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Another Bloody Base Map: "Ruined Nation"
This one is a small D3 textured SF level, requiring Quoth and the Quoth2 upgrade. It started as a testbed for lighting and ended up being a place to experiment with Quoth(2) functionality.


Thanks to Kell, necros and Preach.
Also to my my long suffering testers scragbait, JPL, negke and sielwolf. All had strong opinions about the level, a couple of which matched ;P


Even if there are no secrets, exploration is always rewarded.

Be warned - 'HARD' is a thoroughly Quoth2 experience.
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Now That Was Some SeriouS Shit!!! 
Nice demo Sielwolf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 
I Have The Demo And Im 11 And Wugga U Better Talk To Me 
I'm quaker BITE ME ALL 
I Have The Demo And Im 11 And Wugga U Better Talk To Me 
I'm quaker BITE ME ALL 
I Have The Demo And Im 11 And Wugga U Better Talk To Me 
I'm quaker BITE ME ALL 
Like the dragon?

An 11yo wouldn't remember that surely... 
I think there's gotta be some law against biting an 11 year old. Don't take the bait! 
Replayed this a week ago, and took an extended sightseeing tour.

It's really quite an amazing map. The main thing is that it never gets boring. There's always something new and different around the corner.

Of course this results in a lot of air ducts that really don't do anything, except create a diversion. You kinda wonder why anybody would construct a base like that, similar to the DOOM3 maps, which seem to be random (good-looking) structures connected with other random (good-looking) structures.

All those niches and alcoves full of strange modules of all sorts, really just things with pipes sticking out of them, vaguely resembling boilers, or accumulators, or just some incomprehensible machinery...

It's weird, because part of me keeps asking "what IS this stuff?" and "OK, why did they create a lift for space fighters in the middle of the base?" or "what do they need BOILERS for, anyway?" but this also creates a sense of wonder. Kinda cool really.

There's not really any sense to it all, but that is part of its coolness.

I have no idea what most of these strange machines do, but they sure look cool.

I might just start to have some in my own bases. :-D

The use of sounds was cool, too, if not really done up to the level of Half-life or Doom3 (luckily, people talking to me all the time would get on my nerves). More maps should use all sorts of sounds. There are free sound databases on the internet.

I still don't really like defenders. At least not four of them in the same place with no real cover. Most Quoth monsters have too many HP for Quake's measly weapons. 
You need to play this map :) 
I know its old and stuff, but with
fitzquake085 fog looks broken 
An amazingly hijacked thread ;) 
Easy Run 
map didnt play smooth for me quit after first exit: 2:12 

Fuck this shit is hard. My neck hurts. 
(you Will Die) 
interesting rereading this thread. 
Omg looks like a pussy full of hairs that pic :p 
Omg looks like a pussy full of hairs that pic :p 
Omg looks like a pussy full of hairs that pic :p 
I Can't See It. 
I Withdraw My Previous Statement 
The gameplay is fucked up. To think that I was one of the testers... wtf?!

Design looks very cool though, despite the dulled texture detail. 
you did what was asked at the time it was asked. Context will always play a large part in judging Q1 levels, as will personal preference. This level is flawed, but this very fact lead to some very interesting discussion about level design. I learned so much following the release of this level that I desperatly wanted to release Redux Nation ASAP...but the discussion and learning continued and there was even more to learn. Recent level releases have involved a second bite at the cherry (something that was formerly frowned upon) and this has lead to an improved experience for the player. I'd like to release a redux version of this level in conjunction with the follow up level but if I do it will follow the gameplay descriptor from Shambler but involve no impossible win sistuations...on nightmare. So, given I get the time, look forward to Redux Nation and Planet Falling sometime in the current century. 
What Is Planet Falling? 
Sequel To Dis_sp6 
Planet Falling 
.. go map and release it please :) 
indeed... the monsters are growing restless, distrans. ;) 
Not Just 
the monsters are getting restless 
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