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Q1SP: Breakfast At Twilight!
Initially started for the winter map Pack 2006. So after over a year here it is! Built over scraps by Drew and Kell as well as some of my own new stuff. Hope you have a good experince!

Pictures and download:
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Downloaded: I'll go play the map right now! 
Oooh Yeah 
det ser godt ut!


playing asap! 
Cool map! Took me 18 minutes. Experienced some fps drops at the top of the castle (near the end) but I was using Darkplaces so that explains it. Ammo/monster balance was just about right (on medium) - I never really ran out of bullets but wasn't able to waste them either. I'm a bit lazy with secret places so I found only one. The castle exteriors looked pretty amazing! 

CDAudio: track 1 is not audio (of course not, it's data.)

The scale is pretty impressive, noticed texture alignment problems with the brick and floor textures, nice lighting. Cool architecture.

Nice to see the Normal slipgate through the floor before you get to it. Looked around but didn't find nightmare.



If this needs an "enhanced" engine, you should tell us. I used tyrquake. 
Great Map 
Impressive vistas and cool set piece battles.

Had alot of fun with this, took 30-odd mins but seems I forgot where to find most of the secrets :|

Couple of things:

I found A quoth bug whereby the weapon strip from the start map still allows you to select the RL when you're in the map, by using impulse 10 (or whichever is prevweapon).

No hammer :*(

Overall, a very nice map. 
Good Stuff! 
The buildings and overall architecture were top notch with a few very minor texture alignment issues here and there. It would have been nice if some of the buildings weren't obvious facades, though -- all fronts and no backs, you know what I mean?

The combat (on Normal) was good and never overwhelming. Of course, I missed a lot of it by taking what I thought was a secret path and bypassed the gold key door all together :-)

Very nice considering it started as odds and ends ;-) I will definitely be giving it another go tonight!

P.S. The exit was a little bit unnoticeable. 
That's tyrquake's fault. A lot of maps will crash with that at the moment. Check the source code for where the max MAX_PRSTR is declared and multiply it. 
bug report sent, hacking in progress :-) 
It's in NQ/progs.h near the end. I set it to 4096 I think. Maybe it is already higher in later versions of the file as Tyrann knows about it (he told me about the "fix").

Now to the map: Dunno, somehow I don't "get warm" with it. It looks pretty awesome (lighting could been some more contrasty), the outdoor panoramas are great. I often felt a bit lost, fell several times into the red water and wondered why I died (heh), died pretty often (I start hating those normal Quoth knights for their "100 units ahead of the actual model"-damage). The ending was AWESOME, loved the floor. Health was pretty rare (agressive skill 1 player). Good work! 
Nice Nice Nice !!! 
Good architecture, good gameplay, good ambiance, good ammo/health balance... I played it in normal, and never been lower than 50 health... except at the end... fucking vermis, and the last "surprised" was about to kill me....

When there are no more... there are more would be the sentence for the end ;)

Very good level, again a pure moment of fun!

Kep it up ! 
SZ_GetSpace overflow, even with -heapsize 48000.

So this needs an "enhanced" engine? 
That Mem/heapsize Confusion Always Hits Me Too 
Tyrquake uses -mem. 
I have played the map in standard GLQuake so you shouldn't need an "enhanced" engine for this! 
Enjoyed This Map A Lot! 
It is a very good and pretty map. The looks are very impressive. I liked the combat also, even if I still have to get use to the quoth monsters. The only annoying thing was the red fluid in which I died twice. Good job! Nice map!
Here are my demos (skill 1): 
tweaking typically doesn't fix the SZ_GetSpace error; it's most likely protocol chokage. If you can easily reproduce the issue, let me know. 
Very Nice 
I got seriously frustrated when trying to get to that damn airlift that goes through a gate that closes below you, I saw just wall there...

Also the secrets were hard! Many times I could see stuff but couldn't get there.

But man was there some good and nice architecture in many ways. Your height stuff was inspiring too. And all the arches and texture variety.

Also gameplay at places was hectic, had 1 health at times and died too. It had your trademark, ogres shooting grens from high above. :P Some places were a bit monster free. Btw you can climb over the cliff to silver key lift, although it's a bit risky.

I feel that many of the quoth monsters have a bit too much health to be fun. The trites at least. You can't blast through, you have to retreat or then just take the health hit. They should die from one supershotgun hit at medium-close range.

Overall, a great job, mister mare of the night. 
If the map runs in standard GLquake, then the problem is obviously on my side. Sorry Hrimfaxi. 
Awzam, Baby... 
Loved the map to death, just finished a sissy run (hey, I just woke up) on normal and it ended like this
Took some time to marvel at truly great architecture. I just love Hrimfaxi's stuff!!!
Gameplay was spot on, but I'll tell you more 'bout thatafter a nice Nightmare run(maybe I'l record a demo). Secrets are sure though and I found a couple of them in a way they were not meant to be found (MH through trickJumping).

I have some nits I'd like to point out, too, mainly about connecting buildings and sky, sometimes they're not properly made up, at the higher floors you can see top of buildings with the sky passing through them, and that's xtra ugly to behold.
Especially in the start map, if you turn your head to the sky behind you right at the start, you see the towers as if they have no depth, sinkin' in sky.
Maybe later I'll take the time to post some shots of what I mean...

Anyways, great un, great map, great Hrim!
Keep 'em comin'.... 
It was RA through trickjumping, not MH.... 
Great environment, lighting, pretty much all that has been said so far applies to this map. Keep up the good work. 
Very enjoyable. I liked how the map feels large while still being somewhat compact. Proper knave style. Proper Quoth style too, with so many secrets (of which I only found 4). Gameplay is ok, no ammo shortages or impossible situations on hard except for the gug battle which I had to godmode through after several hopeless attempts.
Some trims should have been aligned better. What's with the multiple water brushes in front of the gold key door? The start map has many rogue rooms - sloppy construction there.

Quoth: The new monsters's melee range is a bit confusing and annoying to be honest. Unlike the id monsters, Quoth knights and Droles are able to already hit the player when their model is still a few units out of reach (compare Hellknight and Quoth knight sword attacks). A matter of visual feedback or something.. 
New Quake Map! 
Hrim I want to do rude things to your penis.

I'm liking Quake maps at the moment. GG everyone.

'pon the DL.

Agree with Neg about Quoth monsters, I STILL don't like that!! 
...sooooo technically far removed from your first sp effort. Somehow you also get 'Knave' to look fresh. Loved being able to roof hop. Thought the MH secret in the cliff wall was excellent, I looked across at it and thought... "bugger, no way I could've picked that first time round, Hrim better send me there again". And of course, you did :) I got three secrets (did one have to GJ one of them?).

Overall, very satisfying. The little niggles didn't get to the level where they ruined the experience. I played normal and combat felt balanced and fair. Unlike Shambler I'm not big for the penis, but you've got a fair few beers coming your way whenever you hit Oz. 
is hard to say more then what was said... but the most thing i liked more in the map was the exploracion.... is not a map that we loose but got real fun exploracion stuff

so Hrimfaxi thks for this great map, i will post my second demo... i died in the vermis :\ but was fun untill there!!! was to gready and didn�t catch the 100% to save to gug�s :\ i finish the map on first try :) but were more carefull. 
this is really as good a quake map as i've played. Everything is pretty much spot on in looks and gameplay.

great work hrimfaxi! 
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