kind of speculating to myself right now.

So um... 'typical delivery' will likely be simply discussing with the individual which of there work they would like to show and I'll handle the rest. This won't be so for every case, so don't hold me to that. 
I just checked, i didn't get any email from you :(

please try again

First Name "Nickname" Lastname
as well please :D 
SleepwalkR Pt2 
Unless you were referring to your jan24th email.
yah i got that. sorry I thought you meant a more recent one. 
Maybe you should fix some "delivery rules" like:
- prefered zip tool (e.g WinZip, WinRAR, dzip, etc..)
- screenshots format and resolution (e.g 1200x900, .tga, etc...)
- demos ?
- txt file format ?
- .bsp / pack / progs (specific stuff, etc..)
- others...

Well, it is what I would see in term of delivery... I guess you could refined that to your taste... anyway, I guess it would be cool to define a "starting point" in order to uniquify the stuff of your project.
what do you think ? Any other ideas ? 
I'm not pseudo, i'm non 
add me to the damn list :) 
Maybe you could contact some marketing guys at various developers and ask how they get full-page and 2-page screenshot spreads without quality loss.

I was discussing your project with a friend who does print and we were really wondering how you're going to pass off probably the highest res achievable - 1600 x 1200, at 72dpi. But then I thought "hey its done in magazines, theres gotta be some way". 
The Way Is 
they don't measure a print dot and a screen pixel as 1:1. DPI refers to the halftoning, and besides being very very very tiny they're just layered CMYK so look you guys know how that works already. 1 pixel does not equal 1 dpi.

The DPI always has to be higher, in some cases much higher, than the image res itself to accurately and cleanly represent the colors in the bitmap. The question isn't of print resolution, it's of whether or not boxy pixels will be visible in a 1600x1200 screenshot fit on a 8.5"x11" page. Which, of course, they won't be. Most of you are probably looking at 1600x1200 on a 19" monitor right now. Those pixels printed on an A4 sheet are only going to get smaller.

Don't worry about it. :P 
JPL: I don't think you even read my response.

Metl: You're currently unconfirmed! now confirmed.

Phait. Well all fullpage shosts I've seen they've no doubt simply scaled up the images because the quality has never been great. At least with older games. Resampling them to 300dpi won't make them prettier, but due to their content won't make them uglier either.

Another idea is to stitch images together. But I can see problems with that and the fov settings. But it's certainly possible. 
Well, what Lunaran said may be correct, in which case we don't need high resolution renders.

If it turns out we do, I could imagine putting a render command into fitzquake to produce a higher-res tga file of the current scene. 
Sure, but what if there are non-Q1 submissions. 
Lunaran Is Right 
otherwise at '1600x1200 72dpi picture is only something in the area of 2 inches big', digital art for even simple band posters would be impossible with current technology. 
blackpope's math was totally wrong in that case anyway. 
I Blame It 
on the years he spent as a bassist for Spinal Tap. 
JPL: I don't think you even read my response

Yes I did, and that's why I'd like you to precise a little more things (like screenshots size, etc..) in order to have some consistency between several deliveries... Maybe I was not clear... Anyway, never mind... 
I think that all screenshots should be done on one computer using always the same engine and graphic settings. I guess that pope will use fitzquake for q1 maps. Most of the levels should be available in Spirit's map archive so there is a chance that a special delivery from the mapper won't be even needed. That's my guess :) 
I Stated 
"'typical delivery' will likely be simply discussing with the individual which of there work they would like to show and I'll handle the rest."

IE, i don't expect anyone to deliver me any screenshots of their own. Unless I ask them specifically, but I'd like to try and avoid that to decrease the headaches. 
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