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Quake Expo 2008 Discussion Thread
August 15th - QUAKE EXPO BEGINS!!
New URL is:
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Nothing Is Fixed So Far. 
Currently a (or more) leaders are being searched and thus I thought it might be a good idea to post. Maybe someone from here would like to volunteer?

The planning thread is here:
But the usual happy cross-community people will surely follow this one too and bounce communication (if you don't want to post at i3d). 
It looks like Jehar is up for doing the main hosting of it, which should be a change of pace as he is a Quake2 player/mapper/clanguy (some may remember his article about community from the 06 expo).

However, speaking from experience, it helps to have another person contribute to the news load, as it can mount up quite quickly - I am willing to help, but a third is welcome. Also we are open to people organizing other events - such as speedmapping or matches.

I am assuming we will be using the same booth code as 06 which Sajt wrote, unless I hear otherwise, so what is lacking is a site design for this year, and additional support. 
I am assuming we will be using the same booth code as 06 which Sajt wrote, unless I hear otherwise, so what is lacking is a site design for this year, and additional support.

Hey, I'd be down with designing the site. You don't need it before the 16th of may, do you? 
Roughly When... 
will it be happening? Mid June again?

Sounds cool. I should have a couple of nearly finished maps ready by then so I can postpone/speed up release to coincide with QExpo I guess.

I wonder what state other maps are in. I wonder if Tyrann will be able to finish off his big base map. I hope he still checks the board from time to time. 
I could deliver 2 turtlemaps. Id metal and base, using Quoth. 
I have to speed up if i want to deliver my base map.... hhhhmmmmm sounds difficult... 
If you think of something you would like to ask Trent Reznor (Quake-related in any kind) please mail me. If he finds the time he will answer what I send to him. 
i'll mail j00 
So Whats The Date? 
if it happens at all... 
i might have my Maya map ready on that tdate! 
I Withdraw My Announcement 


I'm looking forward to posting the same two screenshots of rubicon2 i used in 2006 and 2005 and 2003. 
And I Look Forward To Briefly Viewing Them 
and experiencing moderate interest, which quickly turns to disillusionment and general resentment. 
Fuckin' Hell Guys... 
What do you think I should do?

I've tastelessly grilled you for support with my web-authoring, ranted at you profusely about dumb stuff, you seem to be enjoying my produce, er... I feel happy to have gotten into this game...

What can I say?!!

I'd drunk again, im in the process of putting the gameplay into e4m1rmx, it's 3:30 here, Saturday night!

Bhlah de Bhlah-blah blah....

(Ughh, ny mate was picking a fight with gypsies before, and I tried to break it up... nothing happened in the end, but it was just stupid, cause my freind was gonna floor this guy, who was "looking for a fight" and the guy was skipping from side to side and everthing!)

Meh... :-|

Well anyway, I ' seen the stuff in the previous Quake Expo's! If you can imagine me at the age of 23, my previous band had broken up (well, I knew the band was gonna break uo, and I guess I started looking for Quake the 1st-2nd of July last year) and I was on Google for the first time in ages checking shit out! First I was looking at music videos on Youtube, cause I thought it was ACE how you could find all of the stuff you liked in one place like that (edit ;-|) then it was looking at entemology (sp) like pictures of spiders, camel spiders and shit lik that, then the memory of Quake entered my head!

I remember when I was 14-15, after I had got used to having a PC, before I went completely off the rails, and was still in high-school! I had made a small episode for Quake called "insomnia". It had new progs and everything! 5 maps, re-skinned enemies, except I had only 5-increment pain skins for enforcers, dogs and feinds... I had a custom console background, custom HUD (in the style of a calculator) and blood splats. I was using the auto demo-playback of quake to make an intro (which was pretty stupid) without naming the sequence anything other than "demo1", "demo2" and "demo3". I had five .bsp files, although I sold my old PC when I was 17/18 (hehe) and lost everything :-(, also I had another PC, which was an AMD equivilent to a celeron 266 (an early one) and I had it overclocked, my mother eventually recieved this machine and it exploded. Nonetheless I lost all traces of this creation (which I made completely naive of the other stuff which was going on in the community at the time)

I salvaged one map of the entire thing and it's crap and I would never post it...

When is the 2K8 Quake Expo?

Should I make some sort of Website for it, hosting my maps?

Rest Easy... 
I'm in charge! (Tries to muster up bravado)
Ahem, well, you might want to worry after all - but just a little bit. QExpo08 is going to be continuing as planned with full force and expectation. However, I'm going to need some assistance, as some of the previous handlers of certain matters have been AWOL as of late. Going to need a web developer\designer to help out with the page layouts and handling booth transactions. Not to mention the booths themselves. Bring all your projects :D 
In Addendum... 
Be sure to come by and idle\brainstorm in #qexpo on 
Wasn't Qexpo about releasing/presenting at least something NEW at some point in the past? I really liked that.

Jehar: Starbuck already offered doing the design and I couldn't imagine someone more talented for this job. 
I will have a map ready for release. And if than has at least one as well, Tronyn manages to to continue working on his almost finished WIPs, goldenboy undramas and Pulsar resurfaces, everything will be fine.

Hey Ricky, why not team up with Madfox and write some random and alienating abstract Quake poetry!!! 
HeadThump, where is your Zer map? 
I Was Thinking 
the same thing. That would be a good map to release for QExpo. So far, you are the only person who has seen it :) 
Do We Have Dates Yet? 
I'd like to anounce a limited resource level building competition to finish on SP day of the Expo.

Yes it's a real comp, with an award for the winner. David McKenna is working on a maquette of a fiend along the same lines as this , and it will be first prize. 
Oh. My. God. 
That is incredible.
It will be end of July as always I guess. 
Most Important Question: 
will it have eyes? 

Count me in for this competition.
2nd place gets a Quake rune from Spirit? :D 
The Plaque For The Alternates down in the ladies room. 
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