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SM135: Unthemed
Three SP maps by Ankh, generic and lurker.


shots look nice, particularly Ankh's shot... I'll test the stuff this evening ;) 
ankh: Felt like a small "real" map. Nice!

generic: Had a funny feeling of scale in the first room (as on the screenshot). Nice!

lurker: That totally reminds me of some very old speedmap by aardappel/daz/ray(?), something with a sinking ship. (Not speedy's underwater level.) Really really nice tricks in here. 
my map has skill settings. It took two evenings to finish so it isn't a real speedmap.

Spirit: nice demos :) 
Ankh's Map. 
Well cool, worthy in it's own right, bit short on ammo near the end? 
These shots look deliciously old school... lots of memories have returned ! 
Ankh: Nice, the theme reminded me of the hangover map. The Quad secret came in handy, but no ammo problems even without. I liked the slightly sloped stairs.

generic: Small, but the dog attack was cool. Poor construction though on the outside. What are the black rooms for, and the rogue Quad? Have fun in Japan.

lurker: Nice idea, could have used better detailing though. Just why did you leave it leaked - that way none of the models are lit. Even boxing the map would have done the deal already. 
SDA Contest 
The 6th round in the 3rd SDA championship ladder is being hold on Ankh's new map:

Ankh: Sorry for my lazy work. :P 
love then all but Ankh�s maps was fucking great...

i always love quad carnage!!!

my first runs demos... this time i didn�t forget ;)

thks guys :) 
Nice Pak 
Ankh's was very good-looking and played well. 
Spirit: The texture scale was set to 1/2 throughout the map to go with the unofficial "small castle" theme. Nice demo!

Neg|ke: The black room was for the "secret" quad but I really just wanted to teleport the player to an unknown, quiet place. Thanks for the good wishes but remember what the Japanese say: Poor construction is better than no construction ;-)

Trinca: Thanks for the demo.

Ankh and Lurker: You guys rule! 
the sloped stairs look indeed interesting and "alien". 
Unthemed Is Cool 
Fun maps :)
Generic's map was pretty simple from the usuall perspective but everyone should load it up again and try some rocket jumping in god mode. The map is all open above the walls and you can fly across the level. The map looks cool from this perspective. It seems to be bigger than it is in reality because of the shrinked textures.
Lurkers map showed excellent implementation of rising water. I always wanted to make such a map. The map looked nice also and I had a lot of fun playing it. 
Generic: nice gameplay, considering there are only 2 1/2 small rooms, the Rottweiler assault was great.

Lurker: good idea with the rising water, it adds to the gameplay to have something like that (like the void in the Coagula maps for example)

Ankh: fun map with many possibilities for runs (just sent my demos to sda) but two things annoyed me:
- the ramp jump at the start is too difficult (maybe you didn�t plan it like that though)
- the gold key door is buggy, sometimes it doesn�t open immediately, spoiling many good attempts and making me curse like rarely before. Like in this demo (crap route, just to show the bug):

P.S. nice demos Spirit (haven�t watched Trinca�s yet) 
I know about the bug. It doesn't happen to me that often. I have checked the map in worldcraft again and I don't know where this problem comes from. It is just a door and 2 floor brushes. Hey it is just a speedmap anyway :)
I didn't plan the ramp jump with the ogre grenade. I just made it possible to jump up there somehow. But I can do this jump pretty often anyway (15-20% success rate I think). 
Come2store = Craphost 
The contest results (and demos) on sm135_ankh are available on the SDA page:
There were some nice demos for the ER and EH. ER was finished in 7s with fast ogre grenade jump + fiend push to the exit. The EH had some pretty routes and our friend Sielwolf finished in the second place :) 
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