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SM136 - Unthemed
Two SP levels: A semi-speedmap by Ankh and a Quoth map by Drew.


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Pretty hard maps. Nice looks though. :) 
Just For The Record, 
Ankh's map is awesome. 
Thanks Drew. I needed 3 days to make it so it isn't a real speedmap. I would like to see some demos on it please. 
Ankh's Was Pretty Good 
I Like Ankh's Stuff. 
Always good fun in that murky area between speed maps and full maps. Got a bit easy at the end tho.

Drew's was actually really cool apart from the lighting and the b0rkled Vore / GA thingy. 
And the b0rkled progression, couldn't get the Shambler cave to open etc wtf. 
first run demo on Ankh

Drew i died :\ becouse i found the secret then fall in deamon pool :\ i drop they all down but they didn�t die... so i had to impulse 9 and impulse 255 :p to continue!!!

Drew you need to practic more :)

thks both for this minutes of fun!!! 
Drew: some good ideas, just a shame the map wasn't finished. A few buggy bits and the fullbright was pretty ugly. Theme-wise pretty interesting.

Ankh: Well done sir. 
Ankh, A Demo

2nd run, the monster spawning is great, the differences in each kept me on my toes.

I could see where the Quad was on the first run due to its glow in the Nehahra engine, but didn't find the switch. Came in very useful:)

Also, if it looks like I'm moving a bit odd it's because I had some fps problems - my PC being low on coal, nothing to do with the map. 
Thanks for the comments. about the lights, I was just tired of working on the map. 
Fair Enough 
But if you make a lit / bugfixed version then I'd love to see it. There were lots of cool ideas scattered around and the fortress concept was nice with the roving fiends outside. 
Fast Pathed Action... 
only made it through ank's map yet, but for a speedmap, this one was great. Nice oldfashioned action with a good spawning of enemies and quite tough placement of em.
1 Secret was enough for the size of the level, but it's really a coincidence to find.
Keep 'em coming!
here you go for my demo, forgot a lousy zombie on the way :|

gonna try out Drew's map now! 
So Did I 
Miss one zombie I mean. I thought it was brilliant, tight, well constructed - reminded me of original id levels. Gameplay was spot on. Died a few times on skill 1, didnt cheat tho!

Drew's map would have been better with lights, for some reason I tried it on Joequake, and it kept on going jerk-o-vision on me, didnt finish it. Seemed rather vast for a speedmap tho! 
just figured out what you meant about the vorething... forgot to add the trigger push. 
Make the pit that she's stood in a func door that rises instead, otherwise you've got a hole that the player can fall into but not get out of without a rocket / grenade jump. 
Just A Suggestion 
Good Stuff... 
I enjoyed both maps. Ankh's had more polish but Drew's had more of everything else. ;)

Welcome back! 
I Tried To Blow My Own Feet Off 
when all of a sudden 4 knights appeared and started mugging me! 
Drew's map was pretty cool. It was fun to play and trick out the monsters. The look from the upper part of the castle thing was cool also.
Here is my demo. It could be a bit boring in places.
The map had also some problems. How do I get to the silver key he? And I had massive packet overflow and couldn't even see the last shamblers.
Thanks for the comments on my map. I'm glad you liked it. The demos were also fun to watch. Trinca you rock! :) 
Is Quaddicted 
under attack or something? It's extremely slow atm, ~0.1kb/s. 
^ I Meant Shub-Hub 
I'm trying to get Ankh's demo. 
Finally Got It 
Nice demo, but you seem to have missed that Drew's map requires Quoth ... This is why all monsters were there from the start. Pretty good that you managed to get through anyway.

Drew: Are you interested in a light suggestion for this map or are you working on it? 
Light Suggestion For Drew 
sunligh, +minlight, a few torches here and there = 5 mins of work for 100% more enjoyability. apart from that it was ok.
haven't played ankh's map yet. 
I didn't see that either . . . must have missed it in the readme. Going to play again. 
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