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SpaceHulk256 Mapping Competition (cancelled)
Quake - Space Hulk 256
Level Design Competition
June till SP Day QExpo 2008

You are the slipgate warrior. You've travelled for what seems forever,
in search of that one gate that will take you...home. This time round
you seem to have landed on a floating fortress under attack; both
insurgents and defenders ignore their animosity long enough to rid the
battle ground of your presence. They will fight each other if goaded,
but mostly they want to kill YOU!

OK, get amongst it!

Inspired by:
- Quake (thanks Id)
- the IK Base texture set (thanks Fingers)
- the 100 brush competition concept (thanks Aardappel et al)
- the (out of print) board game Space Hulk (thanks Games Workshop)
- the release of the Quoth2 upgrade (thanks Kell, necros and Preach)
I can now announce the Quake - Space Hulk 256 Level Design Competition

Your Motivation:
Space Hulk the board game:

The Limits:
- the -game option is 'quoth' with the quoth2upgrade installed
- each level will contain no more than 256 brushes
- these brushes will be clothed only in textures from:
-- the IKBASE.wad and,
-- the hulk_xtra.wad
- it's in space, so:
-- use the sky textures in hulk_xtra.wad and,
-- signal the 'stars' or 'void' skybox in the worldspawn
- enemy is limited to fiend, enforcer, defender, pyro and eliminator
- the level must include three "safe" coop starts
- the level must have all difficulty levels implemented
- the level must be playable at reasonable framerate in fitzquake 0.80
- the level must exit to 'start'.

- please send a .zip containing:
-- a level 4 vised, fully lit .bsp named 'sh256_yournick.bsp'
-- a matching .map for brush number checking
-- a matching .txt thanking those who helped you and explaining the
mission/gameplay type
- please send to spacehulk256 *at* gmail *dot* com
- submission must arrive prior to the end of QExpo2008 day 1.

- Paul 'distrans' Brosche

- Scragbait
- ?
- ?

Judging Criteria:
- use of the 256 brushes,
- quality of the resulting architecture and atmosphere,
- use of Quoth(2) functionality
- gameplay.

- 1st == 'fiend' maquette by David McKenna
- 2nd == Quake symbol by Spirit?
- 3rd and below == kudos
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Damn base maps!
I love the restriction to 256 brushes. This includes func-, trigger and other brushes right? 
how big is that now? any idea I could get a comparison if a map with that many brushes has been released. 
Well, it could be a huge map with little detail or a small map with lots of detail. Depends on how you want to spend the brushes. :) 
i don't want to do a map with only fiends and enforcers :( 
I assume combining textures is not allowed?

Quoth2's point triggers will pay off. Using its external bmodel feature is cheating, though. ;) 
My Packs On Hold 
I'm in.

What date is the start of Qexpo / deadline for the competition.

Space Hulk is the dogs bollocks, by the way. 
How Long We Got?!?!?! 
Approximately last week of July 
Enemy Is Limited To... 
what? why? :(( 
to roughly resemble the Space Hulk bestiary. 
Quoth2's point triggers will pay off. Using its external bmodel feature is cheating, though. ;)

You should clarify this before you start. Will this be considered valid or not? 
Yeah No Scrags 
just look who is judging... 
For more Space Hulk goodness, and for the folks who want to actually play the game, head on over to:

Unfortunately, despite allegedly having permission from Games Workshop to release the game, the makers have since had to take it down thanks to pressure from GW. Maybe it was too good. See if it's up soon again, or find it elsewhere... 
Some Interest... 
...this is good!

Spirit: yes, all brushes...and I'll be in contact re: the possibility of a rune for 2nd prize.

nitin: any of the place getters in any of the 100 brush comps should give you an idea of what might be possible, and since Quoth(2) has spawning one doesn't need to waste brushes on monster teleports. Also see Xen's standalone 100 brush map Centurion or CZG's Rabbit In The Deadlights.

Willem: yes, but if you check out the 100b packs I think you'll be surprised at the size AND detail expected.

megaman: ...then don't.

negke: I think as long as one doesn't combine the set textures with any from outside the sets then that'd be fine, although mappers need to carefully read the .txt accompanying finger's IKBase set...then make up their own mind about combining at all.

If it can be done in Quoth(2) then it's fair game. If someone can really optimise the use of the external bmodel function in five weeks, fine...but remember the criteria for judging, doing so would gain you points in the third criterion only...but so would including breakables.

RickyT23: 5 maybe 6 weeks, you'll know more when the QExpo dates are announced.

Speeds: I've included links...

I've started on the start map already, and should have some shots of that and the fiend maquette soon. 
3 Point Clipping... 
is pretty damned useful for this kind of map I think... It's a good way to maximise the number of faces on your brushes and it enables easier carving of weird angles. brush merge is quite handy too. Radiant has both of these features :) 
most entities have some effect on gameplay and or atmosphere, if they don't there isn't much point in including them, so surely including Quoth entities like external bmodels and breakables can gain you points in any category the effect of them on your map is relevant to. 
One More 
this is pretty hardcore. Might be interesting anyway:

check out the 3d pages. 
dont explain anything about monster use limits.
why cant shamblers or scrags or vores be tyranid-likes? and ogres have resemblance to the bulky space marines, except the skin

and do you mean the map also has to be flat to be space-hulk like, like in the reference pics/vid?
(never played any spacehulk-thing)

and whats the point of brushlimit if you can re-use bmodels like 200 times 
External Bmodels 
NONONO! Allowing this would completely destroy the idea of a limit on the number of brushes.
It seems to be very easy:

distrans: No need for that. It's ready. :) 
Too Many Rules 
But it sounds interesting 
Are External Files Allowed? 
And what's the format for external files - sounds and models.

Should they be inside a nick folder?

eg. progs/ijed/whatever.mdl

I'm assuming external BSPs are illegal. 
In My View, 
no external files such as (b)models and sounds should be allowed.
Point triggers are a bit of a gray zone as vanilla Quake also allows point entity triggers, Quoth2 only adds the possibility of changing their volume.
"Use of Quoth(2) functionality" is a somewhat questionable criterion of judgement. I'd consider maps that come with additional files as a rather 'unlcean' solution, regardless of the apparent benefits regarding the limitations the rules impose. 
It's Pretty Fuzzy 
Since the Quoth corpses are there, as well as custom mapobjects being able to call eg. the player model to place it as a corpse.

How about no (new) external files allowed but with no entities banned? Content that's already in Quake / Quoth can be used. 
I don't consider corpses (and other already precached stuff) as external things. 
...the sage heads have it!

NO external files, NO entities banned.

Yes of course, all the judging criteria interelate.

Thanks for getting interested enough to make it a cleaner competition, I really appreciate it.

Speeds: I think I've been pretty patient with you over the last montht. If you aren't interested in mapping for these limits, then don't...but stop raining on everyone else's parade! 
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