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Quake Expo 2008 Discussion Thread
August 15th - QUAKE EXPO BEGINS!!
New URL is:
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Holy Suffering Fuck 
That's impressive.

Why hadn't it already been done? 
Love It :) 
I hope its possible to save your entity changes to the bsp and/or to a .map file.

Would speed up creating & modifying gameplay scenarios a whole lot! :) In fact, its totally fucking awesome! 
From The Readme 
QuakeBuilder 0.1 (somewhere between alpha and beta)

important binds:
impulse 20 -- menu
impulse 18 -- alternate showscores

optional bind:
impulse 215 -- (incomplete) dump entities for .map file

please note:
coop mode only supports 2 players. Please set maxplayers to 2 if playing cooperatively.

This is a work in progress and so not everything works properly all of the time. Buttons and sometimes doors don't properly delete, sometimes players in coop can't enter selection mode, entity dumping is incomplete, 2 planned play modes are missing, and some entities can't be placed yet. Also, the menus grow as the project expands, so the Other Options menu especially could use a reorganization.

I looked at it this way: possibly some people will find it fun just to mess around with the stock id maps in limited sessions and won't be overly concerned if they can't place a trigger_multiple, trigger_teleport, or set up a spikeshooter logic gate. Why not let people have some fun with an incomplete version?

Also, this project was started during QuakeExpo 08 so I thought it should have some manner of release during same.

incognoscente yahoo com

So I guess ent dumping to .map file is possible, but is perhaps buggy in this version. Its still fucking awesome :) 
In A Similar Vein 
in Deus Ex 2, there is a basement area of a seedy bar where cockfights featuring a mutated chicken strain (forget their names but they are in Deus Ex as well) occur. Areas like that can add atmosphere to a game. 
Thanks for spreading the word!

Currently all* monsters, path_corners, and items (save for possibly Sigils/Runes) should export. trigger_counters (though no other triggers) should dump properly, though it was a late addition and I think I forgot to try compiling a map with a dumped trigger_counter to make sure I wasn't accidentally creating concave brushes.

*Unfortunately, only entities of the current skill setting can be dumped by QuakeBuilder as the engine culls the others. One of my goals for the future is to create a fake spawnflags/skill settings option for map authors to get around this limitation for their testing and exporting.

While it might not be of much interest to full-time level designers, one of my other goals is to create a system whereby a player can edit a map and export a plug-in script that they can play later (think .way files for FrikBots). Basically, map remixes on a small scale. Then, if the player chooses, they could play an entire game of Quake full of their remixed configurations without being placed into edit mode each time. Or they could share their configurations with their friends.

First up is a short break for me since I've been working on QuakeBuilder almost endlessly for the past 4 weeks (weekdays and weekends). :) 
Wired Interview 
Thanks for posting that, Lunaran. It was an enjoyable read. 
QuakeBuilder looks fucking awesome. Great work, keep on it!

Perhaps now we could make a map... then make Shambler do to monster placement so he can claim to finally have credit on the creation of a map :) 
QE08 - Great Event, Probably The Most Successful One Ever? 
- So many map releases! and all of them were good.
- Four speedmapping sessions! and people (more/different ones than usual) even participated. Only from Func_, though.
- Fun little speedmods.
- Numerous interviews, conducted by Spirit and others, provided interesting read.
- AOP touched up and bug-fixed! I always thought this was a good mission pack after all, despite a few neglectable shortcomings here and there, especially concerning the original release date. Though in my view the new lighting is a bit bland in many places.
- Quite a few promising maps in the works. And omg, Kona (or was it Tronyn? or both?) and Worch having a stab at Q1SP mapping again!
- Krimzon's racing game looks fun.
- The Q1/DP fantasy TCs and independent games look interesting. We'll see what comes out it
- The Q2 engine ports got me back into playing Q2SP. I didn't like Berzerker very much, because it made the game look too comicy, but Q2XP rocks. It has subtle, yet nice graphical enhancements and speeds up gameplay considerably - so it almost feels like Quake. I started playing Ground Zero (for the first time) with it, but have lost interest again, not least because it's another MP obviously Rogue'd.
- Undeniable star of this QExpo is Arcade Quake. Despite a few niggles, it's a very cool TC - the E1M1ish map looks awesome. I've had sound issues, though. Also impressive how DP manages to have a lower-than-necessary framerate in such a simple (2.5D) map/perspective. I'll be defnitely keeping track of this one.

I didn't care so much for the Alien Arena/Warsow/Nexuiz booths, but it was good they were there. Also nice to have people post some tutorials.

At first, news coverage was poor, almost non-existant actually. Fortunately, a few people stepped into this gap after a while. The 'booth updates' page was very helpful in this respect.
The 'events' went by rather unnoticed, better coverage would have helped.

By and large a very enjoyable event. I wish more people had cared about it and pimped it in various communities and fagtions. Still, thanks to Jehar et al and everyone involved in one way or another. Now Quake can finally die in peace. 
Wait So.. 
you build the map, and then run around it to place the stuff?!? 
Negke: great recap until:

Now Quake can finally die in peace.

Quake will swallow us all. 
@ #232 
...yes :) 
I don't think it is over regarding Quaddicted status Spirit did there:
There are at least 6 mappers that are preparing something yet... and I hope more will come later on ;) 
So Am I 
and I told him so in my interview. :( 
It's A News Post 
Don't tell me you expect anything true and meaningful from the news!

PS: It was a qexpo booths digest, nothing more. 
Has there been any updates from worch kona tronyn.... or tyrann? 
was nice, what I remember most is meeting all those people. I'm a newcomer, so it was like "oh wowzers, they are talking to me" :-P My Quake network just got a lot bigger.

Also for the RMQ project, it was probably the right decision to make booths, because a couple of people joined the boat. No mappers though ^^

Anyway, it was remarkable. Also remarkable was the absence of the online gaming communities, both NQ and QW, Q1 engine coders, most model and texture artists, and a large part of the veteran mappers. We could easily have reached 100 booths, but many people just didn't care.

And that's another interesting piece of insight to be gained from QE08. There are "camps" in Quake, but they look quite different from the "camps" of legend. That much I have learned.

The camp I was part of during QExpo was talkative, open minded, and looking towards the future. It contained people from Q1, Q2, Q3, Nexuiz, mappers, modders, engine coders, modellers, and players. It was quite an eye opener.

I think that not only there will be Quake maps, mods and engines 10 years from now, and people who play them, I actually think they will be breathtaking.

Lurker outstanding!!! 
No mappers though ^^

alright then,
I'll keep mapping while I'm boothing...uh
keep boothing while I'm mapping 
Alien Rhinoceros 
is updating the pag´┐Żez. 
Spammer! You killed my father. Prepare to die! 
The Spam Just Makes Me Sad 
because I keep wishing a qexpo is coming up. 
It Killed Its Hexies! 
I offered my new map as contribute to the Q14Expo, not to that rinocering alien! 
2 posts not shown on this page because they were spam
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