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D3 SP Omega Research Facility.
Well-made doom3 sp map!
screens + d/l;80168

Right before the disastrous invasion of the UAC's Mars outpost, priority cargo was shipped directly from Delta Level 2 to the former medical research and testing center, the Omega Research Facility on Earth. It contained a live specimen that the research teams had brought back from their expedition into the realm that was beyond the teleporter.

UAC HQ has recieved a distress call from the facility in the early hours of the evening. There is a code red, the experiment is loose...
Pretty nice, I like the no-nonsense story as well. 
i demand them 
Just click the link 
Looks pretty cool, may have to pick it up this weekend and give it the once-over ;D 
Playing these maps reminded me of the first time I played Doom 3. They are beautifully built, creepy, staying true to the original maps, and just feels awesome. What I really like about them, is they are not insanely dark like the iD software maps. They're dark, but bright enough to see where you are going. Your not equipped with a flashlight either all throughout the maps.

My only gripe is that they are a little too easy. Too much ammo was placed in, especially shells. If there was less ammo, it would have felt more tense and made the player more aware not to miss shots.

I haven't played many Doom 3 custom maps, but so far this one is #1 on my list. Definitely worth the download, and a second playthrough. 
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