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Gamertags, Screenames, And Steamids
Just as a thought, we mappers like to play games with each other, yet don't all hang out in #terrafusion or our by our computers while hanging out playing console games.

So why don't we use this thread to post our screennames on various messaging services, 360 Gamertags, WII friendcodes, etc etc. A bit better than randomly throwing them out in the General thread and no one being able to find them later.
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I'll Start 
AOL IM: Qze6
Steam: Scampie
Xbox360: ScampieTheGreat 
this is the data mining nightmare. 
msn: hylke_b %at% 
I Only Have My SteamID 
And it's biff. So there. 
Scampie Told Me To Post This... 
steamid: metlslime
aim: metlslime
Im Crappy 
dont have any gaming ids or anything like that, cause I never play online. Not that I dont want to, just dont have a parent or guardians permission... 
Xbox Gametag: WarrenM 
FYI.. But Who Cares ? 
msn: lambert_jph2002 - at - but you will be in touch with my wife instead of me most of the time... and her english is not that good... so be carefull !
IRC #terrafusion: _JPL_ most of the time
StreamID: I don't have some nick there...

Please feel free to contact me via email using lambert_jph - at before any msn attempt: it will avoid you to be rejected... ;) 
I Forgot .. 
... to say I'm also on Skype... 
You dare to put your wife in contact with func and #tf people? *shudders* 
it must be a bad idea if Bambuz and I were thinking the same thing. She'll never let you map again! 
As she don't speak well english, and as she reject all people she doesn't know: I'm not taking too much risk.. even Trinca didn't play silly game with her.. Stay corect please ;) 
hehe ;)

my steam: trinca
skype : nobody use this crap :p
aim: WTF is that?
AOL IM: porno chat? 
Data Mining... 
the bad guys have your data anyway. and probably your cc#.

AOL IM: suspenlute 
steam: than 
Im A Fan 
of Than! - DM3RMX - were not worthy! 
Than Is A Fatty Otaku 
We're so definitely worthy. 
Do I Sense 
some sort of rivalry here? 
Xbox360: Gomfunkel
MSN: kugelzucker .:at:. 
Why Didn't I Post My Stuffs Here? 
XBL: czg (tho I'm not gold, so useless I guess)
Wii: 4587 7464 0533 8660 
Steam: Zwiffle
Wii: 8151 7592 5705 4800
Super Smash Bros Brawl: 5370 0082 2465 
XBox: WarrenM

Be my friend and watch as I never accept your invitations to join games nor send any myself. 
added pope and zwiff

I am 2363-5311-1596 

But seeing as I only play SP it's a bit pointless. 
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