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> subject: portal
> query: are you a mouse or a rat?
> it doesn't matter
> I [item: heart] you anyway

> there's an eye in the sky
> and a girl who can fly
> when she's given instructions
> with which to comply
> there's a hole in the wall
> through which things can fall
> and a door in the floor
> you cannot ignore
> unless you're
> dead

> cake for everyone
> everyone for cake

> discuss
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No, They're Horrible! 
that's why PC gaming is dead. didn't anyone tell you? you're supposed to be playing halo 4. 
So who is actually mapping for this yet?
Has anyone gotten their hacked Portal .fgd up and running? Or are we all waiting for the official SDK (who knows when that will come out?) 
Hacked Portal Fgd? 
is that like the hacked thing to be able to mod for sin eps? 
Same Thing For TF2 ... 
Oh My 
(end credit song, spoiler)

Portal was the greatest gaming experiance ever. GLaDOS and the turrets and the companion cube are the greatest characters ever and they aren't even 'alive'. 
Yeah, I Saw That 
link to the temp solution, but I'm not bothering. I'm not in *that* big of a rush; I'll just wait for the actual SDK update.

Also, someone apparently got portals working in some variety of MP. You can see, shoot, and throw things through them, but if you try to go through, the game crashes.

Also, Valve will be selling plush companion cubes sometime soon. :) 
The Song... 
the song was yet another brilliant touch. Reminds me of those cheesy "corporate anthems" that some companies have, which was fitting since the computer character had a sort of android-middle-management -marketroid vibe to her/it.

Also reminds me of that Jonathan Coulton song, "Re: Your Brains" -- 
Jonathan Coulton Wrote The Portal Song Too So Maybe That's Why 
Oh Really? 
well, then that makes sense. 
I fired up Hammer for the first time today, it was kind of comforting to see the familiar Worldcraft interface hasn't really changed in the past nine or however many years since they bought it. It was then extremely distressing when I remembered the Worldcraft interface is clunky as hell now I am used to Radiant. :( 
Is Portal any good then?? 
It Will Make You Wet Yourself 
in every direction 
It's OK 
It's a ton of fun, but it's not as good as I thought (it's the only reason I bought orange box in the first place, but TF2 turned out to be lots of fun.)

Still, once they release the SDK expect a flood of maps for it. 
what i'm hoping to see is maps that are more about logical stuff than just shooting portals fast. as i replay this, i'm actually starting to warm to the idea of mapping for it. unfortunatly, i'll have to learn hammer from scratch. >_< 
But Fortunately 
hammer is extremely easy and solid, if a little clunky, but hey, so's your mother. 
New Func_titlegraphic 
Portal Is Awesome 
I got a crush on GLaDOS. Maybe we should drink a glass of wine (subtle hint that I am playing it using wine, hohoho) together and get busy. 
Portal 2D Platformer In Flash: 
For that metslime, now I know why eveyrone's raving about it.

If a flash game can be that engrossing then the real thing must be something special indeed. 
Speaking Of The Flash Portal, 
why weren't there crushers in portal? :( 
Janitor's Union 
refused to deal with the extra mess crushers cause compared to other forms of mutilations. 
Everyone is so sad to lay eyes
on Companion Cube's firey demise
but I wasn't impressed
and I couldn't care less
cuz it's still just a crate in disguise 
I Haven't... 
played Portal myself yet. But the flash version was maddening enough. I gave up at task #9 
Necros, There Were Crushers 
In the area after your escape. They mushed you against the ceiling, as I recall. 
I even got crushed by that fast door in "room" 19. :D

In the commentary they mention something about the high frustration of one-touch-kill-things so probably that was the reason.

Btw is the previous game by the developers. I haven't tried it but it should be fun too (even without GLaDoS <3 ). 
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