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Quake Expo 2008 Discussion Thread
August 15th - QUAKE EXPO BEGINS!!
New URL is:
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...the artist and I are in discussion about that very topic :) 
Winner's Discretion? 
I would hope the winner would choose 'no eyes' but perhaps not. 
Calling All Important People 
That means you Starbuck :D Could you get into #qexpo some time or pm me so we can discuss plans for the site?

BTW, news for everybody:
This is still going on track, and yesterday I spent the day with LordHavoc and scar3crow (in Eugene no less) discussing some qexpo possibilities. One thing that came up was the revitalization and printing of the Brushwork art book project. There's no shortage of material, and printing a limited run these days is pretty cheap. They'd make good prizes, no? 
When Exactly Is This? 
Anyone have an idea yet? 
Hey dude, consider me officially called. I like being called important too. Maybe I should get a top hat.

I'm definitely still up for helping out with the site... How about you send me an email and we can get chatting about what kind of style you'd like to go for? I could do IRC instead if you prefer, but it'll be a bit more difficult, I'm a bit busy at the mo and we're probably in different timezines, heh. Cheers! 
Also, Spirit 
very kind of you to say sir! 
Qexpo Dates - OFFICIAL 
QEXPO WILL KICK OFF ON AUGUST 5th - and probably last at least two weeks in the same manner as the last one.


Got it? Spread it around like a happy fungus :D 
My wife's birthday party that day, and the handin for the 256 competition . . . cutting it fine. 
I was expecting july and I want to have one map ready (I have several near completion) but I just don't feel like mapping much lately. August should give me enough time to get one of them finished at least. 
Where oh where has Starbuck gone? I've left him emails, snuck around his house at night, and have been fawning over his picture in the high school yearbook. But he's not returning my calls :(

Heh. You there man? 
Any luck finding him?
Do you have any update on whether or not the site will be ready? ;) 
I'll go ahead and paste the relevant snippets from his email:
"sorry about being MIA, I'm not actually dead, but I'm ridiculously busy right now. I'd still like to help, but I can't guarantee to have any free time in the next few days unfortunately. Currently I'm stuck in iceland with no real internet connection, and some rather intense project milestones to meet by friday back in the UK. Yeah I know, cry me a river.

Also, I hope you know I'm not much help to you with the backend coding side of things... my expertise is in graphic/web design, I'd be wasting both of our time doing database stuff. But hey, if you want some pretty templates done I'm your man!"

I let him know that graphic-wise, we'll probably simply modify some of the previous sites - provided we can get access from theplanet (or even calling Echon). We're still on :D 
can't finish my map for qexpo as not only am I busy with lots of rl stuff after having split up with my gf of 5 years but my computer has broken so I can't really do anything now. I hate computers. 
I smell a post coming to the Drunk Thread... 
my maya map will not be ready for ^Qexpo :\ this year i think i will have only screenshoots... 
Rough patch there :( 
Admittedly I heat up quickly, especially if the circumstances are encouraging (looking at no one in particular here), but let's say I undrama and get no additional shit for anything, then I could have a map ready. Deal?


I'm probably away for some time, between August 02 and 16th or 18th or something. I could finish it this week and then someone else could post it or I could deliver at the end of the expo.


-Expo end date
-someone to make a bunch of screenies that aren't too dark
-perhaps someone with a fast machine to help with VISing the final map
-a few playtesters again (OK Sielwolf? Neg!ke?)

good karma to Than :-/ 
I whould like to have something this year :( but the i dont think i can finish tchak even my boss will be away in the next 15 days... i need many many hours of mapping and i will not have time :\ maby next year... but i will be a "speedmapping" 1 day mapping for exemple i will join to contribue with anything! 
Sounds good.
- tentative end date would be August, 19
- ok
- ok
- ok 
Sorry to hear that. The maps are well worth the wait. 
I'll get my ass in motion then. 
YE than maps are to fucking sexy!!! 
July31 Here 
so will it be good to go in 5 days? 
Who's got stuff for release during the expo? 
Zero Time 
Always busy at least for the next few maps, so much unfinished stuff. I do civil service at the ambulance (instead military service) 
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