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SM138: Tanks
Two SP maps by neg!ke and Trinca.



Approved with hugs and kisses from Shambler cos Quake has rocked recently ^_^
Cool maps, cool tanks.

Both hit the mark as an after-dinner treat. 
roulf i thought i had first post... grrrr Shambler :)

there is goes my demo neg|ke fucking amazing tank and map!!! you rock!!!

mine is pure crap... comparing with your! 
The Theme Should Have Been Called... 
"Tanks for the memories"

But the tanks look cool at least. 
Sorry I Didn't Get On This. 
I might give what I have another go (or six)
Looks totally rad though! 
Trinca: Loved the beginning, and cool tanks. Didn't really like the enforcers hanging out in them though.
And of course Neg!ke's was great. Really liked the big tank!
Will definitely try to finish what I started... one day. 
Tanks But No Tanks. 
Actually this is pretty cool, I just wanted to say that. 
Dis I Have To See... 
Tanks for the mammaries.

Will play these today. 
OK, I Seen It 
Enjoyed both, very fast gameplay, found the grenade launger on Trinca's after I killed all the enforcers, Neg|ke's was slightly cooler, particularly liked the really big tank. Shambler/Vore battles were cool, didnt stop running:
I Almost Forgot How Much Fun Mapping Vehicles Is 
Heh, Trinca's tanks looked a bit angular. The caterpillar drives reminded me of another vehicle from somewhere else (mainly the bright trims on each side).. can't remember. The enforcers provided tricky crossfire - I also found the GL only afterwards.

Thanks for the demos, guys. Ricky: The gray spot/HOM was not a leak but some portal/qbsp bug. 
oh wel guys ~:\ last week was realy crazy... so i didn�t had time to map much :\ so this map is full of bugs :\ even forget to make tanks get out of garage... they supose to leave garage when u were in top of plat but i forget to trigger then... so they go after i get up :( that sucked!!!

anyway i try to make gameplay fun... didn�t had time to fix all the bugs :\

is a speedmap anyway...

I realized W_Fire* hacks only work in one direction ("angles" and "enemy" fields don't work). Preach, is there a way to have it shoot in a different direction? 
Oh Indeed 
Thanks. I'm easily confused by all those possible fields.. 
Lot of fun, both maps.

Trinca's: Was good to drop grenades into each tank, but the layout of thier area and how they were set in it wasn't great. A speedmap, granted. I liked the hordes of grunts as well distracting from the sniping enforcers. Good start as well.

Great horde combat, the better of the two maps IMO. I wasn't expecting friendly reinforcements and wasn't disappointed, although I didn't spot the LG until after I'd beaten the final horde. The exit could have done with an exit texture, but that's a very minor niggle.

Good stuff. 
None of the tanks actually shoot?!? ;) 
neg!ke's == The Vigil meets Id Base. Awesome!

Trinca's was trickier than first apparent.

Thanks guys, first SM pack I've bothered with for a while...much fun! 
I liked your map - Im just curious, how deep were the tops of the tanks that the enforcers were stood in? - Perfect height that the enforcers were mostly covered but their lazer fire still came out...

Also noticed good use of spotlights in the start area - I have never even used one.
What were the entitie's keys to get that effect? 
??? lol was becouse of caps? :p i was at work.. wrote pretty fast... wasn�t at my computer! 
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