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Zerst�rer Turtle Map Pack Is Finally Here
Crawling your way since mid December 2007, the Zerst�rer themed turtle map pack has finally arrived.

Here in lies 4 maps by efdat, Neg!ke, and HeadThump, get them and relive the horror of the The Destroyer, his army of feral enforcers, troglodytes practiced in black arts, and the Sanguinoch who craves the blood of the fallen.



Note: You must have Zerst�rer installed in order to play.

Many thanks to efdat and Neg!ke for making this happen. Special thanks to Neg!ke for extended technical assistance he gave after the big rig meltdown in January. A truer Quaker I have never known.
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Yes, but ages ago, like I said. I'd figured it out by the time I got to the bottom :) 
HT - I was complimenting Neg!kes skills, not putting yours down. Shit, I didn't even mention your map in the post ( or Efdats for that matter).

I meant I liked that the sort of low key gameplay allowed the impressive environment to take centre stage. that kind of gameplay isn't all that common in Quake maps.

With regards to your map, I agree with Shambler. 
Okay, I Can See Where You 
are coming from.

I made a few assumptions there based on appearences; one func_ster brought your quote to my attention before I even read it, and a second person I asked confirmed they thought it was a dig on my map when they read the quote. Its obviously a misunderstanding, so lets forgetaboutit. 
Obligatory Speedrun

Not the most friendly run, with a long wait, then some annoying monster dodging, *then* the hard bit :) 
Spirit Did It In One Second Less IIRC 
Wouldn't it even be possible to jump down from the upper walkway with a grunt or enforcer boost? 
It was 47. And the start elevator waiting is too de-motivating. 
Hm, I Hadn't Noticed That Route Option 
I guess it would be possible, and faster to boot, but man it would be annoying. You're not getting it from me :) 
High Hopes Zerstorer`d 
neglige - impressive geometry movers show-off and cutscenes. That massive amazing castle-mountain alone is insta classic. Too bad the gameplay is lacking. Even the first map felt rather empty (maybe cause Iv circled those square corridors several times). Great final sequence that would crown any pack/tc.

headthump - as always style and texturing allover the place, doom3ish lighting with too many pitch dark spots, but it was prolly the most playable map with good combat setups

efdat - grand design pretty much wasted on the yet another mess-horde bloodcube combat :(
I didnt even bother

Really bad idea to limit a map to zer m6 'remake'. It was good the first time (back in whatever year) cause it was new and original and even then it was just ~20 seconds of blood run inbetween the other maps with other kinds of gameplay.
But doing this again is not any interesting cause its totally predictable and horde combat with the powerup doing most of the job for you is so meh :( 
Efdat's remake was great, and the intro was absolutely awesome. A little too hard with skill 1 for me.
Headthump's map - quality fun quaking.
Neg|ke - so much amazingness. 
There's two cool secrets in adrlass2 (see neg|ke's demo).
Would have been nicer if it had been a jump pad/trampoline ;> 
Dead Link 
Thanks, Fixed. 
It's actually .rar
I should probably finish this some time... 
Thanks For The Demo, Trinca 
That moment when you are looking around for the fiend that you happen to be standing on, priceless! 
hummm will see my demo again :p 
I found Headthump's & Efdat's to be the most enjoyable maps. I don't mind saying that Headthump's map scared the shit out of me, and that's my favourite kind of map. So many evil monsters popping up from corners. And Efdat's map was a blast, really enjoyable and nice architecture.

Neg!ke's map I have respect for but I always disliked the first level of Zer and to me it basically felt the same. Sorry :( It felt pretty brooding though, and the Bloodcube battle was fun. 
Thanks Amoe! 
I've been freaky busy here of late, but I hope to get several more maps out the door this year. 
Sieh Nach 
you ashehoe
kenn you siie 
I am taking this to mean that I must replay this pack. 
you must :D 
god, I'd almost forgotten how incredible aderlass is.
Holding up very fucking well. 
Thread Bump 
Took You 3 Years And A Half To Finish Replaying? 
I got stuck. 
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