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Zerst�rer Turtle Map Pack Is Finally Here
Crawling your way since mid December 2007, the Zerst�rer themed turtle map pack has finally arrived.

Here in lies 4 maps by efdat, Neg!ke, and HeadThump, get them and relive the horror of the The Destroyer, his army of feral enforcers, troglodytes practiced in black arts, and the Sanguinoch who craves the blood of the fallen.



Note: You must have Zerst�rer installed in order to play.

Many thanks to efdat and Neg!ke for making this happen. Special thanks to Neg!ke for extended technical assistance he gave after the big rig meltdown in January. A truer Quaker I have never known.
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Aderlass is seriously the best custom map I've played for Quake since I can't remember when.

Kudos, neg!re. 
Ok Tried The Other Two As Well Now. 
Efdat's is also brilliant. I got a bit caught up in how there was the same floor texture everywhere, but that's just a small niggle.

Don't know what was supposed to be zer about HeadThump's map to be honest... 
so yeah I started playing in Fitzquake - as you do - but all the brush entities were b0rked. Nonsolid mostly. No idea why.
Works fine in aguirre's engine though. 
When you say fitzquake there, I'm guessing you're actually running fitzhack. The less well documented feature there was me messing around with a flag for making monsterclip entities, before people knew how to do it in an engine independent way. Turns out zerst�rer already uses that same flag for something else, so it breaks. I should tidy that up really, but my current build is stuck half way through adding alpha support, so it's bad in other ways like protocol changes. 
Ah, that would be it. Thanks. 
Played 2 So Far 
headthump, didnt really like yours mate. Its a big step up from one of your previous maps I tried but I found the texture combo strange and the layout was less than intuitive. Some nice combat in parts but overall couldnt get into it.

Efdat, very nice stuff. Reminded me a lot of the Blood cube level (and I notice this leads into it), which was one my favs from the original pack. Even apart from the bloodcube similarities, it reminded me a lot of zer with its texturing and build style (especially the steps). Loved it. 
Please Remeber: 
to record & post your firstruns =) 
Could Someone 
fix the title to denote turtle map *pack*.
The Pack Opens Fine With Winrar 
though it exacts eeeeeextremely slow. Why? Stop the gimmickry.

I'll complain more once I play more. 
Very Zer 
I played the aderlasses. Damn, good stuff!
And efdat's too, although it's hard for me!

But they are good.

Gotta play ht:s still...
I'll upload demos. 
Recommeded Order Of Play... 
neg!ke -> headthump -> efdat

I'm sure others will disagree, but I played in this order by chance, and the pacing seemed just right. Neg!ke manages to make a series of 2 small-ish maps seem as epic as the original zer. You get to the end of the first thinking "that was a cute little zer-base" and then its like "OMG I'm being shoved thru a giant colon like in Doom 3" and "holy fucking shit the tower is a demonically possessed turd!". Then you are treated to some citadel-esque lift sequences (cannot be adequately described) and of course main fight which is a perfect remake of the original (after playing through it again, the details are everywhere in the architecture for instance). Though quite unbalanced, you probably won't care too much.
Headthump - nothing reminded me of Zer in the level design. But it was a good mindless rampage sort of map, I'm sure the Zer weapons and quite cramped conditions contributed to that.
Efdats style seems to be story telling with lots of messages, usually enigmatic and with a personally delivered slant, sometimes making you lol. Those opening lines sounded like lyrics almost? Besides that the re-imagining Zerstorer was as perfect as Neg!kes though of a different part of it. No big surprise there if you remember the 129 speedmap of last year, also from Efdat. Seemed proper to finish on this one. 
i played it in this order: headthump -> efdat -> neg!ke - and personally wouldn't have done it differently on hindsight

headthump - enjoyed, can kinda agree that it wasn't particular zerish but it had somewhat of a similar oldskool charm to it, with nicely balanced, challenging gameplay (save for one moment near the start when i ran out of ammo).. although what was with the lack of intermission at the end?

efdat - great idea to combine zer1m6&7, and a fantastic job done with it! the attention to detail was incredible & it really captured the essence & atmosphere of both maps - i especially liked how the main generator room doubled up as the sanguinoch's arena. the exit was a nice little homage to zer1m5, too. awesome stuff

neg!ke - first map was very tidy; as with efdat's, it had the details right down to a T & i had me forgetting i wasn't back in the original zer1m1 at one point. gameplay was fairly easy, but fun. the second map though.. holy shit! i can't remember the last time my jaw hit the desk so hard whilst playing quake.. it seemed to cram in *EVERYTHING* that was awesome about zer & fit it all inside a massive tower setting that offered a brief nod to mexx9's 'tower of twilight'.. a combination made in quake heaven. the use of cutscenes & scripts were excellent, and the atmosphere was positively dripping, especially near the end.

i think we need more zer themed maps.. it's one of the few custom episodes out there that out-quakes the original quake =) 
Aderlass - very nicely done, although progression seemed a bit confusing - almost like a DM map. I missed using the chainsaw to slaughter grunts as well. Aside from that a very good map. Good ending effect as well. 7:30, all kills, 1/3 secrets.

Hold of the Troglodyte - not as good as Aderlass, but not bad. Had a fair few niggles like brushes getting in the way and the old max enemies bug. Hearing the gargling of the trogolodyte throughout the map was good, and I could have stood to see alot more trogs - the ending was a bit sudden as well, without an intermission. More obviously a turtlemap than Aderlass, but also a fair bit bigger. 14:00 56/58 3/3 secrets.

Love in a Bunker, Baby! - My favourite of the pack, a nice combination iconic themes from the original zerstorer with modern mapping ideas applied and some cool extra features. Another cool ending, although the Aderlass portal effect was nicer. 10:14 91/92 2/3 secrets. 
More Spoilers 
Just realised aderlass is in two parts - I tend to read readmes after I play maps.

