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Fitzquake System Requirements
What are the recommended system requirements for Fitzquake?
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T'would Be Nice 
if I could have WARPSPASM sized maps with .lit files support! 
My Point Being 
if you have regular glquake limits, a mapper that doesnt know much would end up making an undetailed ugly map within the limits (but still unoptimised) rather than a bigger map that might look ok, but would still be unoptimised.

But I guess what you're saying is if you dont break it the first time, the next time you will just keep adding rather than learning about limits. 
aguire's said he hasnt added .lit file support because he hasnt seen a quake map that uses colored lighting well.

Perhaps you might want to give him a poke and point to Slave :) 
Raised Limits; 
i pretty much agree with nitin on this one. it's a pretty safe assumption that huge sloppily-built maps from newer mappers will either:-

- compile like shit
- run like shit
- play like shit

..and have any/all of the above pointed out to them by testers, reviewers or general forum folk, regardless of whether the maps crash stock quake or not. people learn to improve through feedback, and with said improvement comes optimisation skills.

bambuz, i can see your point.. but really it's insignificant when compared to the advantages of raising the limits.. which as it stands can easily be broken by even the neatest & efficient of mappers who just want to make big maps (and end up having to cut out detail or chop areas off etc..) 
I used what's described as a testing engine (AguirRe's) to build a pack of maps, most of which broke all previous engine limits.

Weather they ran like shit depended on if you used the recommended engines.

They got fairly good review scores.

None took longer than a day / half day to compile.

If there is a group who wants to maintain ten year old engine limitations and play nothing but maps that work for those then they can go ahead.

Mac and Linux users don't really have a choice, true and thats something I didn't factor in when I made the pack.

I'm sticking to my preferred method of making maps for Quake, but lighter so that non-windows users can play as well.

I don't want to play bad maps either, but draconian enforcement measures defeat the purpose of what is a creative medium in the first place.

In any case, show me a single mapper who hasn't made a shit map. Chances are any who haven't just haven't released them, leaving them in a learning folder where they belong. 
Ijed; (off Topic) 
i just rememebered, i completely forgot to reply to you in that other thread (and i forget which one it was now) where you mentioned you were after an extra playtester. does the offer still stand? let me know if so and i'll wing an email your way :) 
My mail's in my profile.

Nothing too fancy since I'm fighting with code and . . . engine limits. 
Linux Users Can Use Wine 
And it works just great.

Mac users are in more of a bind when it comes to eye-candy engines. I don't know how Darwine is doing these days. 
We Mac users now have Fitz. We're all set! 
Its The LAW 
map with 1000 monsters is better than a map with 100 monsters
and 1 hour playtime is better than half-hour
and 1000000 brushes is better than 999999
humans are always impressed by the size and and quantity alone 
Congrats! You can now play Thehand (that feeds you) on skill 2!

Also QRP pack is worth a look (Quake Retexturing Project)

The Only Good Replacement Textures 
are starbuck's idbase makeovers. Definitely check those out. 
The next fitzquake will have raised limits.

Long ago, I was opposed to them because it would mean people making maps that didn't work on all engines -- i wanted to support standards rather than undermining them. But now that it's happened, I'm annoyed when I can't use fitzquake to play worthwhile maps like sickbase, warpspasm, and masque. So since the battle has been lost, I might as well join the winning side :) 
Welcome To The Dark Side 
It will forever determine your destiny 
"Also QRP pack is worth a look (Quake Retexturing Project) "

No, it isn't. :) 
Already an idea about the limits you will raised ? 
Could you make dynamic allocation so they would only be limited by the amount of memory?

People wouldn't need to do that pesky vis blocking and vising. And one could carve all the way. And make most stuff out of models.

The future looks so bright, I think I've seen the light. 
Rygels Set Is Best IMHO! 
Excessive, but the best.
Debaser set is also cool! Just to quicky install. 
It may be sarcasm to you, but you're pretty much describing a modern engine, so yeah all those things are good things. 
it wasn't fully sarcasm. 
Dynamic allocation isn't really possible with quake's memory management. It's easier just to raise them a lot and know that most or all maps will be under the new limits.

P.S. vis blocking has nothing to do with engine limits (except in software mode) -- it's a rendering optimization.

JPL: which limits? things like models, sounds, lightmaps, visleafs, marksurfaces, static entities, signon buffer size, etc. 
I'm very interested about the limits you will raised, as my current project is already close to these limits (e.g marksurfaces, etc..)... And not being able to play a map with FitzQuake is not acceptable to me... Well, maybe I should try to do smallest maps... thougth.. ;)

anyway, thanks for the infos... Oh, one small question again: any idea of the release dat of such a fancy enhanced brand new FitzQuake ? 
"soon", which could mean a couple months. 
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