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New Quake 1 SP Map - Lair Of The Dragon Ogre
Hey all. just completed my first quake map. Made from scratch and using id metal textures to give a feel of an ancient castle. would like to know what everyone thinks about it. Thanks


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The Shambler Issue 
if you try to kill the shambler instead of pushing the button first you'll encounter this
i think i found the leak!!! 
But Seriously... 
that is the problem actually -- DeathMethod didn't realize, i think, that liquid brushes don't function to seal a map. You need solid brushes to create the bottom and sides of any pool of liquid. 
Someone... the speedrun kthxbye. 
not bad for a first map. very easy on easy, which is ok. 
thanks for more feedback. i feel embarrassed about not sealing the shambler in the lava pit i did mean to but slipped my mind. the leak occured before i designed that and couldnt find it anywhere ( worldcraft isnt great at telling you where a leak is) will def use the pointfile command next time. thanks for the demos, very enjoyable. 

Doesn't open with dzip anyway. 
yeah, its a pseudo speedrun 1:34, opens nearby... (i mean try open it with rar or 7z :) 
< 0:30 should be standard. 
Bleh-2 :) 
< 0:30 should be standard.

do it 
Lot of fun in this map. Nice visual touch and lots of details. You could have filled the map with more monsters are it is really easy, even in hard skill.
However, it is architecturally very good. Lightnings effects are also well done.
Now you have to work on the monster placement, and also the correction of some minor errors like completely black doors, item placement, etc...
Well, for a first map it is well done, I hope to see more from you soon: keep it up ! 
Nice Map 
lots of good details.
Fix some monster placement and leaks and yeah!
Don't place the vore so you can shoot it from across the whole map with nails... 
2 Demos For You 
demo 1 is a normal 100% (good fun, no speedrun)

demo2 demonstrates the shambler thing after activating the button (bad error, player cannot proceed):

playtesting plz. 
I like this map. Looks good and is fun too. Here I have some speedruns for you: Easy run in 0:23, nightmare run in 0:25 and axe only easy 100% run in 2:48. :) 
realy nice first map, i enjoy it a lot! gameplay maby was to easy but for a first run on hard i had some dificulties!!!

my first demo on hard!!!

p.s1-->thks for this fun map

p.s2--> more please1 
I Liked It 
Nice. Lot of eye candy. Pretty easy but enjoyable. Nice architecture. Look forward to more maps. It was a little bright for Quake. Could have been a little spooky. Good though 
Great Little Map 
Short but sweet. The details were nice, lightning could have used a bit more contrast.

Enemies were a bit dodgy - a bit more practice with how their AI handles certain situations would have got rid of the 'easy' complaint.

The quad could have been better done also, there's no problem in breaking convention and having it sat there, but it would have been nice to have more stuff to kill with it - shamblers teleporting from behind, scrags arriving in the courtyard etc.

Anyhow, nitpicks aside this was a fun map, look forward to your future efforts. 
Good First Map 
Good looking map and fun but not too Hard on skill 2.

Not much to add other then keep mapping and perhaps design a better end climax (I think it ended with just 2 lonely DKs.)

If your leaks are caused by using Qoole, switch editors ASAP, otherwise, just use care to hunt down and seal leaks. Try to keep your grid snap on.

Thanks for the SPQ1 addition. 
Nice Build 
but way too easy, the gameplay's just not very well thought out at all. Monster positioning was not always to their advantage and too much ammo for what little combat there was.

But nice build, keep it up. 
Nice map, i liked it :-)
You may want to check a bit how monsters react with your brushwork. In some cases i found the monsters being a little stuck in some areas. 
The map has been added to the Speeddemosarchive. 
Hj Indeed 
A nice little map. 
(A) Very Trinca's Map 
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