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Q1SP: Forwards Compatible
Hot on the heels of LTHSP2 "Backwards Compatible" comes the sequel "Forwards Compatible", only seven years later!

Basically I made this about three years ago now, and never got around to really finishing it up in a way I was happy with. Still, it's playable from start to finish, and has a couple of moments I think are kinda neat.

It's a rubicon-themed map, like LTHSP2, with a couple of twists. There's a .lit file for those that like them, I like to consider the lighting "quite tasteful" as coloured lighting goes, though replaying it it obvious that the lighting could have been a bit more moody.

Anyway, the .map and .qc source are included, so feel free to fiddle with it.


(screens have come out quite dark)

LTHSP2 (for nostaliga value):
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Testing A Q1 Map 
in DP doesn't say anything about how the map will work in a real Q1 engine. The only thing you prove is that it works in that precise alpha version of DP.

What ever happened to beta testing ...? 
the progs issue seems to be caused by some qcc compilation settings, recompiling it (without modification) in frik or fte makes it work without obvious problems.

That is, except missing skin warnings if you gib soldiers and a missing SK if you gib the enforcer that's supposed to drop it. Kill the enforcer gently ... 
I Like The Idea Of The Map 
I loaded it up and played some of it and it looks really cool. Gave it a beyond Quake feel in a good way.

/Likes transparent glass in maps 
Nice maps, very good layour, nice details touch, good gameplay. I had a lot of fun playing it...

Keep it up !!

I can't wait for your next map :D 
Well you had better be able to wait, like 7 years! 
Taking It Home To Play... #32, indeed and not only wrt this release.

Think I'm going to have to fire up LTH_SP as well when I get home. None of them ever rated that well, but they were among the levels that inspired me to map. 
does the latest download have any fixes, like properly vised, fixed quakec? 
Yes indeed. 
LTH did u saw demo? or still not working? 
Is The Bsp 
built with tjunctions enabled this time (it wasn't before)? Some old qbsps require option -tjunc. Otherwise there are red sparkles all over the map. 
Holy crap, it's been forever! Ran the map with DP -- and while I did dig the lighting and all, I've got one niggle -- the lights at the back end of the lift tubes need to be clipped, as idiots like me tend to get stuck under them. Gonna have to play again to find the secret, but it's good Quakey fun, buddy. Please don't take so long before your next release. 
Type "gamma .5" Before Taking Screenshots 
Well - I Had A Look At This... 
I thought it was pretty good - I liked the leaves and stuff - cool details for a Quake level!!! Also liked the coloured lighting and glass everywhere...

Don't have DP and I don't think I have FQ either. Played this in Aquire's Quake (which I have for some reason, not sure why, I think it improved engine limits without having any extra stuff in, anyway I'm sure I needed it for some previous release). And I think the progs.whatever didn't work or something. I got normal Quake monsters and weapons and not much else.

Ah well. Balls to custom engines. 
aguire's engine shouldnt have anyproblems with this, the progs only adds some custom monsters. did you place it right? the zip file for this map didnt exactly put everything in the right place. 
Try giving this its own directory, like quake/forwards and unzip the contents into that, i.e. treat it like a pakfile.

Then run $ENGINE -game forward and it should work.

This should have come as a pak file.

It seems no custom engine is needed except for the glass (either AguirRe's glquake or DP it seems) and the colored lighting (anything with .lit file support.) 
Interesting Map 
I liked the coloured lightning and the skybox. The glass worked fine with joequake. There were many nice details like the wall mounted weapons, computer panels or the plant section. The layout was nice, complicated and it felt like a real place. The difficulty on skill 2 could be a bit higher. The red enforcer at the end had really bad aim. It was enough to stand one step below him and he couln't hit you. Also you could have marked the doors better.
Overall a nice map and I enjoed it a lot. 
Played It 
I played through the original zip in Fitz and it crashed a lot but after replacing the progs with Preach's fix, the problem went away.

Not a bad map - played on skill 2 and it wasn't that hard (when it didn't crash pre patch).

I liked the gardens - very Unreal like - best leafy vegetation in a Quake map.

