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HL2SP: Awakening
A new single player campaign by Bluestrike, consisting of 5 maps with an average playtime of one hour. Screenshots look very good. Apparently it has a fairly high enemy load.

Screenshots and download:
Looks pretty cool -- may have to run it this weekend and see what's up =D 
I'll check it out. Good to play quality stuff. 
Looks Nice 
at least the shots.... I'm gonna test it later, cause it sounds promising :) 
Well I Played It For A Bit 
The maps look nice but the gameplay is very frustrating and very hard in places.

The intro is very well done tho, although the voice acting is pretty abysmal. 
I Don't Understand 
the prevelance of bad voice acting. An afternoon of memorizing and practicing lines is usually all you ned when doing a few short scenes, but voice actors for games sound like they are reading a script from ten yards away that happens to be printed backwards.

The great exception being MindCrine, woothoot! 
That Should Have Read As 
'is usually all of you Ned's out there need,' 
Ned, And Dobbin 
It's strange - you can pay a team of people who do voice acting professionally, and nine times out of ten they return crap you can't use. 
About Voice Acting... 
... IMHO it is better to do it yourself... At least you don't have to pay someone else to do the crap ;P 
IMHO opinion it is a VERY good idea to keep off from attempting to voice an adult before your voice has broke. 
Wasn't Too Long... 
but very playworthy. great mapdesign, helpful supplyboxes (ie after that gunship scene under the bridge). The Enemycount was kinda tough, even on easy, but beatable :)
The Voiceacting was one of the best i've heard in a fan-addon.
liked it. 
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