Aderlass2 - Holy shit. Excellent. I can only imagine the effort put into all the secondary details - sanguinoch dispensers, cool teleports, the tower, the 'look only' chambers and the final end sequence. Very combat light but a great example of Quake storytelling, really took me back to Zerstorer's twisted world. 7:42 27/27 
for some of the generally positive assessments some of you have given so far.

Don't know what was supposed to be zer about HeadThump's map to be honest...

My apologies though I think efdat and Neg!ke more than make up for my lapse. There was a pretty straight out Zer map under construction, but I wont be getting the hard drive it was on back for a while (long story).

Instead of unfairly delaying my co-conspirators, I whipped out an old map from even before Ariadat and shaped it up. I added only the Zer entities that fit into a medieval themed map so its flavor isnt quite Zerst�rer.

Truth be told I aped the metal trim and stone style of your Nimbus here as well.

Results are a trifle uneven, but I grew to be happy with the game flow. Sorry about the low ammo at the start though. I added a case of shells before the second fiend encounter because Neg!ke had the same problem. 
If I Were To Say You Should Have Done Aliens 
Id be lying!!!

I tried to record demos of aderlass, which is the only one I have played right through so far, but I did a good demo for part one, then overwrote it for part two, and died, then cheated on my second attempt.

Regardless, it was pretty fucking cool!!

I havent played Zerstorer all the way through, but obviously the shipping thing, first level, I have played. And aderlass1 is better than that by a long shot. How long did these maps take?? A bit longer than people might like to say methinks!! aderlass2 was just massive. Neat idea and everything, but the feeling of scale you get when you first com out into the lower open-air courtyard bit is amazing. The fight was a bit too luck-orientated if you ask me!! Played in skill2. Maybe skill1 would have been better.

Efdat - your map was cool. I havent managed to finish it yet, but running around it, the size was also pretty impressive for a "turtlemap" ;-P

HT - as above really, xcept the first fiend killed me loads of times!!

More later......

(thanks btw) 
how do I please install this? 10MB zerstorer mod unpacked to quake/zer and 4MB bsps to quake/zer/maps. then I try using bat file containing "fuhquake -winmem 12 -game zer -zone 1024 +sv_aim 1 +r_maxsurfs 4000 +r_maxedges 16000 +skill 1 +mlook 1 +r_farclip 16384 +deathmatch 0 +map andrlass" but only original zerstorer map named start runs now in DM mod... what am I doing wrong please? there is no install info in the pack, thanks. 
Take The "n" Out Of "andrlass" 
otherwise I dont know. I was using FitzQuake, just "fitzquake.exe -heapsize 256000 -width 1280 -height 1024 -bpp 32 -game zer +map adrlass" on the cammand line ( the desktop shortcut to Fitz) ?

Worked for me!

I dont get why you have to specify "deathmatch 0", I thought Zerstorer was a SP mod? Also "+mlook 1" - I think this is just "+mlook"
I dont know what "sv_aim 1" is supposed to do, but I dont know why you put "+r_maxsurfs 4000 +r_maxedges 16000 +r_farclip 16384" either ?

Also, I'm just guessing here, but isnt the ram allocation syntax for most gl engines -heapsize, rather than -winmem?

Err - just try ditching the batch file! And run from a Windows shortcut/command line....

Also the maps DONT RUN SEQUENTIALLY, except for adrlass. So remember the names of the other two maps, and just run them from the console.

Hop this helps! 
Don't use Fuhquake. It's a QW engine with no mod support. That's the reason it doesn't work. 
ok, I did "joequake.exe -heapsize 256000 -game zer -zone 1024 +sv_aim 1 +r_maxsurfs 4000 +r_maxedges 16000 +skill 1 +mlook 1 +r_farclip 16384 -bpp 32 -game zer +map adrlass" and worked, thanks.

PS: "Also the maps DONT RUN SEQUENTIALLY, except for adrlass. So remember the names of the other two maps, and just run them from the console." other TWO maps? I have 4 bsps in the pack. sorry for being a bit confused, those maps look good so far. 
I got it now. thanks, nice levels. 
from neg!ke�s maps, I like the beginning of adrlass2 the most. first level is base themed with a bit confusing layout (to me), second half of adrlass2 map is just crazy :) with a lot of special effects. 
Who else is intrigued by the title? "Finally", and it's only been two months? 
What everybody said :-)

I like efdat's best, the feel is authentic Bunker, a bit disorienting like the original, good that there were no monsters on the way in, didn't find the crowd pleaser somehow. Dark, brutal, cool map. Will gladly replay this.

neg!ke part 1 was very clean and well done, but I personally don't find the shipping complex theme too exciting. Part 2 was rather crazy, somehow the trigger_push/door combination didn't work, kept being pushed back in the water by the closing "door" thing, thus had to flymode to the teleporter, the fight was rather ridiculous, and then it crashed, no idea why. Probably my fault somehow. The outdoor/tower section was just "gosh. gosh. gosh." The temple/water room was nice.

Headthump's felt more like an id style map with zer weapons.

My favourite themes from zer are the graveyard and the Blutsturz "theme" though. (neg!ke: good map name.) I'd like to play a more modern combination of those two sometime. 
roulfff tought week but finaly played then all!!!

great pack guys :) love then all

HeadThump you rush your map a lot... found lots of misalight textures :) but was fun to play...

there it goes my first demos!!!
neg|ke sent 1st and 2nd :\ becouse in map2 i died realy weard :\

p.s --> efdat nice start and negke nice end!!! zomggg is realy well done.

p.s --> i love y�u guys 
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