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Team Fortress 2
So Team Fortress 2 was supposedly released today.
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The old TF2 was cool because I remember they were going to implement a Commander class which each team could only have one of, and he played the map like a RTS. He could select units and move give them orders, etc etc.

Compared to TFC, it's very similar but there are some differences. Scouts can double jump now, don't have caltrops, (in fact no class has grenades any more), has a shot gun instead of a machine gun, medics can't infect opponents and instead have "Uber", can heal around corners, etc etc etc. Mechanically it's a lot different but they kept the overarching class design intact (ie, what goals they serve on the battlefield.) Oh, and I don't remember spy having backstab or invisibility, which makes the Spy the #1 asshole class for me. I hate spies.

Who wants to map for TF2? I do! 
First Time I Have Been Sucked Into 
multi player gaming since the first Team Fortress. Backstab rules! 
We've Got This Awesome Func_group 
let's get a goddamn game of this going already. I'm not playing with the unwashed masses.

Sounds Good 
I'm up for pinging 450 and getting owned any day. Somebody pick a server? 
More like LAGaran. Haha. 
Yeah, That's It 
it was lag, yeah 
I'm still really impressed by the overall design of the game, be it visual or even with the sounds and music, which are original and fit perfectly. The animations are also very pleasant to watch.

And yeah, they simplified it compared to TF and TFC, but I find alot more fun than either of those, so whatever. 
Man Can't Wait To Play This 
the footage i've seen makes it look like a pixar film! Mega-props to valve for making it not look like generic urban combat shooter 3000 (or GUCS3K for short) 
i like the motion blur because it really feels like a pixar film, but it's way too distracting to leave it on during normal play. :( 

Heavy Weapons guy is the best character ever. :) 

this is quite possibly the greatest machinima ever, made in TF2 
anyway, i remember the old tf2 was pretty much the only one back then with a theme like that. though i dont remember much. this was back in 199 8 or so.

cant say that i am really excited about the new tf2, or any multiplayer game (because i suck too much at them) but the videos valve has for tf2 are awesome as hell! they should do a movie or something. :-) 
god, how high is your mouse sensitivity? I didn't even notice the motion blur at all until I'd been playing for an hour straight.

and I think it's awesome. 
How do you set up Hammer for TF2? Can't find an FGD anywhere. Shazbot :( 
Medics And Heavies 
I've had the most fun being the medic to someone's heavy, but it seems to be a lot like being in a bad relationship most times.

You know, you spawn, look around the room, spot each other, and already you kind of know what to do. It feels right. But the other shoe slowly drops, he turns out to be kind of a bad influence, leading you into situations you can't get out of. You try to distance yourself and he just gets really desperate and clingy, needing to be near you constantly, jealously yelling "MEDIC" even when you're together let alone around any other wounded soldiers. Eventually you come to your senses and it's like, "You know, heavy, I don't think we should see each other any more. We're always close when you need me, but you're never looking my way when I need you. We can still be friends, but, I just wanna be able to heal other people for a change." 
that was beautiful, Lun. 
Motion Blur? 
I thought it was my LCD :) 
and after so much trouble finding happiness eventually you discover you should have been playing for the other team! 
Motion Blur 
actually, just noticed it's in all the new versions of the source engine has it.

it's ok in the sp games (ep2, portal), but it still bugs me in an mp game like tf2.

i use 5 sensitivity, but i look around a lot ;) 
I use 8.3 and still I have had no issues with the motion blur at all, its the most tastefully applied special effect so far from valve, it never gets in the way and makes moving objects look sexy :) 
I use about a 10 on mouse sens, and I have blur turned off. I had it on initially, but wasn't sure how much processing power it was taking away, so turned it off to try and help my odd graphics problems. Not sure if it actually did anything, so I might want to try it again. 
I Use 15.1 
Motion blur is fine with me. It feels nice and smooth and looks good, so where's the problem? 
There is no problem. Everything should always look like a pixar movie, always. Everything. 
And Pixar Movies 
Should look like real movies. 
played this on my friend's laptop and it's awesome. I had a couple of round where I didn't have much fun as the scout and the heavy gunner, but when I switched to the soldier and started to get the hang of things it quickly became amazing! I love the feel of the rocket launcher, it's nice because it feels like any Quake 1 / Q3A rocket experience you have carries over and I was having no problems blowing people up.

The pixar look is wonderful, perfect for this type of game, and the motion blur is just right, as most people have been saying. If anything I'd like a little more, it certainly wasn't distracting.

So yeah... I need to get the orange box thingy. And a new PC to play it on. Damn. 
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