Some doors weren't obvious so I checked just about all panels. Coloured lighting was fine - Quake 2ish. Felt a bit non-linear which was good. No real setpieces but had that Rubicon vibe. Not sure if the glass was supposed to look like solid light blue but that's how it looked to me.

I got the secret by trick jumping (and I suck at that.) Is this the correct way?

A fine enough SP diversion. I remember LTH1 as being very hard by comparison. 
The glass worked fine with joequake

Which method is used in this map for the glass? The one Than posted?

bcuz it doesn't work in tyr-glquake, at least for me. 
Of course I ran it in it's own seperate dir! 
Scragbait, yes, trickjumping is the intended method. Dunno if you can actually do anything useful with the quad once you've got it, but hey :P 
LTH saw demo or not? :p
i bunny pretty nice to quad 
Lots of cool stuff in this release: the glass, the new base baddies, the vegetation, the weapon models, etc. It still felt a bit short, though. I'd love to see a more expansive follow-up ;)

Two other things: the slime/sewer area seemed oddly placed - you went up from the first area to reach it - and the red nailgun guy at the end would always shoot the floor if I stood still. Maybe it was monster placement or a QC bug, I don't know.

BTW, a map in this style + Quoth 2 would positively rock!

Great job! 
Finally Played It 
I found it a bit confusing in the same way as JPL's Slime Refinery Complex. It's the amount of corridors, and the amount of niches that could be doors but aren't, which is probably in the textures.

The ammo closets were a good idea, really nice idea actually, but they could have been better marked. They looked just like all the other doors.

Reminded me a lot of the Quake2 jail levels, that one room with the walkway and a door on one end, a lift on the other seemed like a deja vu. The fiend cells also. It would have been nice if there had been items or secrets in the cells, anything. A reward.

At first I didn't kill the enforcer with the key, which confused me even more... I guess if you have monsters dropping keys, they should be minor bosses and they should be in the main trail of combat, or in a special location (the lab would have been the right place for this.) Why not give a message to the extent of "a monster has the key"?

The fiend on the examination table was a nice touch and sufficiently explained their presence, you could have expanded on this theme - larger cell blocks with different monsters.

The grunt/enforcer variations: They're good enough I guess. It's rather hard to imagine a base map without Quoth defenders/rocketeers or Hipnotic centroids nowadays, but I'm of course spoiled.

One thing I'd like to see in any base map would be civilians, like in Starcraft, that aren't armed and just give the impression that research is being done there. You would just have the option of mercilessly slaughtering them, or leaving them alone. That's something that Quake lacks. I think other FPS games have this.

I would have liked some more horde combat, too. There were traces of it like just after activating the two consoles, when the third door opens and monsters come out. I was expecting something more like "oh shit, now it's starting for real!" but the "army" was rather small. That would've been a good spot for a few dogs from all directions. What happened to dogs? I thought even the last man on earth would have a mutt by his side :-D dogs plz.

In general, more monsters would have been nice, in larger groups. Also, more 3D combat, like some enforcers on crates, others on a walkway, while dogs and grunts come at you from all sides.

A side effect of the limited monster choice was a lack of infighting, the lightsaber guys and normal enforcers just don't want to kill each other :-/

The SNG enforcer had a little too many HP compared to his comrades, much like early Quoth monsters.

Nice map though, glass didn't work for me, I liked the darkness in some areas, some rooms could have been taller/wider, no buttons? I must have shot most computers, would be nice if something happened... some areas, like the lab, the command centers and the final area were nice. The outside walkway, too.

I would have liked to see hydroponics and the main hangar...

Well. To sum it up, harder and more varied gameplay plz, and a clear route to follow with some optional sightseeing. Could.bsp does this rather nicely. Many people like nonlinear maps though.

The map could have used more playtesting. 
One thing I'd like to see in any base map would be civilians, like in Starcraft, that aren't armed and just give the impression that research is being done there. You would just have the option of mercilessly slaughtering them, or leaving them alone. That's something that Quake lacks. I think other FPS games have this.

Xmen TC had this a little bit -- guys with clipboards looking at computers that you could kill. 
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