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Q1SP: Breakfast At Twilight!
Initially started for the winter map Pack 2006. So after over a year here it is! Built over scraps by Drew and Kell as well as some of my own new stuff. Hope you have a good experince!

Pictures and download:
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is pretty short, but there's two things that are pretty much 1/10 chance of surviving, since its a endmap for the pack - ones an armour secret circlejump and the other is the final combat, which has four Gugs, a Vermis, 20-odd Fiends and a Quad. 
I'll be damned if next week I don't post a full 100%secrets-ultra-hard-blood-pumpi... run!

(sits in rocking chair with cup of tea)

I found that pretty funny. Old people really are like that. =)

four Gugs, a Vermis, 20-odd Fiends and a Quad.

I found that pretty funny, too, for different reasons.

*hugs Ijed* 
Aw Shucks :> 
It's an exploring map, and there's nothing wrong with that.


If this is an exploring map, the every Quake release in the last two years apart from Warpspasm is an exploring map. 
I Dunno Like, Eh . . . 
Theres a lot of exploring to be done in Warpspasm!

I didnt think Breakfast At Twilight was an exploring map though. I died. 
Quick Comment: 
Great designs and a gripping map. Generally very tough with some particularly hard combats in the middle (Fiend room with no health before). Even on the second run it was just plain hard. Some redistribution of supplies would have helped. Design is inspiring through almost all of it especially outdoor bits, some great spectacles. Good secrets too! 
Great Map 
I got away from Team Fortress long enough to play this, and I had more fun playing Quake/Quoth with this map than I have had in a while. Just my sort of thing, a long vertical layout with enough monsters to give a good challenge, but not so many that my hands grew numb and my brain stopped sparking.

Layout was fun except when I got knocked off a ledge by a Quoth knight, and had to go about finding my way up again. No problems with monster placement, maybe a bit easy but who among us doesn't know the Quake/Quoth monster ai inside and out by now.

Oh, and all the messages about the buttons were ripe for a 'that's what she said.'Oh, the secret button to raise the gate.' That's what she said!

Thanks, hrimsexyfaxi 
this isn't an exploring map, but it might seem like it since you can poke around the edges (and find secrets), and its sheer scale of sweet scenery. Great sense of open space, like being in a big city.

I've admitted bias towards the author's style, but this is one awesome map. Don't quit anytime soon man! 
played this map and it's impressive even compaired to all the other maps. I wish i could make some prefabs from the arcitecture to add to my own outdoor maps or even my own home lol 
Very nice! I played on nightmare (can't resist a rj!), took me about an hour with a dozen or two quickloads, but I finished. Missed one enemy and 4 secrets tho :/

Great architecture, ambitious but you lived up to the ambition. 
now thats what i call maps ! nice, very nice. it may have deserved a skybox. no clearly coloured lightining but the rest made up for this. finished on normal with only 5 secrets found. (and other 3 spotted but not found way to them - the RA and the nailgun enhancer and the LG). The one I may regret is the LG (lightning gun). I found the secret to it later by some accidental running with noclip, but it would be hard to detect by normal way.
Do you have any more such maps ? 
I remember, the best thing about the secrets in this map was that you saw them, then had to figure out the puzzle.

Hrimfaxi, your public needs you. 
cornelus google is webpage 
In Fact 
the link to his page and other maps is in the first post. but i realised that only after posting :) 
So it looks like you found my web page before I saw your post! Good!
Hope you find something you like.
And thanks for your comments! 
Well, I'd been a bit late - but better late than never. Looks are great, combat is challenging and the layout is highly interconnected. A success.

Allright, here are skill2 demos of mine - 32mins, under Fitz. 
Thanks Erc 
for the demo! 
@ Hrimfaxi 
3 something years after the last post, i have just installed it and begun playing.

hard skill

no cheeky reloading until halfway through, when i performed a few retarded gl shots, and realised i didn't aim it directly above me onto the ledge (came down onto me silly old head!).

the cramped library where you are attacked by two fiends (then two more after them!).
that was tough, seeing as i have only started playing games with a mouse about a month ago!
that was tough! i had to reload that quicksave and practice my moves, strafing around the corners while moving backwards, trying not to get stuck on door-frames!.

there was another war of attrition siege moment when i passed under about four or five archways, and had to climb some stairs. quoth/id knights pinning me down, and when i retreated back down the corridor with five arches, there where more running across the tops of the arches sniping at me! pretty tough, but i got there.

the architecture and the map layout is at once engrossing and immersive.

on the subject of being new to using a mouse:

before anyone starts with that "argh, what!? i bet you used to play consoles with control pads!?" talk, i'll have you know while that merits truth, before that i was a qwerty keyboard tapping mutherf**ker!! [heh heh!]
i grew up on the c16, spectrum 'n' c64 shizz! q,a,o,p and space bar all the way! no joysticks for me.
i would have a real problem going back to using a control pad now, a dark day that would be.. 
Welcome To Quake! 
moving on from quake 64 to this stuff, make a whole lotta sense!

i just finished the map. 9/11 secrets. the other 2 leave me completely stymied! 
Peter Tron 
Try Red777 next. 
Will Do 
i have already started soul of evil though, and i really like this!
at first i wasn't sure, as the whole vibe about it looked so far removed from quake.
once i started, i knew it was special.
so far, it has a really good pace and atmosphere. 
Nice Map Indeed 
there's a quad in that lasty room geuss i should redo it :) 

still but sloppy here and there, but since its quoth i didnt use a grenade timer wich nerfs my succesrate quite a bit :)

(removed the old one) 
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