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Q1SP: The Grand Guignol
From conceptualizing to final compile I think this took about a week... I tried to focus on GAMEPLAY instead of just making everything look pretty.

Oh yeah and it's at least nominally runnable. Play in Skill 2 if you just want to play quake and shoot things. :)


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well, but of course there are a bunch of non-thieves out there who won't use your stuff becuase there's no license.

So I'm not sure why you want your stuff to be exclusively used by thieves. You got something against honest people? 
If one does not care about just write something like "do what you want with it".

"Honest people" can always directly ask the mapper for a license/allowance to use the sources, that should not be a problem I guess? 
Nice Map 
did what it said on the tin, although I have no running skills at all. Simple but neat looking, doesn't look easy to get stuck on anything. Lighting is a bit flat with a high minlight, but maybe that's a speedrunning thing too? I am loving how many releases there have been recently! 
...what'up with that stuck scrag in the last room? 
Stuck Scrag 
No idea, it's only happened to you afaik. 
Lighting is a bit flat with a high minlight, but maybe that's a speedrunning thing too?

Speed runners just use fullbright. It's more of a "can't be bothered" thing. ;P 
...Engine issue, maybe? The demo is recorded in Joequake, my second run through presented the same glitch. I'll try Fitzquake later .... 
The Speedrun-oriented Design ... 
... probably harmed this map's regular gameplay. I found it pretty unfair in a few cases being spit out of an elevator with absolutely no cover to retreat to (which is okay) but also no cover to advance to (which is awful), and hellknights or fiends or something right in front of me. There was just a bendy hall leading towards the next little chamber. I found myself sort of "speedrunning" a little anyway because of that, in that I'd just run in, grab the key, and dance out, just because I didn't want to have to faff with actually killing anything because there wasn't much room to have fun doing it. :/ 
this uses minlight? /me deletes... 
How to browse texture wads? I'm scanning through this directory, trying to find some good hitech/base textures: 
by the way spirit, could you take down jf_rubicon.wad? It's the same textures as jf1.wad but is missing the text file that has copyright info etc. 
Something Wrong With Doors ? 
Hi Fern. I guess its just me, because nobody posted about it before me:
I notice some strange behaviours with 2 doors so far (i didnt finish the map).
Screen 1 shows the very first door (where the double barreled shotgun is). It wount open (from both sides).

Screen 2 shows the silver key door (its near the first screen door): The silver key door is HALF opened (it stays in this condition when I came there). So you can easily enter the room without having the key.

I use Darkplaces Engine.

Beside this, I must say, that I LOVE the textures ! 
Try Using A Real Engine 
Metl - Done 
Mikko, try Wally. 
Quick Comment: 
Fun for a short blast. Neatly made although I found it a bit bland in places. Gameplay is fun but generally rather easy, I think 50% extra monsters would have been welcomed. Still, it was fun. More maps please ;). I like the theme of the ending and the Quad run before it! 
Re: Leak? 
Yeah... that one's my fault. :P 
looks wise but that's mainly due to the flat lighting. Texturing is good, actually covers up the plain brushwork to quite an extent but it needed more memorable areas visually.

Gameplay though was quite good, even though I would have preferred if it still had normal skill settings. 
My Thoughts... 
The texture use and gameplay were quite good. The Gold Key door is quite easily passed, of course, but luckily you don't miss much by doing so. I thought the "look for this image" portion could have been more puzzling. Flat lighting, sure, but otherwise it is a good map.

Great game!

P.S. Maybe Spirit's 24-bit Sock tex would spice this one up? 
I only renamed and included the ones my map uses. This map uses a lot more and thus that pack is not of much use. 
Puzzling Maps... 
Are a pain in the ass (imo) and when I have the choice I prefer to spend 30 seconds frantically shooting at things rather than 30 minutes searching for the door that just opened across the level when you pressed an unmarked switch..

Anyway, I know we have different opinions about this but that's just my explanation for why the progression is so obvious. :) 
I Must Ask 
Did anyone find the popefish yet? 
The Popefish? 
btw, sorry for the lack of comments on your level. Usually when I'm trolling on line I'm far away from my gaming rig. I don't have much to add, though I liked the game play. It reminded me of my own Ariadat with the 'fuck with the player' style in certain places in your map that some have complained about in some earlier posts.

I don't get pissed at that sort of thing; it gives me a good chuckle when I'm outsmarted by a mapper guessing my expectations. Instant death traps are a different matter, just say no to instant death. 
Haha, cute!
How to find it the normal way (I noclipped)? 
heh it's nice to see another pretty map using the great sock's egyptian textureset. but rather small. also i was blocked 3 times in a row by the first lift in a corner and a fiend. A little more space for moving would have been better imho.
nice one 
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