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New Q1SP - Phantom Pholly By Madfox
From Madfox:
My small tribute to the proxysm mod, a wrenched up mine utility with explosives and earthquakes. Can be played in cooperative and deatmatch but is designed for singleplay.

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looks interesting, will give it a try after work :) 
Very interestring brushwork ideas and looks nice and open too. Will play during lunch hour. 
last screen reminds last episode from HL2 :>

Looks like a distinct and impressive thematic improvement over your previous work, Madfox. 
Looks Cool. 
Good One 
played it, but had my problems finding my way after a while, but well done work :) 
158/159, 2/3, 47 min (I'm a granny for speed)


Great style, sense of place - running through the rocky tunnels was good.

Good mix of monsters and well used, collecting cells from enforcers to use thunderbolt on shamblers.

Good exploration, felt like I was learning what was where.

Great 1st weapon chaos.

Impressive architecture, probably the high point of the map was the soaring cliffs and huge computer panels complete with Ogre faces.


Clipping issues - I fell through a hole in the level on aerial train platform, the ladders and some scenery could have used some clip brushes. The rotating's wouldn't have hurt for some movewalls as well, or at least just a big circular clip.

Texturing was sometimes too detailed for the impressive brush style - the rock texture would have been better as something a bit more plain.

The 'spellmas' was a bit lame - I only aimed at the bottom of the model and it's attack wasn't too dangerous. Also didn't realise that the pad was a windtunnel pad, and not a teleport exit - wasted some time wandering around.

Ammo was too focused on shells - kept on coming across big boxes when I already had full.

Found the pentangle secret by accident.

All in all very nice, a few technical flaws but shows good use of ideas and backs it up with decent gameplay. Liked it. 
as i said before great map to play :) love the ride in the mines car hehe made lots of laps on it 
Very Good Gameplay... 
... exceptional navigation and sense of scenery, a bit bland on the light and texturing is not the best ever... Perfect ammo balance. The unkillable monster(or is it?) sucked... 41 mins, 1/3, 148/156 on first run.
Loved this map! 
One Word To Summarize This Map... 
... is HUGE. This is literally a gigantic map. Gameplay is tough at times but plenty of ammo and health is provided. Lighting was to dark in some places, I had to use r_fullbright 1 a few times just to see where I was going. But overall in my opinion, if you want a really big map thats big on gameplay, this will please you.

Took me 43 minutes to finish. found 1 secret and killed every monster.

That red caterpillar like monster is killable by the way. You have to shoot at its lower body, not its head or torso. It takes a lot to bring that beast down, but thankfully enough ammo is provided. 
Thanks, Orl.. 
.. I thought It was unkillable when I had unloaded all my weapons and it didn't seem to budge an inch(did not pick up the 2 ammo boxes just outside the blue key door, though), so I just jumped over it into the wind tunnel... I'll try it over tomorrow... Great map anyway... 
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