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"Brushwork" Project
Pope's new coffee table book project:

fire your questions/admiration/vows/etc to - its a work in progress, and I'm very open to hearing what you have to say on the subject.

[reposted from the GA thread by metlslime]
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Increase the head ache from authors not satisfied with the screenshots you took. =D 
I think I understan what you mean, as all my screenshots are conseidered as " too dark " by most of people here ;) 
In Regards To Sizes 
yeah now I've gone and confused myself in trying to answer. I really should stop trying to do that when so tired.

screenshots from fitzquake turn out just fine at 1600x1200 and can easily fit across an 8x11 page. so Don't worry too much about it.

and yah my math was totally wrong. I was thinking of something else 
You have email ;) 
add me to the list too 
please do. contact so I can get you in there all yankee doodle dandy.

first name "nickname" last name 
yeah I can see that happening. i seriously hope it doesn't. I'm allowing a lot of room for input from everyone participating, it would be a damn shame that when It's all complete, there's bitching. ;)

well except from those who I expect to bitch regardless because thats their nature.

you know who you are! 
Yes I Do. 
Mappers could always send you proof-screenshots, like, "I like these areas from these angles." Then you could retake them yourself, composed nicely and at the right size/aspect/brightness 
That ^ 
is a good suggestion.

(and, yeah, I'm in too) 
This Is Gonna Rock So Hard 

I see big things for this!! Cheers to pope for finally getting his idea going :) 
He Doesn't Mean It! 
[22:48] <Bl1tz||> hi
[22:49] <Bl1tz||> I'm full of liqour and 30$ steak so have at me gentlemen
[22:49] * Bl1tz|| adjusts suspenders 
yeah, i thought of that. and it's certainly accepted. I just don't see it happening with EVERYONE, especially some of those that keep distant contact.

im up to 20 participants (not including myself) hurrah. I'm gunnin for at least twice that. But I'm well on my way. 
Just another question (sorry if the answer has been already provided here, I didn't re-read all the posts): How are you going to choose what will be included in the book? Do you plan to discuss separately with all mappers? Or do you need some indications about what each mapper's work would like to be included? 
My Work Plan Is This 
As I get to the page of a particular author I will go through their maps myself (godmode/noclip) :D and take a look for things that stand out to me. Then I'd like to get back to the individual mappers, see if they have anything in particular they want to show, stuff they're proud of, maybe some unreleased stuff. Then decide what to keep, what to toss. 
OK, it is clear. I have one more map ready (for Base Pack since december), and on more in progress. I will look forward for your email so... ;) 
I sent you an email but I'm still not added to that list 
Next Step? 
pope, i don't know what you're working on right now, but I would suggest that the next step is for you to create a mock up of a couple of pages, such as an example 2-page spread on a single level. You will probably get more interest if you can show people what to expect. Also, you might get more feedback from us on the formatting, amount of text, etc. etc. 
No No 
several potential mockups so we can argue incessantly about them! 
$10 Right Now 
...that someone will end up taking their toys and going home because some decision/direction doesn't match up with their expectations and opinions.

The rest of us can mock them. 
Speaking of mockups. 
I started droning on about atmosphere and snfx, forgetting the name of the book :P

But the thing about Lulu is that anyone who does whinge and fall out can go and print thier very own book! (maybe it could be funded somehow by reverse $10 bets?) and only let thier friends buy it, not any poo-poo heads. 
This should be handled by a small team of editors, not on a submission basis; Headshot is probably not going to mail you, so you'll gonna have to get a hold of him.

Also, I'd suggest not making it into an art or photo-book only, but a full blown interview & retrospective thing. If it's worth doing, it's worth doing proper. 
Regards To Updating The Page 
I can't at the moment since is having some user account password troubles. Scampie has filed a trouble ticket, so we're just waiting on that. 
thats a good idea, and I was thinking something along those lines.

However, since I'm not excactly commited to the idea of having the same layout on every page right now. I think I will still provide a glimpse of what I've got plotted so far...

Should anyone feel they want to exclude themselves based on my layout choices, it would be a shame. This is also why I'd like to discuss individual pages with some of the authors who may not like how their work is presented. Of course it will be a battle trying to please everyone 100%. So instead I will please 99% of the people, and will single out Lunaran by denying him any further input. Hahah, i kid. 
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