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Vertical Map Competition
This is the thread for the new mapping event being discussed.

UPDATE: Here are the rules for the event:
* All entities/brushfaces inside 768x768
* No teleporting the player
* Deadline july 14 (extended from june 30)
* Single-player
* Playable in Quoth
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...don't make the link public, as neg!ke said... someone will call for it at some stage. 
One Month Left! 
Just to remind people. I sometimes forget what month it is. 
...I know I said I was in but crossing T's and dotting I's on the Travail mission has been taking all my Quake-time. I must beg off, unfortunately.

Good luck to those still in. 
Time is against me as well. Not sure if I can finish my barely started map until the end of June. Probably not... 
yeah, not much time either. Also need to do some basepack stuff...

fuck, I have too many unfinished maps to finish. 
I will finish my map even if it will suck or be "unfinished" or whatever! I haven't started with entities yet and the brushwork is rather boring. I need inspiration for egypt-tech-scifi-stuff. :\ 
I haven't started mine yet... would you guys be dissapointed if I just worked on Rubicon2 instead? 
mine will depend of time the size... if time short will be smaller if time bigger i might add some more rooms u guys decide! 
watch Stargate and 5th Element :-) 
Check Out Miles Davis 
and Parliament-Funkadelic album covers from the early-mid Seventies for a groovier Egypto\PanAfrican Science Fiction vibe than you would get from standard cable fair. 
Metl (and Rubicon2) for President! 
No Offense 
to the 5th Element, visualy stimulating, but shown so many times on cable television it has become a bit of a known commodity. 
ancient egypt. 
ancient egypt is one map i will make for sure when i got more expirien´┐Że 
I Haven't Seen 
anyone make the Egyptian Underworld's River of Shit from Mailer's Ancient Evening's yet. Just set dung02_1 to *dung02_1 and voila! 
I Wonder 
what I intended Ancient Evenings to be in pocession of there. 
Ancient Egypt 
what about base maps with tons of ankhs and scarabs? 
so release date? will be the same? 
let's hear whoever is is actually making a map speak up and tell us how you're doing. 
It's Going 
It's cramped, but it is progressing. No Quoth ents are planned.

Area and encounter planning is about 90% completed, blocking out the areas and testing maneuverability has ~2 large rooms to go. Lighting/ent placement is not started and texture theme is not yet finalized.
Overall entity placement should be very quick due to the planning, and I tend to light faster than I make brushwork.

Finding time is not easy, but I shall do my best! 
i finish it to on time! 
My map will be short and small and I am doing fine. 
How high are your maps going to be?
Mine is currently about 3000 
3312 mine ;) and will not grow more!!! 
Not Happening 
I can't seem to work around the technical limitations, as it has killed every idea i've tried to flesh out in the editor. I'm out. Good luck to everyone else. 
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