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Q1SP: Three Towers And A Sick Base!
Here is my new map! Its a medium to large sized Base themed map, wide open spaces, semi-non-linear, uses the Quoth pack. This map is not without a few bugs, however it took six and a half days to vis, and I'm not going to do it again!

easy on easy
176 monsters on normal
270-odd monsters on hard



I would stick to AguirRe's engine, availiable. If anyone manages to use another engine, I'd love to hear about it:

Last one to the top is a rotten egg!!
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i tried to do it the other night but it must have failed.

according to googlemail its sent now! tell me what you think :P 
Not Found

The requested URL /files/images/sickbase1.jpg was not found on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.
Thanks, got the demo now! 
I dont know if you've been keeping up with current events, but the shub hub went offline in January. :( But Willem replaced it with :)

yhe1 - would like to know what you think of that demo! :P 
that means the files arent physically available from that address anymore. 
@ Ricky:

He played it opposite of how I'd imagine it would be played. He went for the fast and furious route rather than the slow and cautious route. I would have tried to snipe the enforcers from far away. 
Wellmake A Demo And Post It :D 
I cant do this map on hard. 
lol, I can't do the map in one go either. Also, I had to use -nomtex to make the map playable. 
What fucking crack was I smoking when I was saying the gameplay was fine in this?? Cos it must have been some stronnnnng shittttt.

This is the worst abuse of Quouth annoying base monsters in any Quoth map, and the 3 towers are some of the worse gameplay in modern Quake. I don't know why there needed to be monsters in those bits, just put an instant trap that knocks off 80-100% health and save the player the bother.

The rest of it was fine as was the finish. 
I want to add a nostalgic wtf at myself too for not being completely anal about keeping original releases no matter what. 
Keep in mind that the controversial enforcer backpack change in Quoth2 may well throw off the ammo balance in older base maps that were designed for Quoth1. In consequence, there'll be much less thunderbold and plasma gun ammo which makes them harder or even impossible to finish if they rely on these weapons in later parts.

Add this to an already hard level like this one and the mess is complete. 
It's True 
This map is too hard (was my second release TBF).

Didn't stop a couple of players from proverbially pissing all over it though.... 
Original Map+Sielwolf Demos 
After reading the interview on Quaddicted and the discussion here,
I got really interested. RickyT23, do you still happen to have the old version of the map?
What about Sielwolf's demos?
I'd be glad to see them.

I uploaded a demo:

Skill 2, all kills, no secrets, 20:13 
It was ok... Bit laggy in areas cause it's so open. 
I Remember This 
It took several attempts but I did beat it on hard and record.

Now I feel compelled to do it on nightmare. I have to. 
Just Replayed On Hard 
This was fun.. Died a few times but didn't have real trouble, though I got stuck with the last two enemies and not enough ammo. Quoth is easier now than it was in 2007, right?
Love the sense of all hell breaking loose towards the end. 
This took at least a dozen attempts.

Skill 3, 268/269 kills, 0/6 secrets: 
Latest version Quoth is easier on most difficulties, but harder on nightmare. So basically, very good job! 
Nightmare Run 
Took two attempts, but I did it. I believe I used the old, first release of sickbase, the one dated 10/20/2007.

267/274 kills, 3/6 secrets, 24 minutes. Recorded in Quakespasm. 
Orl, could you please mail me the first release
version of the map? 
Hey Man 
Cheers for the demo. Not sure how SW would feel about this, but here's some stuff:

I am using this version of Quake to run the map + demo: 
Thanks A Lot. 
Revisited This Map 
I doubt i'll be the rotten egg!

shaved off about a minute of what i had on my disk from ages ago
(must have missed that quad before) 
I can't get the demo to run. :( 
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