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Orlmap Series 2: The First Half
This is the second Quake episode I have been working on after the first. This episode features a swamp/jungle like theme, which is something you do not see very often in Quake.

Screenshots and download here: (scroll down to find the new stuff, under the heading "Orlmap Series 2: The first half")
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First Series 
of screenshots on your site look pretty muscular. Solid build with well defined form and detail. I'll check your episodes out soon. 
I Gave It A Try Yesterday Night 
The jungle textures are... uhm... interesting.
I assume you used QuArK? There are many small "non-together-fitting" (excuse my denglish) brushes. 
Plenty of rooms with lots of good brushwork and some really neat ideas: details like totems and drums add to the theme; monolithic sculptures in the temple; the raised, covered walkway through the jungle. Gameplay was a bit off-and-on, but those textures...ouch! (o_O)

Please see:

Keep on truckin', Orl! 
muscular? :D 
He He 
Solid build with well defined form and detail.

Little double �tendre there. 
the temple in the second map was kind of interesting (apart from the black area). but yeah, some textures just don't fit with quake. at all. 
Just Played It 
Make sure you grab the "hidden" weapons...
There is the ssg directy at the start and the ng on that wooden spiral annoyance. ;)
The third map pretty nicely shows how to build a "press x buttons and walk 10000m between each x times" map.
They are not too bad, but clearly not polished enough. Brushwork is nice in some places, but very annoying in others. 
You all seem pretty uptight about the textures.
The way I see it, the textures aren't annoying, your just letting them annoy you. Yeah they look different and possibly intimidating, but your letting them get to you. Same with the brushwork. It's not annoying, your just letting it annoy you is all. Just go with the flow, it makes things go a whole lot smoother. 
ok played then all and agree with the textures stuff :\

averall maps were fun :) play it in hard and were prety fun! :) my favorit was oms23 had very nice construcion nice work dod! 
<quote>It's not annoying, your just letting it annoy you is all.</quote>

Lol. Surely that can be said of every annoyance, thus rendering criticism and standards entirely pointless? 
The Textures 
Are they converted from anything better than 8-bit Q1 palette? They're definitely interesting, but some have problems with the std palette. I haven't played the maps yet, but I will. 
There's A Few Bugs In 'ere 
specifically the end of oms23 calls for oms24
but you've only included oms24beta in the zip.

if anyones going to try this, change the filenames ahead otherwise you'll lose all your gear.

Had some strange areas where entire walls would vanish, I dont know if this was due to the complexity of things like the rock bridge in the first map or what...wasn't game breaking. 
For Every Texture I Make... 
...I first draw it and color it in Macromedia Flash. After I'm satisfied with it I save it and convert it as a .mip to my wad file in wally. There, I make necessary color changes and sometimes emboss it, to make it look better. Then I may clean it up a little bit so it looks nice and there are no out of place pixels. Once I'm happy with it, I save it and put it into action.
So to answer your question aguiRe, yes. 
They have a different style, and I like to see something new in Quake. I think jungle, swamps & woods are very very difficult to get right in engines like Quake & Build (Duke3d, Shadow Warrior etc). There are some woods levels in Shadow Warrior, and perhaps some swamp level in Redneck Rampage that get it about right.

The maps were fun enough to play. I couldn't find a single secret (dunno why heh). They seemed to get better in design and details as you progressed. The fighting on the oms24beta map is a good blast. Thanks for sharing them. 
Do you have the originals (i.e. before conversion to 8-bit Q1 palette) in 24-bit TGA or similar for d/l? For engines that support external textures, this could be interesting. 
I sure do. I always keep my textures in a .fla (flash file) before converting them. 
Only played the first two maps so far, some good ideas. But I agree on the textures, some are pretty bland with blocks of flat colour.

I hate texturing so don't take it the wrong way; but maybe put a quick dirtmap over the top of each - 10-20% visible then delete the parts you don't want dirty with the eraser.

You can go nuts with different colours of dirt and texture types, depending how much patience you have.

Some really good ideas and setups - the scale works well, but some enemies were facing the wrong way and there's a few brushwork errors.

But I like it so far. 
Oh My 
color it in Macromedia Flash


sometimes emboss it, to make it look better

Oh come on, its not that bad...

But if it is that bad, what do you recommend? 
Lunaran recommends editing the rgba matrices individually in notepad.

Personally, I recommend standing on your tiptoes and watching your neighbor through the window as she gets it on with some random bloke. 
Lunaran recommends editing the rgba matrices individually in notepad.

Any other method is not only a short cut but an empty lie as well. 
I Reccomend 
paint shop pro at the least. You know, an actual bitmap editing program? with tools? as opposed to one designed for vector animation? 
I Made All My Textures... 
in DreamWeaver 
Okay, I Played Through It 
So, this is interesting. These maps feel strongly like levels from 1996/1997, when lots of people were mapping, technical standards were low, but creativity was high. People were pretty much making all sorts of weird stuff. Nowadays, everyone knows what types of styles and environments quake can't do well, so we're much more conservative.

Not only is this pack very bold in its choice of theme, it's also very stylistic, almost cartoony. A boarded up door has oversized nails driven into the wood. Large tiki totems are scattered about. The gold key sign is sort of off kilter and held up by a sagging piece of wood. Big fat vines hang over the swamp.

From a gameplay standpoint, my main criticism is that the first map shifted abruptly from fairly slow and steady to fairly tense and violent. The ramp-up of difficulty and excitement should be more gradual, I think.

The maps after that kept a fairly even pace, though at that point I was running through, doing less killing and more dodging, trying to get infighting to take care of things. 
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