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Vertical Map Competition
This is the thread for the new mapping event being discussed.

UPDATE: Here are the rules for the event:
* All entities/brushfaces inside 768x768
* No teleporting the player
* Deadline july 14 (extended from june 30)
* Single-player
* Playable in Quoth
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mine is almost finish more 5 or 6 hours of mapping and it�s done!

where should i sent map?

metlslime put adress in topic!!! 
We can figure that out soon. I guess I'll probably be the one collecting them. If you have webspace, I'd ask you to upload it there and mail the URL to me. If not, I'll have to figure out another way becuase I'd rather not get a bunch of maps in my mailbox. 
sure i can upload! i think i will finish it friday, becouse i start on vacacion on saturday :p and SUMMER wants me ;) so beach beach beach... all day no time to Quake 
I'd rather not get a bunch of maps in my mailbox

It doesn't look like that is going to be much of a problem after all :)

I won't have a map ready for the competition either for the same reasons mentioned before -- and for a few that I hold near and dear to my heart and refuse to share ;) 
Based On People's Responses: 
Probably going to make it:
* trinca
* spirit
* rudl
* lurker

* neg!ke
* than

Damned quitters:
* distrans
* ionous
* generic_maps
* metlslime 
Deadline Extension? 
So, if extending the deadline a small amount (a week or two) would mean more maps, maybe we should do it. But I think it's up to the people who are mapping to decide whether that's okay.

What do you guys think? 
would be ok for me as i haven't done much the past days. 
I'm Up For It 
Extending the deadline by two weeks would be nice. Though I still couldn't tell for sure if I'm able to finish the map by then. 
my map is ready :p lazy bitches ;) but i can wait of course you guys decide ;) 
Also Okay 
Extending the deadline by a week or two is fine by me. 
I can live with another one or two weeks too 
Base Pack Syndrom ? 
true JPL :\ let�s hope release will be in next 6 month...

metlslime will not let ;) 
Who wants to beta-test it ? (and is not involved in this competition) 
i want it ;) email me!!! 
Nice Try Trinca 
..,but you are participating too (even if you have finished your map) 
I'll Test It For Ya. 
a mail has just been sent to you 
rudl neg!ke beta test mine :p and he is on the event :p 
...count me in! 
The Silent 
I have to do some fixes-> I will update it in the next few days.
Do you want to final-beta-test it? 
Sure, Rudl... 
I'd love it! Drop me a line when you're ready! Thanks! 
so will be delay one week or two? 
Just In Case It Makes A Difference... looks like Travail will go up on the 9th July. 
I guess I'll just make a call here. Deadline is extended 2 weeks, new deadline is July 14th. hopefully we'll get at least another map out of that.

When the time is right, you can upload the map somewhere and email me the URL, and I'll assemble it and upload it. 
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